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HTC Hosting “Premium Weekend Special,” Will Give You Up to $375 for Upgrade to the One

htc one weekend

HTC is doing everything in its power to get you to switch to their new flagship, the One, over the competition. This may be there last shot at a comeback as Samsung’s brand continues to grow, LG is posting record smartphone sales quarters, and Motorola has the backing of Google on their side. They have already launched a nationwide tour to show off the device in pubic places, a handful of which include concerts with artists like Pharrell. To continue on with their promotion, they are making this weekend the weekend to upgrade to the One. 

The deal is called “One Phone, One Weekend, One Premium Upgrade.” Should you choose to buy the HTC One from today (May 2) through May 5, HTC will give you up to $375 back on eligible smartphones that you trade in. As one would expect, the iPhone 5 is worth the most, followed by the iPhone 4S and then Galaxy S3. In the image above, you can see some of the other approximated values of potential trade-in devices.

So this is how it works – you buy the One, cruise to HTC’s trade-up site, enter the promo code “HTC100,” and then enter information about the device you are trading in (or “up”). HTC will give you a quote on its value, which you can accept if you like. Should you accept, a shipping label will be there for printing, so that you can send in your device. Return your phone by 6/15/13 and HTC will send you a prepaid Visa card.

Don’t forget to check out our HTC One review if you haven’t already.

Via:  HTC

  • Sell on eBay get more money and don’t have to buy one can buy many for that price

  • $100 for my Unlocked Nexus, they must be smoking heroin.

  • BradT

    Do you guys think they would give me a $500 and a badge if I offered my TBOLT? Considering the issues I have endured with this phone, I think I’ve earned it.

  • I’m trading in my old Moto Droid for $100. I’m not complaining. It’s only slightly less than I paid for it off ebay.

    If you pre-registered by the way, this promotion has been going on for awhile and was extended until the 19th.

    I left Verizon with unlimited data (limited talk/text) to T-mobile with true unlimited for $12 less a month. My verizon data speeds sucked in my part of Austin. T-mobile HSPA+ is 2-3x faster. I was happy to tell Verizon I left because they aren’t going to carry the HTC One.

  • Anon

    “They have already launched a nationwide tour to show off the device in pubic places”

    Umm, Kellex?

    I really hope they haven’t launched this phone in pubic places. Not sure I’d want to touch it.
    Though I’m sure some people really dig the vibrate-on-ring.

  • R

    Judging by the comments here, I’d say HTC is their own worst enemy.

  • Giz (Dealzmodo) listed the unlocked 32GB from Ting.com (w/code) for $510. Very tempting….

  • Jimneezy

    $125 for my Nexus 4? HTC suck my D$%^!

  • Alex h

    wow $180 for unlocked note 2…. even gazelle is offering me @220 i was seriously considering trading it for the One but not for 180

  • Ray

    What a rip off…They’re offering me $125 for a $350 device. LOLLL

    I can sell it on Craigslist for $300 in a minute!

  • philstx

    Curious how long the nationwide tour to show off devices in pubic places will last…

    sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Chris512

    OG Droid will always be THE ONE in my heart.

  • John Burke

    All my Smartphones from the past 4 years (most of which I still have) –
    Nexus 4 – 125$
    Galaxy Nexus – 100$
    Nexus S – 100$
    Nexus One – 100$
    Galaxy S3 – 200$
    Galaxy S2 X -100$
    Galaxy Ace – 100$
    SideKick 4G – 100$
    Evo Design 4G – 100$
    LG Optimus One – 100$

    Z10 – 250$
    9360 – 100$

    iPhone 5 – 375$
    iPhone 4S – 220$
    iPhone 4 – 140$
    iPhone 3G – 100$

    Lumia 810 – 100$
    Lumia 610 – 100$

    So … my Nexus 4 is only worth 25$ more than my Nexus One, iPhone 3G & Lumia 610 (which only cost me 150$ outright at its launch)?
    Come on now HTC, it’s at least as valuable as the S3 IMO.

    • NemaCystX

      You can afford all these handsets and yet your complaining about how much your getting for them towards an HTC One?? You spend all your money on those iPhones that you can’t afford an HTC One?

      • John Burke

        I’m trying to limit my Android phones this year to only 2 (Nexus 5 & another) just haven’t decided if it’ll be the S4 or One, yet.
        Rest of my 2013 purchases have been / will be the Z10, Lumia 920 & iPhone 5S.

        I’m not complaining that they’ll give me anything towards it, but the values seem a bit off IMO.

  • SterlingPhoenix

    Does this work even if you get the HTC One from a carrier? And can I get their estimate without buying one yet? (:

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Yea you just have to send them proof of purchase with the device.

      • SterlingPhoenix

        Gah. It’s getting harder and harder not to buy one of these…

        • Fattie McDoogles

          I’m just waiting on the black one to come out lol

          • SterlingPhoenix

            A black one? Who needs that? I mean how different could it *google image search* MY GOD IT’S FULL OF STARS

          • Fattie McDoogles

            lol see!

  • PowersUSA

    Remember when Droid Life was Verizon focused … aw the good ole days… now I get news about phones that I can’t use… USE LESS

    • ToddAwesome

      you serious Clark?

    • Name

      Yeah it was great back then but what has Verizon released for us lately?

  • dannyWHITE

    WOW, just for fun I went onto the trade-in site link and put in a OG droid and they were still going to give $100 for it…..HTC is desperate.

  • Vince

    If they would release it on Verizon and add the T’bolt to the list as an “apology” to us that got saddled with it, I would be happy to buy one!

  • and i can buy this on verizon?…..

  • Finire

    They can have my money for the HTC One… They don’t even need to give me money back… Just bring the damn thing to Verizon.

    Don’t tell me that the One is the best phone to come out yet, and then tell me I have to settle for the DNA if I want an HTC phone…

  • Guest

    Okay Its hillarious that the iPhone is the most expensive and there own device Droid DNA isn’t even up there at all as far as I can see if it is eligibile tell me how Much they will give

    • LionStone

      Why is it hilarious? Most dna owners are happy and HTC already got their business…its more lucrative to adopt new HTC users.

  • I-Troll-U

    Double that iPhone 5 price and I’ll trade in my N4!

  • Aaa

    Thunderbolt was worth $0 🙁
    No benefit for loyalty? Or pity for owning a Thunderbolt?

    • BroRob

      Where did you check? It gave me an estimate of $100.

      Had they offered this when they launched the DNA I might not have gotten the S3. Pretty happy with the S3 and Samsung in general so HTC will have to come up with a game changer to get me back at this point.

  • Guest

    It should be noted they pay you with a prepaid visa card.

  • mx

    Hahaha, I love that the almost 2 year old iPhone 4S is worth more than the brand new Blackberry Z10.

  • Want to do something to try to get me to switch? Put it on VZW.

  • jnt

    The other thing they need to do is restock the stores!

  • NemaCystX

    This is perfect for us, I have a used Galaxy S3 that I bought outright for $380 off contract and my partner has an iPhone 4S, and is finally coming to Android thanks to the HTC One. I can’t wait till the black One arrives on AT&T…. still waiting… waiting… waiting…

  • Silver Veloz

    Droid Bionic – $100

  • Butters619

    $100 (the lowest amount) for a One X…..

  • jamie stevens

    also just sold my 4s 16gb unlocked for $350 on cl

  • jamie stevens

    i got an offer of $100 for N4!

  • jamie stevens

    NO WAY! sell on ebay or CL for at least $100 more than they are offering!

  • LiterofCola

    I actually played with this phone in store at AT&T yesterday. The phone itself is gorgeous! The UI however, looked like it was stuck on Gingerbread :/

  • Dorian Brooks

    How in the “HIFL” is a 4s worth more than a GS3?!

  • Lol the S3 on that flyer is worth more than a Note 2 on the trade in site….?

    • NemaCystX

      its not showing storage values so its likely the 32GB because I checked my 16GB S3 and its only worth $150 which is better than I expected. Unlocked devices fetch a higher amount (international) Subsidized devices fetch a lower amount because its restricted to that network. (duh!)

      • I thought the same, but the N7100 (unlocked) note 2 is worth the same as a branded note 2

  • ToddAwesome

    Anybody just hear a wet fart? Sounded like a wet fart to me..

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      That’s going to itch when it dries.

  • Nate Olson

    180 for my Note II. child please

    • Mike

      That’s what I just tried too, funny the S3 with less specs can get more back. HTC can’t do anything right can they?

      • Its based on the fact that the S3 has a higher used-market demand than the Note II. They can be absolutely certain that a used retailer will purchase as many S3’s as they can get their hands on, whereas Note II, not so much.

    • Even Best Buy gives $236.

    • Tom

      I can get 100 for my Droid 1.

      • Andy Christiansen


        • me

          That’s what the HTC program gives.

    • Jimneezy

      Ocho Cinco’s face just popped up in my head lmao

  • Jeremy Case

    This has more desperation than an E harmony profile

  • willsours

    If it didn’t have their skin on it I’d have already got one. Holding out for a new Nexus on Sprint at I/O instead…

  • Bailers77

    I bought their Rezound.

    I learned my lesson.

    • Thank you, i think past history for htc is all too ignored.

    • I owned the Thunderbolt since release. I win 🙂

  • burkett375

    I’d do it if it was on Verizon and the initial cost was under $600 so I can keep unlimited.

  • Wow, I’m going to upgrade my Verizon phone right.. oh wait, no I’m not.

  • Havoc70

    No pricing for the Note II?

  • rodney11ride

    Wait 250$ for a blackberry z10….? lol

    • NemaCystX

      because it just came out….

      • Chris Hollenbeck

        But it’s a Blackberry….

  • R

    HTC is sniffing glue

  • Frank Fiorta


    $175 for a DNA, which is better than both iPhones… f*ck HTC

    • It’s only because Apple products hold their value.

      • its only because Apple products cost the consumer too much..

        • No, they cost the same initially. The rampant and fervent demand for the used devices is what keeps up their value well beyond other devices.

    • NemaCystX

      even though this promo is being marketed by HTC its not being held by HTC. There merely the sponsor for it. The company is unknown but like all buyback programs like this, another company is involved that buys the devices back and THEY sell them for an undisclosed amount to make up the money they bought them for. I can almost bet its Gazelle. If thats the case, demand vs value is what is determined in the final trade-in value. If its an old device, don’t expect more than $100 unless its an Apple branded product… (unfortunately)

      • BustNHeadsDaily

        The company behind the promotion is Clover Wireless

        • NemaCystX

          Great to know, thanks

    • that’s only $5 less than they offered me for my note 2

  • punkroyale

    One Phone, One Weekend, One Act of Desperation.

    • hkklife

      Yup. I could easily get far more than what they are offering by going to the “trouble” of selling my old device outright. The only area I ever see a trade-in program catching on is when the lazy sheeple can turn in their old phones at a carrier store right there on the spot for credit towarda a new subsidized phone.

    • Sqube

      Well… yeah. HTC is really up against the ropes. If they don’t get some kind of traction this yeah and the Googorola X Phone actually shapes up to be something, they’re going to be marginalized and scrapping with LG for leftover bits.


      • punkroyale

        “Googorola” – Ha Ha, hot I love it.

        • It’s funny seeing people combine the two as if they are the same.

        • NemaCystX

          nothing new

  • schoat333

    If they will pay for me and my wife to cancel our contract on VZW, I will buy their phone.

    • What, are they gonna pay you to switch to a shittier carrier?

      • LiterofCola

        I lol’d

      • NemaCystX

        Ever since Verizon launched LTE their network has become unreliable, I have nothing but problems anymore wherever I go, and I travel all over for my job and its not just the phone, its the network because I used two different devices and still have the same problems.

        • Anon

          If you got all-day battery life with the Droid Incredible, I’d be Incredibly Surprised.

          • NemaCystX

            I got better battery life than I do with any of the ones I have now thats for sure. I got nearly a days worth when I had it as my daily driver. Users complain about HTC phones not having a big battery but thats where I cheated a little, I used the bigger battery that came with my Touch Pro 2 in the Incredible and it added a few hours of batt life, so I usually would get a days worth unless I listened to my music the whole day at work, then it would last a whole work shift before beeping at me to plug it in to charge (listening to music it would be the speakerphone on full volume so you can imagine the battery drain it would experience as well as streaming the audio from 3G)

            Not every phone needs to have a hulking battery. We demand things we really don’t need. Most of us can survive on a phone with 12+ hr battery life, your not away from a charging source that long to not be able to plug it in to charge.

      • schoat333

        Well, seeing as they don’t offer the one on VZW, I guess so.

    • NemaCystX

      be like me, change carriers, setup the number transfer, let them bill you the termination fee and pay it in extremely small increments of $10. Let them wait for their money like they make us wait for a good phone compared to the competition.

      • Just make sure to pay it off. No need to ruin credit over a phone carrier.

        • NemaCystX

          of course but they can wait, and it doesn’t affect your credit, but you will have a bill collector bugging you all the time till you pay it off or they give up. whichever event happens first lol

          • Having debt isn’t a good thing. Verizon probably sends people to your house on the first day it’s late haha

          • Verizon are hounds. I was a little short around the holiday season. So, I paid $100 toward a $126 bill. Planning to just double up and pay it off in January. Man, as soon as the new bill came in they were hounding my ass with calls, texts, automated voicemails. “You account is passed due, please make a full payment today, or pay the past due balance of $26 to avoid termination of service.” Haha yeah right, i will pay it on the due date like I always do, which I did. Man, I want to see if they’re so hard up for $5? Hmm good experiment for this month, pay all but $5.

          • schoat333

            Not a good idea, It will affect your credit.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            lol that MOST certainly effects your credit! Now you will get a big bump once you full pay it off but they will be taking a sledge hammer to your credit every month that goes by until its paid off.

    • michael arazan

      Creedomobile.com will pay you up to a certain amount to leave your carrier like a contract buyout