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Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik Shows Off CM 10.1 Loaded Up on Galaxy S4


Development for the Galaxy S4 is taking off by leaps and bounds now that the device is landing in the hands of developers. And you know it’s going to be a good time when the founder of CyanogenMod, Steve Kondik takes to Google+ to show off Samsung’s newest flagship running a build of his custom firmware. Along with his post, he says, “Definitely not supporting the S4.” Oh, that guy sure has some knee slappers. 

Now that the device is shown running CyanogenMod, at least on this T-Mobile variant , have you decided whether you are picking one up? Unlocks could possibly be coming soon to other carrier versions of the device as we this morning, so development seems to be going swimmingly for this phone. Or was the locked bootloader on some versions even deterring you from buying one?

Via: +Steve Kondik

Cheers Willimus!

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  • Steve

    its been awhile since ive used cyan, its a good base but they have lost the wow factor.

  • Trevor

    If I/O doesn’t mention any awesome Verizon-bound phones (preferably running stock Android), then i will most likely pick up an S4 and throw CM on there.

    • Tim242

      The only problem is losing the camera app and software.

  • The OS on my toaster is better than Touchwiz. Hint: my toaster doesn’t have an OS, but it’s still better than Touchwiz.

  • Paradisimo

    If they will offer a 32GB variant on Verizon this will definitely be my next phone. Got some hands on time with one the other day and was very impressed. Some say it’s not a huge upgrade over the GS3 but considering it has a larger screen, bigger battery, better resolution, better camera and better processor all in a smaller body I’d say it’s a pretty significant upgrade. Knowing there will be AOSP Rom options as well only makes the decision easier (provided I can get it in 32 GB).

    • DanSan

      internal storage doesnt bother me. ill be throwing a memory card on it anyways. only problem i see is when people throw on games but i dont play any so no biggie.

      • Paradisimo

        I’ve found myself constantly having to clean up my internal storage on my 16GB GS3. I admit that I do have several games on my phone but have tried to remove several of the larger ones and it still seems to be a struggle. The fact that the GS4 has less usable storage means that it will be even more difficult to get by with the 16GB. I may still consider it but a 32GB variant would seal the deal for me.

    • I’m giving it till the end of the month/ since I’m paying full retail at vzw, i really have no choice anyway. I’ll be selling the s3 for about 300, paying the extra 350 or so out of pocket/ if the 16gb is the only option, it will hurt but not change my decision. You’re dead on I played with a test unit and it was so much smoother than the s3. I’m currently running a variant of AOSP, and plan to on the s4 as well. Currently using only 2GB of ‘post-rom’ apps. even stock on a 16gb with 9GB used by the ROM, I’ll still be OK. (Although 32GB would be better)

  • As long as CM is available for the S4 I’ll be purchasing it. I love my S3, and a a bigger screen, higher resolution, quad core will be the perfect upgrade from S3

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    I’ve been struggling to decide between the HTC One and the S4. I was really concerned about crappy Touchwiz on the S4, but this seals it. If Google doesn’t announce the X phone at IO I’m going with the T-Mobile S4 on Straight Talk.

    • XphoneTroll

      Look there isn’t any X phone or a b c d etc.. Just doesn’t exist sorry..

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Unicorns don’t exist either. You must be new to the internet.

    • brkshr

      I wouldn’t base your decision on this post. Steve also has an HTC One & CM has been loaded on it. Not everything works on the One or the S4 at this point. Steve was just proving to everyone with this picture that CM will be supporting the S4. At this point in time, HTC is proving to be more developer friendly than Samsung.
      Edit: Also, what happens when Samsung releases a software update with a more secure/locked bootloader? Something to think about.

      • bretcorona325

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      • michael arazan

        Hope there is a Dev following for the HTC one, would love to see a stock android rom running on it that gets rid of the social media widget and crappy sense

        • brkshr

          I know Koush has one & a couple other well knowns that I can’t think of right now (& Steve Kondik of course). I think the One is good hands.

    • Steve

      tw might look bla but there is skins for that, the proprietary java patch they use and a few features it adds are sweet.

  • Would like the s4, but bought the s3 (retail) last year and i don’t have the wherewithal to justify replacing in < one year.

    • If you kept your S3 in tip top shape, you shouldn’t have any problem selling it for $250 on Craigslist, or $300 on ebay.

      • Han

        Much point in upgrading though? That’d still be ~$300-400 for a slight bump in specs.

        • cancerous_it

          keeping up with the jones isn’t cheap, yo.

  • mike

    I thought I read the Cyanogen Mod was not developing for the S4. Looks like I read wrong.

    • will bartlett

      certain groups of developers said that. not cyanogen himself. also, that was for the exynos version.

      • Actually nobody said they wouldn’t. They just don’t make decisions til it’s released. At least the most popular devs.

    • Hothfox

      That’s what a lot of people read. I think it was one of those not official CyanogenMod developers saying he didn’t think it would be supported. You know how when CyanogenMod doesn’t wind up supporting a device so others use the source to develop for it? – I think it was someone like that who said it wouldn’t be. Looks like he was wrong.

      • brkshr

        Codeworkx is an official CM developer & he did say that him & his Team Hacksung would not be supporting the International S4 version(Samsung Exynos processor, he lives in europe, so he usually supports international phones). Everyone took that out of context, to say that no S4 would be supported by CM at all. CM has tons of developers willing to take Codeworkx place for the international version & CM already has a ton of devs working on the U.S. version with Qualcomm processors. Qualcomm does a much better job of releasing documentation on their hardware.

        • Hothfox

          Thank you for the clarification!

    • TeamHacksung will not be supporting the S4 Exynos version due to the lack of proper documentation being made available from Samsung for the Exynos processors.

  • digitalicecream

    Mine arrives today. glad to hear they’ve worked around the bootloader.

    • This is the T-Mobile version, which doesn’t enforce signatures (aka is not locked, though unlocked is a misnomer as well). The AT&T version is the one that was signature enforced, but that may have been cracked by Dan Rosenberg already, per the DL story earlier today (or yesterday, can’t remember and too lazy to look it up).

      • will bartlett

        the article is linked in this article…

        • T4rd

          Yo dawg I herd you like articles…

          • JoshGroff

            You herd right, you must be a good shepherd.

          • T4rd

            No, just a burnt out rapper who puts as many TVs into my cars as possible.

          • New_Guy

            … so I put an article inside ya article so you can disqus while disqus!

        • What? I thought the pink letters were for visual flair?!?! Seriously though, thanks. I missed it.

      • Rosenberg is on fire
        destroying bootloader crap!! Awesome!!