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WeatherBug Receives Major UI Update, Fancy Live Tiles and Background Themes


The WeatherBug for Android app received a large update today through Google Play, bringing a completely redone user interface, featuring “live tiles” and background themes. In addition, navigation is now completely swipe based, as well as a fancy new Photos section where you can view other people’s shots of your local area. 

What’s New:

  • Redesigned User Interface
  • Slide-side navigation w/ swiping
  • Dynamic live tiles
  • Background themes
  • Photos section

Play Links: Free | Pro ($2.99)


Cheers Adam!

  • huskerhog

    The radar widget is back with the update that went out today. It looks just like it used too.

  • bondonian

    yah, what the HELL were they thinking taking away the live updating radar wallpaper!! I am so pissed!!! Now it is just another weather app with nothing special to offer. The ONLY thing that made this app great was the quality of the graphics in its live wallpaper. now it just sucks…

  • James Norwood

    This upgraded WeatherBug has a radar screen, what are you guys talking about when you say it doesn’t have a radar?

  • Still the best weather app out there.

  • NexusMan

    Is the only difference between the free and Elite versions, the ads?

  • Anon

    Love the new interface. I’ve been using WB Elite for some time now, and the update looks designed to match the way Jelly Bean works and is really polished and friendly. Bravo to the dev team.

  • Tom Z

    I downloaded mine from the Amazon store… I wonder how long it will take for this update to migrate to the Amazon store. It took over a month last time.

    • ksat

      Ditto! I ended up emailing folks at WeatherBug and ended up seeing it on Amazon the next week. However, I’m assuming that was mere coincidence.

  • Does anyone know of a similar site/ news type website as droid-life but specifically for android tablets? Thx

    • paul meredith


      • You beast you! Thanks!!

  • brennan boehm

    Totally pisses me off that they took away the radar widget! That’s why I bought the damn app!

    • John

      should email them & ask why they rm’d it. hopefully, they put it back in the next update

      • brennan boehm

        I did email them hopefully they’ll listen

        • michael arazan

          I wonder if they changed the LWP radar map

    • Think they took it out because it didn’t scale correctly on high-res devices like the Droid DNA, and they’re too lazy to fix it. Makes me mad as well.

    • AranelAlasse

      Me too!

      I uninstalled it and re-installed an older apk from my titanium backup. I don’t care how much “prettier” the new version is. It’s not worth loosing my live wallpaper of the radar for.

  • dandar

    I use rainy days for radar and Google now widget for weather.

  • EC8CH

    Phone looks huge… battery looks dead

    • Alex Hutchins

      Yeah, that is a massive phone.

  • Interesting, they just did an overhaul not too long ago. Weatherbug is not the prettiest in town, but it is the most comprehensive, feature rich, and accurate weather app I’ve tried.

    EDIT: The update is no exception. It looks ok (MUCH better than in the past though), but man does it have a ton of really good info.

  • umataro42

    Anyone know how long an update generally takes to make it to the Amazon app store? I got Weather Bug pro when it was a “free app of the day”.

    • gukibupytew

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  • I’m kind of pissed that they took away the radar widget. That was the main reason I stick with WeatherBug over other weather apps.

    I think they took it away instead of fixing it. The radar widget didn’t scale correctly for the high-res screen on my DNA. I imagine that it was doing this too on the S4, so instead of fixing, they just removed it.

    Does anybody know of any other weather apps that have a radar widget? Living in tornado alley, I like to keep an eye on the radar, especially in the spring…

    • Jon

      I use other weather apps for forecasts, etc., but for radar I stick with the simple Rainy Days app. All it does is radar for your current location.

    • Jeromy

      Radarscope is awesome for just radar and overlayed warnings- $9.99 is a lot but it’s the radar program many of the storm chasers use as well as the local TV weathermen around here who report on Twitter/FB

    • Alex Hutchins

      If you want a really simple radar app, get Raindar. I don’t even think there are ads in it. It simply loads a map and the radar, that’s it. You have to manually refresh though.

  • Illinipoke

    its purdy, but they still manage to make the landscape radar only take up about 40% of the vertical screen. Useless while driving.

  • DroidzFX

    Sweet.. been waiting for an update. Hope the widget looks good.

    App looks good but widget did not get same update.

    • radiohead14

      yea was hoping we’d get new widgets. oh well.. the current ones aren’t bad

      • Too bad they removed the maps widget. That’s the reason I stuck with the app.

  • radiohead14

    weatherbug has been pretty accurate for me. have had the pro version for a few years now, and it’s been spot on with forecasts.

    • Ian

      Yea I hear if you go with the free version they add or subtract a few degrees here and there not to mention a few chances of precip if you don’t click on an ad or two. 🙂

    • Google Now works fine for me.

      • moew

        Yesterday, Google Now said it was like 91 degrees out when it was in the low 80’s. Friend got a screen shot of the huge difference, where it never got past IIRC 81 or 82.

        Weatherbug stayed true to the real temp. You just probably never noticed, which is “fine for you”. This is not the first time GN has had issues with the temp.

        • Geoff Johnson

          I’ve noticed the same thing, the weather on Google Now always seems to be wrong.

        • CasperTFG

          Also not the first time GN has had issues with other cards. Baseball appears when I don’t search or watch it. Numerous attempts to search my MLS club have resulted in no cards. Of all my settings preferences, AC Milan is the only one I get. I’m on the fence about disabling Google Search.

  • Probably doesn’t want to be shown up by Yahoo.

    • John

      Either way.. they did a kickass job of make sure of that