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The Droid Life Show: Episode 23

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It’s Droid Life Show time! On tonight’s show we plan to talk about Google I/O and some of the sessions that were announced last night, the fact that Google Glass is everywhere, Tim’s thoughts on the HTC One after having it for a week, if tablets are going to be dinosaurs in five years, our favorite apps and games of the moment, and more. It’ll be another topic-packed event, so be sure to join us.

The show kicks off around 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). A live video broadcast and chat are embedded below. 

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  • Tim: “I have been on plenty of dates.”


  • flosserelli

    Dat microphone.

  • Seth Schorr

    Laptops will be gone within 5 years, before tablets, I believe.

    • michael arazan

      Phones will be gone in 5 years and everyone will be wearing Glass = P

      • S2556

        glass will be gone in 5 years.
        bring on google contacts!

  • Tim242

    Interesting that you guys didn’t like the look and feel of the thunderbolt. It looks very similar to the One, and it is an aluminum unibody ..so inconsistant with your critisizm

    • Ibrick

      The TBolt is plastic.. and it’s not unibody.

      The Inspire for ATT was I believe though.

      • Tim242

        You apparrently never owned a thunderbolt. It is an aluminum unibody, with half of the back a plastic cover. Instead of arguing about something you have no clue about, Google is your friend : )

      • Tim242

        Here ya go

    • I disagree that it looks like the One. Obviously both were designed by HTC so there are similarities, but the Thunderbolt is just the Evo in an aluminum chassis. From the speaker grills to the flat front to the to the chassis itself, the One has a much cleaner, sharper design than the Thunderbolt.

  • Spider210

    Seeing 4g in upstate ny tonight!

  • This episode is so interesting. Waiting for next part

    • Dylan Patel

      It hasn’t even started yet…

      • Justin Winker

        I’m not sure, but I think he was talking about the initial screen saying the show hadn’t started yet…

    • tyguy829