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Beautiful Widgets Launches Free Version With In-App Purchases

beautiful widgets

One of the most popular Android widget applications of all time, Beautiful Widgets, is now available as a free app on Google Play. This new free version is a bare-bones edition that allows you to pick and choose the options or themes you want. As you find something that looks interesting, you can decide to buy it out-right. The folks at LevelUp Studio even bundled some of the options into packs, but you can buy pieces individually as well. Should you decide that you don’t want to spend countless amounts of cash on individual packs, you can always upgrade to the Pro version, which is the new name of the original Beautiful Widgets.

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Via:  LevelUp Studio

  • Ray

    This was released by Beautiful Widgets in response to WeatherBug’s new UI release. Politics.

  • EC8CH

    What’s the name of the weather widget in that picture?


  • Daniel

    Fancy Widgets has always had a fully-functional free version that mostly just lacks the weather animations. It’s what I’ve stuck with through the years and have no complaints.

  • Yeah I used to love Beautiful Widgets, but the app really hasn’t changed in any meaningful way, so the design is kind of stale at this point. And many of the extra themes are just flat-out awful. I’ve since moved to HD Widgets, which is much more flexible and customizable, and more on point with Holo UI (especially the Colorform theme).

  • Had this for a long while now, but lately, it was draining my battery. Not sure if that was a problem with a recent BW update, or the JB update on my Bionic (or both), but removing significantly improved my battery life, even on my Nexus 7.

  • isaiag

    It’d be great If they spent a little more time making it suck less, and a little less time trying to make money off of it. my widget usually glitches a few times a week :/

    • mustbepbs

      And they’re quickly becoming old after years of rehashing the same old ugly themes. They’re anything but “beautiful”.

      • michael arazan

        Quit using them because of the hiccups everyday and use HD widgets instead

    • Ray

      yup..agreed. Mine acts up every so often.