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Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon Receiving Mystery Update to Build I605VRAMC3 (Updated: Changelog Added)

Galaxy Note 2 Update

Looks like a mystery update is being sent out from Verizon to owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The new build number is I605VRAMC3, but without Verizon posting an updated PDF with the changes, it’s hard to tell what’s new. If you spot something right off the bat, let us know.

Update:  The support PDF has updated and it’s massive. The big change is that the Galaxy Note 2 is now running Android 4.1.2, but you’ll see that a nice list of apps have been updated to support Multi Window on the device. The update also includes support for Isis Mobile Wallet,  fixes alarm clock issues, and added notification panel editing menu in Display Settings. Check below for the full details.

The update is 246MB in size. 

Galaxy Note 2 Update PDF


Via:  Verizon

Cheers Ben, Jacob, Gfacekilla, Steve, and Antonio!

  • Jonathan Juanico

    Have they pulled this update? I’m on 4.1.1 and go into settings>Software update>Check New and there are no updates. I’m on Verizon. Help please. Thanks

  • Excellent, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. Thank for this imformation.http://usb3gvn.com

  • Is anyone else noticing a lack of responsiveness to touch after the update?

  • Devine

    Anybody else notice this.. I can no longer turn off keyboard sounds and I cant get rid of haptic feedback without turning it down. The setting options for these two things do not work.

    • Davej


  • Anyone else notice less 4g more 3g after this update? …just me?

  • dc

    Worked good for me. Battery life improved a little bit.

  • Mindy

    I did the update and now my phone will not work at all. I keep getting a message indicating I have unauthorized software on my phone and to take it into a Verizon dealer. Well, I took it in and they could not fix it and are now sending me a used replacement! What crap!!

  • J

    Anyone regret updating to 4.1.2? Can anyone comment on battery life after update?

  • Does anybody need me to make a video on how to fix the blinking samsung galaxy note 2 logo and get it back to normal?

    • XvierX

      Yes please.

  • jodywalker

    With the boot logo repeatedly flashing do I only flash the pit file in odin or both files listed in section 1b

  • sarah

    hi ive just got my new galaxy note 2 and have downloaded apps from play store. The apps are showing when I look in application manager in settings, but are not going into the app tray. Can anyone help please?

  • sk3litor

    Do ota’s count against my own data? I’ve always been rooted so I don’t know. That would be a bunch of bologna if it does. I’ll call the police. Dammit now adam’s going to have to update casual AGAIN!! Dirty sons of so’s and so’s

  • AWESOME. Multi Window now supports Reddit is Fun, Chrome, and Facebook. My life is complete!

  • eirrom

    Is anyone having issues with battery life?
    I’m down to 31% and the phone has only been off the charger 5 hrs. I just used it to check emails this morning, nothing else

  • gadgetmutt

    Thanks for breaking the news. Not sure you were the first but you were the first to show up on my RSS site and I’m downloading it now. 🙂

  • tickedoff

    i got the update and my phone is in a boot loop, i cannot get into recovery mode, cannot flash stock image via odin either.. odin errors NAND WRITE FAIL..

  • Milton

    Restored to stock, used OTA to keep root and the update installed fine.

  • Multi-Window menu editing does not work! You hold and drag new available applications to the menu and they do not stay pinned!

  • Affi

    any word on a new root fix…..

  • freddy morales

    How do I update if I am over seas? All I have is a wifi connection, and every time I go to about phone, update, it states to try later?

  • Dennis Stetter

    I restored stock recovery and used Voodoo to unroot, the update was installing fine and then the screen was blank. Looks like SDS as the only thing that is happening now is the led flashes red every time I press the power button. I see others have had success with this update, but it did not work out so well for me.

  • house

    Not sure if this is in the official change log for 4.1.2 (it probably is) but one thing I noticed is now when you long press home, the option to the right says “close all” instead of “remove all”

  • yea i got the brick flash bootlogo too just dont wanna wait for them to send me another phone :/

  • Chad Bednarczyk

    This update bricked my Galaxy note 2 with the bios boot logo flashing for a few seconds again and again and again and again. Now I get to take it to a verizon store tomorrow yaay.

    • Roberto Taylor

      Were you running a custom ROM when you attempted the update?

      • Chad Bednarczyk

        No, While I did a month ago run carbon rom, I then flashed backed to the i605 verizon 4.1.1. build I just tried to update to this update an hour ago, I checked for updates, it said there was one updated, and during the upate i saw the galaxy note 2 logo flash, then go away, flash up then go away, over and over and over.

        • Chad Bednarczyk

          Given the feedback im not alone. It seems even though they are months behind when this update was released, not enough testing was done. I bet verizon stores tomorrow will be filled with those who this update bricked their phones, Awesome verizon/ Samsung. Great work, in 4 years of owning an iphone this never happened. Perhaps I will just trade up.

          • Seth Schorr

            Don’t you mean trade down? Anyway, this sounds like it is a problem with Verizon, not Samsung. Don’t blame the messenger (Note II).

          • John

            im glad im not the only one. replacement coming in today. I switched carriers with the s4. big downgrade ! dont get s4. phone is laggy like crazy !

          • Chad Bednarczyk

            I was able to get it working again. I had to flash the sch-i605-16gb.pit file using Odin which after 45 minutes of reading took 30 seconds to actually do. Thank goodness..

          • cornbread

            Can you post a link of that file? The community will love you!

          • Chad Bednarczyk

            Go Here,


            Section 1b

            If your phone does the logo reboot over and over, follow instructions for 1b just using the i605-16gb.pit file. It takes a few seconds to actually do.

          • jodywalker

            Do I flash the pit or both files in section 1b

          • Roberto Taylor

            Thanks man! I decided to go back to stock after using JellyBeans ROM. Everything went fine until I took this update. I then experienced the exact same looping. I did what you mentioned and ran the pit file and I’m now back up and running.

          • flosserelli

            Trade up to what, exactly? The S4? That would be a lateral move at best, if not a downgrade. DNA? Definitely a downgrade. Pantech Perception? Lol

    • StompIt

      That is EXACTLY what happened to me… no root… completely Stock.
      VZW is sending me a replacement.

  • Pollo Loco

    How do I pull the update?

  • Did anyone else get the flashing Samsung Galaxy Note2 screen, after installing the update. And Yes my note2 is stock was not rooted..lol

    • bob

      Yes I am stuck here now….how do we fix lol

    • Chad Bednarczyk

      Yep, my phone is now bricked 🙂 I get to visit a verizon store tomorrow yaay so excited!

  • Denzel Brown

    So just when i decided i want to root my phone i get this update! Now What? Can i still root my phone and keep this update? Any Know how?

  • BigMixxx

    is the quiet hours thingy fixed?

  • Mark Wallwork

    Does this mean we won’t be seeing a 4.2.2 update in June or July?

  • kirk ngo

    wow Verizon really?. i thought it was on 4.1.2 out of the box no matter what version u have?

  • marshmallowDown

    This will break root correct?

  • Detonation

    Hopefully Multi Window support isn’t far behind for the GS3 now

  • You folks are out of touch. The wifi notification and multi window as well as a ton of other fixes were already available on several custom roms. If you want to keep root, wait for the devs to release new roms with these updates. Easy

  • chris

    i was never rooted and mine keeps flashing the galaxy note 2 logo when the phone first comes on what might have happened is there any way to fix this

  • John S

    Woohoo nice update for us who are actually patient. Let’s start hearing all the impatient rooted who are now going to complain they don’t have all the enhancements and are missing out and call Verizon wanting a replacement phone and be the cause of Verizon delaying updates.

    • Thomas

      *stands up & applauds*

    • You missed the part where most of us with rooted phones have had EVERY app in multiwindow for months.

      • Also missed the part where a lot of us that are rooted are running international releases that are newer than this.

    • Big EZ

      Are you serious or just trolling? We rooted users have access to much better than this crap update. The only thing I like is the new search feature for the dialer. Enjoy your 24 hours of “exclusive” time with this update. I’ll wait patiently for a usable version of this tomorrow or Saturday with other fixes like all apps in multi window.

  • M_Ed

    Still can’t disable the annoying Wi-Fi ongoing notification, but removing the rest is a plus!

    • LionStone

      Have you tried to long press, tap App info, tap Force close?

  • Tim

    Bricked my phone….was 100% stock. It downloaded fine and started the update with the little Android guy and the progress bar below. Then about 3/4 of the way through the screen went black like all power was lost (phone had a 97% charge when update started). I let it sit for 45 minutes and nothing phone wouldn’t start, wouldn’t boot to recovery, or download mode. I took it to Verizon….now I’m waiting 24 hours for a replacement grr.

    • Guest

      It’s almost impossible to brick phones these days. Looks like you did nothing too solve it except a few tries. Probably had a tiny scuff on it so you figured you’d get a replacement. . Good thing it’s a refurbished one.

    • chris

      same thing to mine im trying to restore to stock

    • JolleyMan

      I had this happen with my RAZR when updating to ICS. Verizon rep said that some custom launchers can interfere with the update process. Unfortunately for me, the non-removable battery got too low and without a working device, it would not charge the battery, therefore, I too replaced the device with one that wasn’t scuffed.

    • flosserelli

      That is Verizon’s impeccable “quality control” and months of testing for you.

  • Can someone who updated go to Settings –> Display and tell me if you can disable “Smart rotation”? I don’t want it enabled, but it’s checked and grayed out so I cannot uncheck it. 🙁

    • LOL Solved this, and it’s STUPID. You have to enable “Auto Rotate”, THEN you can disable “Smart Rotate”. The eye is gone!

    • Johnny

      Yes, I can. But I also could before the update too.

  • I hope they allow us to sync with our samsung accounts. I can’t sync my notes or tasks with my tablet because Verizon turned that off in the past.

  • Robert Graham

    The Mobile Hotspot is now a toggle, you don’t have to go into the separate page to enable it.
    Also, in the email app they have widened the little colored edges to identify what account an email came from… I can see it without squinting now 🙂

  • People if you get the OTA. Post the file on some shared file host. so we may dissect it and try to help AOSP.

  • AnthonyMoya

    Downloading now. I was just wondering the other day when verizon was going to update my note 2 to allow more apps with multi-window. I haven’t really used it because of the app selection.

  • Milton

    Does this break root? Also, do I need to be stock to take this update?

    • Bobthebuilder

      Seems like it needs to be stock… I cant update mine and I am rooted

      • I’m stock rooted and am able to dl but am afraid to install if it breaks root. Has anyone rooted installed this yet?

    • I used Voodoo Rootkeeper to temp unroot mine and it worked just fine – only thing is I had the update the SU binary twice because the first time it failed – after that all good

      • Milton

        Cool. Thx man.

  • Spoken Word™

    Downloading right now….

  • N8shon

    4.1.2 Update!

  • Did this just install Verizon Tones too? I have a notification that it updated, but I’m 99.99% sure it wasn’t installed previously. Well, disabling that garbage. 🙂

    • Detonation

      Yes (see second change long item)

  • It messed up my text background. I had a nice clear picture of the beach, and now it is dark and I can’t figure out how to make it clear again. I have turned it off and back on.

    • kita

      Same thing happened to me does anyone know how to fix it

  • You can customize the Notification drop-down list now! Settings –> Display –> Notification Panel and remove all the crap you NEVER use. 🙂

    • This is the first thing I did with this update and I’m quite relieved to have it 🙂

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      • Carl W.

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        • michael arazan

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    • hyperbolee

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  • Yay yay yay!!!! I love my GN2! 😀 Thanks. Updating now.

  • For anyone curious, here’s the list of apps I can use in Multi-Window:

    Gmail, Facebook, Chrome, LastPass, S Note, MX Player, Gallery, YouTube, Total Commander, Amazon Kindle, Maps, Email, Messaging, Talk, Video Player, Polaris Office, Internet.

    Your mileage will vary depending on what you have installed.

    • Vince

      I can’t seem to drag any of the new apps into the multi window tray when I try to edit the tray.

      • Maybe try a reboot or turning Multi-Window off/on? I rebooted and did a battery pull trying to get the Smart-Stay icon to go away so don’t know if it worked right away. Also try using the S-Pen. 🙂

        • Vince

          Reboot and battery pull did the trick. 🙂

  • Multiscreen now includes gmail, facebook, kindle, youtube, google talk, google maps, youtube, and twitter

  • gfacekilla01
    • That’s the old one. Shows a date in the bottom right hand corner.

      • gfacekilla01

        ok thanks

    • They didn’t update the PDF yet. That’s an old one.

    • Thomas

      That is for the update before this one.

  • Man this took FOREVER to install. Multi-windows is actually usable now! Chrome is there, but not Dolphin :-(. Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, etc. This makes me happy. 🙂

    • So I cannot get the Smart Stay icon to turn off (the eye with lashes in the notification bar). Did a battery pull, enabled/disabled in settings, but the icon won’t go away. It’s not actually keeping the screen on, but the icon is annoyingly useless.

      • jbegs

        I’m seeing the same thing after the update. That and the GPS location notification are remaining. That’s a pain.

        • Muskie

          I unchecked it and it went away without any issue…

          • jbegs

            I didn’t have mine checked to begin with.

          • Tony Musgrave

            Neither did I… I think it set it as some sort of default?… It doesn’t seem to be preventing the screen from dimming or turning off so maybe just a cosmetic thing?…

      • Josh Name

        My T-Mobile GN2 was the same way after an update a few months ago. If you pay close attention you’ll see it “light up” when it’s actually check for you looking at the screen. I agree though, it doesn’t need to be there taking up space while it’s not actually using the front camara.

      • LOL Solved this, and it’s STUPID. It was “Smart Rotate” not “Smart Stay” that was adding the eye icon. You have to enable “Auto Rotate”, THEN you can disable “Smart Rotate”. The eye is gone!

        • Ken Davis

          If you do that you will lose both smart rotation and smart stay. If you want both of these features you have to put up with the grey eye, it seems.

      • Ken Davis

        Looks like smart stay function has been changed. The icon now turns white when it checks if you are looking at the screen whereas It used to flash on to the notification area when it checked.

  • Mark

    Ok, it doesnt break root. Because after downloading it, it brought me right into my custom recovery menu and i cant even install it.

    • Andrew

      I’m having this problem too, i can’t seem to install the update. I keep getting the TWRP recovery menu and it keeps saying the update failed. How did you get around this?

      • schoat333

        Restore factory recovery… Isn’t that obvious?

        • Ah well… I was so happy about this update but can’t install it with current root. I don’t want to unroot the phone (going directly to TWRP recovery) so I guess I’ll have to wait until a zip file for rooted GN2 is posted sometime today (hopefully).

      • addieyoung

        download stock root Odex I605VRAMC3 to the root of sd-card flash via TWRP. Then you will have the new update I had the same issue not allowing update

    • All updates install through recovery. However, if you have a custom recovery installed, the stock update .zip will not flash. You have to revert to the stock recovery, or wait until some creates a new flashable .zip.

  • Mark

    Or no, im an idiot haha but its a huge update regardless

  • Mark

    I just pulled it, its 246MB…looks like 4.2, ill let you know once its done installing

    • T4rd

      Lol, the Verizon Note 2 isn’t getting 4.2 before the international Note 2 or any of the other carrier variants. It will most assuredly get it last, as always.

    • Post a link to the update. For others. Thanks

  • Thomas

    No mystery really, it got Android 4.1.2. Soooo many new apps added to Multi-Window as well.

    It took a good 10 minutes to update so be patient.

    • If I still had my Note 2 this would be much easier. It was on 4.1.1, yes? So it’s 4.1.2 now and what additional apps are supported by multi-window? Let’s hear it!

      • Thomas

        Yes. It was on 4.1.1 after update 4.1.2. Honestly I can’t remember what was orginally there before ( regarding the Multi-Window apps )b/c I don’t use it that much. So can’t give you specifics.

        Just remember you have been banned from all Note 2 cult activities & meetings. Traitor 😉

      • tek1231

        Facebook, Gmail, Kindle, YouTube, Google Talk, Google Maps have been added.

    • AlphaNoble

      Every time I flash an AOSP rom on my note 2, they drag me back to Touchwiz.

      • how so? i flashed to AOSP and have said goodbye to touchwiz

    • r0lct

      Looks like updated notification options are the only new Android feature. Everything else if bugs.

  • Clint Torrez

    Say goodbye to the current root method.