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Google Files Patent for Smartwatch With Bezels as Touchpads


At this point, can we pencil in Google as guaranteed to be the next big tech company to create a smartwatch? We’ve already seen at least one patent filed for a watch, along with a report that the Android team is leading the charge on the project. So today’s patent filing doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, but it does offer up details on how this new wearable wriststrap could work. 

Similar to how Google Glass works with its side touchpad, this patent talks of using the bezels around the watchface for accomplishing gestures like pinch-to-zoom, scrolling, and stretching. The patent says specifically that the bezel will be used to “provide a tactile-based user input to the processor.”

There are also mentions of a display, processor, battery, and wriststrap, along with dozens of mentions of this being a “smart-watch.” If you didn’t think that Google was working on one, I hope that you do now. Here’s to hoping it looks similar to this Google Time concept.

If you could choose, would you go Google smartwatch or Glass?

google smartwatch

Via:  USPTO | Engadget

  • Christopher Sass

    Motoatcv the only true smartwatch. I’m posting here right now using it.

  • Guest


  • Bionicman

    id choose both! but since i couldnt afford both, whatever it cheaper haha

  • lgreg64


  • mcdonsco

    “If you could choose, would you go Google smartwatch or Glass?”

    …Uh, both?

    If I had to choose one though, watch. I wouldn’t wear the glasses all the time, cause well, I don’t wear glasses other than sunglasses, but a watch, now that I always wear.

  • Derek Edwards

    Hopefully Google Smartwatch can be a remote for Google Glass. 🙂

  • Buckoman

    Keep those corners rounded, and add the ability to have swappable watch bands (higher quality, different colours), get Glass on the market for an affordable price, and I might never have to take my phone out of my pocket again.

    Except to watch cat videos.

  • RaptorOO7

    Go, Google Go, get in early with the patents before the iTurd Watch comes along and claims they invented it and sues you.

  • Watch

  • hfoster52

    So… What about the Motorola Smart Watch aka MOTOACTV? Is it going to be an improvement to that or something new? Just throwing that over the wall.

    • brkshr

      I would venture to guess something new, since Google’s name is on this & not Motorola’s. Just a guess…

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    If it runs apps like mytracks, nike running etc, then I’m in.

    • Ian

      runkeeper FTW!

  • j

    Ahh so apple and google both file patents for touch sensitive bezels..
    This should turn out great.

  • If the face is round I would consider it. If it’s square, no thanks.

    • Ian

      Round is so…retro.

    • brkshr

      I doubt they would make a round watch. There is way more surface area in a 1″ square (1″ squared) than a 1″ circle (.79″ squared). That’s a 21% loss of area for a screen so small that you need everything you can possibly get. May as well not get your hopes up at all.

  • Dakota Weatherhead

    The Smart Watch will probably be way cheaper.

    • brkshr

      The Nexus watch…

  • Steven Rothermel

    give me the google time concept round one. make it thin, light, very minimal functions (notifications, weather, voice command/search, time ) and price it around $80 and i would seriously consider buying one.

  • My wife has a Garmin GPS watch that has a touch sensitive bezel used to control the thing. How is this much different?

    • EC8CH

      itza watch?

      • so is the Garmin, I have the Garmin 405 and 410 watches that both have touch sensitive bezels

    • brkshr

      The devils in the details. Can you pinch to zoom, stretch or scroll with the bezel? or is it just a touch sensitive bezel?

  • MikeCiggy

    I’m mean you have to think a company the size of Google and with all of the brains they have there that there are many little side projects people work on and play with that no one knows about.

  • Mike Cox

    yes please

  • Niall Fox

    glass or smartwatch?

    • Futbolrunner


  • redbar0n11

    Filed:October 26, 2011 ????? So, they’ve been working on this for around 2 years now already!?

    • brkshr

      That makes me feel better that they aren’t just copying apple & samsung 🙂 Although, I’m sure there is more of a push for this because of those two

      • With the corporate espionage world, I’m certain that each knows a good deal of what the other is working on at any given time. That said, the fact that smart watches have been around for a long time, and have been typically the realm of the super-nerdy or super-sporty (ironically), it was a market segment that has been itching for some rethink, something all three are rather good at.

        • brkshr

          Well said

        • Jeff

          Casio did it first.

  • mike

    Can they make it look, you know, not nerdy….for those of us who appreciate technology AND fashion.


      Be nerdy and proud.

      • Mike

        The issue with that is the nerdy chicks around here are not “hot nerds” like the ones you see modeling those “talk nerdy to me” tshirts. They’re just homely nerds who, for all intents and purposes, might as well be nerdy guys.

        • I’m not sure why someone named Mike is going to bat for the frumpy girls out there, but nothing show above is a final product. The main image is actually a concept by someone not even working at Google. Also, if you don’t want to be seen as nerdy, then don’t buy a smart watch. Stick to your fashion watches and sick faded jeans bruh.

          • Mike

            U mad Grizzly? Nobody going to bat for the frumpy chicks out there. Precisely the opposite, in fact. I wear a Tag Heuer and lucky brand (not sick faded) jeans….My comment was more pointed at the fact that all smart watches to date that work with android have been blocky lumps of plastic with a cheap rubber strap that makes you look like Data from the goonies. They could craft a nice, sleek, steel case and call it a day. Look at what that random guy did for the ipod touch….they could make one with more google and less apple.

            PS: yunolikemyseezo?

          • You are posting on a blog that is specifically about an operating system and its ecosystem. To that point, you are complaining about a design that was a mock up by a fan. Plastics mean a cheaper price point for the consumer, and the same goes with the rubber strap. I care more about the functionality of the device than its physical looks, because a pretty smartwatch that isn’t very smart is just a paperweight on your wrist.

        • XxDEMONKILLAxX

          “Love isn’t finding the perfect person, it’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”

    • Come on now, nerdy IS a fashion!

      • DJyoSNOW

        ~Never Ending Radical Dude~

    • Ian

      What are you? A Hipster? lol j/k

      • michael arazan

        Hipsters wearing fake glasses and/ or with no lenses, insulting to people who have to wear glasses to actually see.

    • Bitchess love watches.

      • Mike

        Watches. Not smart watches. Troo story.

    • brkshr

      I wish they could, but I think it’s going to be hard to get a screen, that’s a viewable size, to look decent on your wrist. I think the best they could do, is make the bezel as thin as possible, so it’s damn near just a little screen, then allow aftermarket bands to take care of the fashion side. Just my opinion.

      • Mike

        They could fit it into a nice looking watch case. Just sayin

        • brkshr

          I agree. I just picture Google as more of a ‘function over form’ type of company. Maybe they will surprise me though (hopefully)