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Samsung Reportedly Deciding Between Three Different Designs for Galaxy Note 3

samsung galaxy note 2

According to a source of SamMobile, Samsung has three different working prototypes of the Galaxy Note 3 that they are leaning towards. One design is basically a larger Galaxy S4, which wouldn’t shock anybody given that’s what the Galaxy Note 2 was to the Galaxy S3. Then, there are two other designs which intrigue us quite a bit more. 

One is said to feature a flexible display, something we have been hearing about quite a bit from LG and Sammy’s camps. Lastly, there is a completely different design that has zero details known about it. So basically, it does not feature a flexible display and it doesn’t look like a Galaxy S4. Mystery device.

Samsung still has a few months before mass production would need to start in order to have this device ready by the end of the year, so we shall see which design they end up going with. While it would be somewhat disappointing to see them take the easy route with an “uninspired” Galaxy S4 design, it could be that Samsung is stuck in either a design rut or a “hey, we’re making bank off this design so we’re going to milk it” rut.

Which would you want to see? Larger Galaxy S4 Note 3, flexible Note 3, or completely different design “mystery” Note 3?

Via: SamMobile

  • Dwight k. S.T.L

    Can somebody tell me if that color is brown on the photo above ? Huuum i like the brown color. Could it be a wood look ?

  • john park

    It doesn’t matter what design Note 3 will have. All I care is lager screen, powerful and fast to make it 3 in one ( phone, mini pad, e-reader). Got that?
    Thank you

  • dan

    i dont want to see another note that resembles the same design of the phone just like the 2, so im hoping sammy makes the note 3 flexible. even though it might not look like the s4, it still uses plastic just like the phones but to make the screen flexible.

  • dmagicp

    I would love to see the Note 3 in aluminum with a true edge to edge display, but if I’m honest with myself, I will probably buy it even if it is made out of the same cheap plastic and if it looks like a bigger S4, because the rumored specs are what is really making me excited about this. Not everyone cares about a phone being small. In fact, I work in a field where I am constantly using my device for the Internet, using apps, etc, plus, I have a jawbone era, which I absolutely love, and 99% of the time I use that when I’m talking on the phone anyway.

  • I’m sure it will be another boring plastic design similar to GS4.

    Now it sounds like the screen will be no improvement and more pentile.
    Samsung the new Apple.
    Nothing but disappointments while the fan boys eat it up.

  • Daistaar

    That’s what…….she……………wait… :$

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I love my note 2 (and it’s battery) but i’m looking forward to something smaller. I use the s pen more often than i thought i would but it’s not a necessity. But who knows, impress me then take my money.

  • RoninX

    Physical keyboard!

  • sk3litor

    I’m kind of on the fence. I don’t want it to outshine my note 2 too much (out of pure selfishness :-P) but would love to see the successor to the greatest phone ever made change the game

  • TSY87

    I don’t prefer plastic, but that is a minor concern. Just don’t make it some cheap looking shiny plastic. Also, throw on some front facing speakers!

  • HellRa1SeR

    The third one. I would like to get surprised.! 😀

  • John S

    Don’t care until the Note 4

  • Hightop

    At this point I don’t care what the rumors are… I just need way more Note 3 hypebeasting!

  • mcdonsco

    I just picked up the s4 on tmobile, first non-motorola droid ive ever had, so far I really like it and the plastuc doesnt bother me at all…going into an otterbox anyway.

    Now im looking forward to the note 3, even if it is just a large s4 as im used to my n7 now, and going down 1 inch from that and up 1 inch from this s4 would be perfect allowing me to ditch the tablet and be phone only.

    Must admit though, home buttin kind of sucks…eish it werent a physical button.

    That and I can find spell check for the life of me on this thing.

  • Trey Mitchell

    For you guys talking about the flexible screen there was a demo of a Sammy guy demonstrating the flex as an input method so maybe that will replace the buttons?? Who knows but I’m excited about the future and hope then innovate instead of just iterate

  • 3 innovative designs that look exactly the same!

  • Dave

    All we need are some minor spec bumps and newer OS from the GN2 to the GN3…..nearly no issues with mine, incredible performance and battery life.

  • Joe

    I’d like to see the note 3 with a little bit bigger screen, but in the same size frame. Like the S3 to 34 design change. And I’d love on screen buttons, so we could get more screen size, without adding the the mass of the device.

  • Chris Clancy

    I don’t even know why people care. According to a just released report, Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins indicates smart phones will be obsolete in less than 2 years.

    • Trey Mitchell

      I lold

      • joseph pastor

        he said tablets actually. not smartphones.

  • JolleyMan

    I vote for the mystery phone. Don’t reveal any details until it gets delivered to my house. Kind of like a Woot! BOC. http://www.woot.com/offers/bag-of-crap

  • I wish the S3 design hadn’t been so popular, they’re never going to redesign like HTC did if they keep selling loads of S4’s. It’ll be like Apple #2, stick with the design people have gotten used to and plastic + huge home button is just not something I’m interested in.

  • given the s4 shortcomings, I’ll probably go note 3 but I don’t want a 6″ phone. I do want an updated less plastic design though

  • Brian Menius

    I have absolutely zero issue with plastic/ polycarbonate- so if they want to produce the Note III of materials similar to the Note II, I’m okay with that, but…

    Their fit and finish is sorely lacking on the Note II, for what is supposed to be a “premium” device. The back cover creaks if I look at it funny. I’ve thought about stuffing some paper between the battery and the cover, but I doubt it’d work based on the manner in which the cover attaches to the body of the phone.

    Mine isn’t scratched, but I’ve seen how easy it is to dull the finish through everyday use.

    And that styl… “s-pen.” I feel certain I’m not the only one who has worn completely through the metallic-look coating simply by removing the pen repeatedly.

    I love this phone, but some of the complaints lobbed at Samsung aren’t without merit- but unlike many of the complainers, I know that plastic can be done properly. This just ain’t it.

    I enjoy the ability to use NFC on my phone, so I realize plastic is probably going to have to be the material of choice. But it can absolutely be done “better” than the effort put forth on the Note II.

    Probably my most desired improvement otherwise is the ability to use the s-pen for the menu and back buttons- which probably means going to on-screen buttons.

    • cb2000a

      A small piece of foam would be better

  • I would rather have cheaper build quality and cheaper price if the choice is between that and higher build quality and higher price.

    Samsung could also make the plastic work for them. More easily replaceable and cheap plastic parts so the edge, screen, and back can be replaced easily.

    No more cases!

    • Also, a multitude of color options this way.

  • Note 3=Next phone

  • ravenofdoom

    I just played with a GS4 and see absolutely no reason to get a Note (2 or 3) over this phone after comparing them side-by-side. Then again, I have a Nexus 10 tablet at home, so that bridges the gap in device sizes.

  • EC8CH

    no button

  • They should pick the plastic rectangle one… It will sell either way.

  • Bigwavedave25

    That big and flexible?? Probably not a good idea however you interpret that statement.
    My vote is for mystery design with NO FREAKIN’ HOME BUTTON!

  • interstellarmind

    At this point flex display would just serve the purposes of not cracking… not really having a display that can bend or roll up.

    my vote goes with mystery design.

    • BTLS

      or like Mr E mentioned, it can allow a wrap around edge ticker type notification… but I agree it’s not going to fold into a ninja star or anything at this point.

      • wait wait, i change my vote to the ninja star design!

  • Dan

    I’d say up the pixel density (1080 or retina display zone) so it compares to the same as current phones, but more given the larger display. Also, keep the same footprint but push the screen edge to edge with no home button and on-screen buttons. Offer a black version instead of gray and square off the design with a premium material. It doesn’t have to be metal, but anything instead of ridiculously shiny plastic that makes it look cheap as well as hard to hold.

  • Brian Neff

    Now wait a second, Lois. A boat is a boat. A mystery box could be anything! Even a boat!

    • JoshGroff

      Thumbs up for the family guy reference.


        Thumbs up for having to put it in writing

        • JoshGroff

          Saves someone from having to ask.

    • bretcorona325

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  • RaptorOO7

    Nothing wrong with the GS4 design, and if the GN3 looks like it so be it. Its not the outside its the inside that really matters. Display, processor, RAM, storage space. 5.99″ 1080p, 3GB RAM, 32GB or 64GB storage + microSD card. Done I will get that.

  • One Nexus style buttons…

  • cjohn4043

    S4 design with HTC build quality

  • steve30x

    I would like to see a edge to edge display, better build quality handset, with less rounded edges but not so much that apple would have a panic attack.

  • chris

    flexible note 3

  • Using a base of 8.7mm a 16:9 ratio gives a screen
    78.3 (W) x 139.2 (H) which Pythagoras says gives a screen diagonal of
    6.29″. The current Note 2 has external dimensions of 80.5 (W) x 151.1
    (H). Therefore with a true edge-to-edge screen width plus a 1.1 mm bezel
    (or better still no bezel with side view) together with even a
    shortened length since 6mm top and bottom is more than
    enough the NOTE 3 can be the same width as the NOTE 2 as well as being
    shorter and significantly lighter and thinner using the new screen
    technology. This would assure Samsung of an even more-in-demand winner than the
    public-approved Note 2. Any other direction Samsung intends to go
    would be as ridiculous as the picture shown.

    • michael arazan

      I would love them to make the flex display into a phone that opens into a small tablet. Then you get a 2 sided phone when closed and a nice mini tablet to watch media on or play games.

  • r0lct

    What I don’t get is other than ability to not crack (I assume) what will be the benefit to a flexible screen? Are there any picture quality trade offs?

    • there was one demo a while ago that had a ticker-style notification screen that could wrap around the edge of the phone, sort of like a notification light on steroids. i guess they could technically put a slight arc on the screen, but that seems like it would cause more frustration for stylus input

      • r0lct

        if they make the screen arc out it better be unscratchable too.

        • SA_NYC

          Yeah I’ve never gotten the concept of a ‘flexible’ display…maybe it’s just my limited ability to think creatively, but one of the things I really like about the plastic Sammy construction is that the phones are very rigid, makes them easier to use than if there was flex. A bendy phone sounds sexy would probably drive me nuts. I could see a great use case for an essentially read-only, e-paper sort of pseudo-magazine thing, that you could fold up in your pocket and pull out to large size. But it would have pretty limited functional uses, as far I can imagine.

          • very true. in any case, even if the screen is flexible, the rest of the components probably won’t be!

  • R

    D: None of the above

  • This but with a bigger screen. And while I have no problem with the plastic samsung cranks out,I think the Note line deserves the aluminum or at least ceramic-ish treatment. OH and a bigger pen.

  • I don’t really care about plastic/polycarbonate vs metal (and even prefer plastic if it means better signal), but I hope they don’t make the physical size any bigger, or even release a “Note mini” that is roughly the size of the S4 but with an s-pen.

    It could also be nice to see them lose the physical button, mainly for easier use with the s-pen, but that’s probably a pipe dream at this point.

    • r0lct

      Yeah the Note 2 size is the max I think I can deal with. I’m actually looking forward to a smaller 5″ phone next time around. I like the large screen but they would need to go edge to edge to buy another 5.5″ screen.

    • Leo M.

      I like the idea of physical button. As for me it works as power button which im using a lot more often than the power button to wake up the phone. But yes id like to see better/bigger display with slim battery of 9000mah.

      • I actually do the same with my GS3 (and touchpad), but the only reason I mentioned it was since it’s probably a little more awkward when you’re using the s-pen for everything else.

      • I like the physical home button and use it to wake the phone as well but what I’d really like is for the s-pen to work on the nav buttons like on the note 8 or at the very least s-pen nav controls on the screen. The physical size of the note 2 is big enough and while it wouldn’t necessarily bother me if the next 1 was larger I would prefer the screen to be bigger via smaller bezels. So long as the Note 3 has an ir port like the s4 and tablets I’ll be happy with it.

    • cb2000a

      I would like to see a Note mini with 5″ screen that would fit in pockets better.

  • ace

    Big 1080 screen and total redesign.

    • JoshGroff

      What’s up with everyone wanting a total redesign, why fix what isn’t broken? (Externally that is)

      • DroidDoesnt_2

        Here’s a quote from a Samsung commercial about the iPhone 4S:

        “How will they know I upgraded if it looks the same???”

        What goes around comes around 🙂

        • JoshGroff

          That was always the worst argument. Who honestly needs to know if you upgraded besides you? I’d rather have improved features and specs than an outer change with minimal internal changes.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Agreed, but I’m sure you see the irony in this….

  • Brent Cooper

    I want am inspired flexible design with on screen nav buttons. Is that so hard sammy?

    • boo to on screen nav buttons. why give up real estate? it’s wasted space. The Moto Razr HD has a 4.7″ screen minus nav buttons – so you really only get a 4.3″ screen. That’s no better than a 4.3″ screen moto razr. We want improvement, not a reduction in screen space

      • Joe

        On screen buttons give you more screen when you need it, and a smaller phone when you don’t. They go away when you watch video or full screen games, etc

        • glad to hear they don’t totally screw you over but can they be toggled from the home screen? how about web browsing? since the nav buttons include the back button, when in a game/vid, how do you exit or switch to another app? still seems hard to work with

          • PhillipCun

            Yeah you can. With PIE.

        • The problem is the phones I’ve seen with virtual buttons still have plenty of room on the bottom bezel to have physical buttons(referring specifically to the Galaxy Nexus & the 4.).

          • Well that’s literally the only problem with onscreen keys so far, manufacturers being too stupid to realize that means you should also get rid of that extra bezel on the bottom. Also, they shouldn’t be included in the screen size since they’re keys.

            I have the Note 2 coming from the Gnex and I can definitely say, onscreen keys are just better. And for those who root and rom, even better.

          • Tyler Cameron

            The Galaxy Nexus didn’t have enough room for actual buttons.

      • Brent Cooper

        I like that they will go away when you watch a movie or something. And it allows for a smaller bezel. Also, I like swyping up to get to Google now, instead of holding home and then touching “Google Now” on my Note II. But to each their own, so I can understand that.

        • True it is all about preference and what you’re use to. I don’t even care for Now so never need it. I do run Apex though and have swipes for things like the camera. I have to agree with others that the presence of software buttons does not always lead to smaller bezel. I have a note 2 and prefer the basically-hidden hardware buttons. If there is any extra bezel, it’s not a big deal. On the other hand, I’d get annoyed with the buttons being too easily pressed instead of an app or something. The separation can be a good thing.

  • Something with a more inspired design.