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Dan Rosenberg Appears to Have Hacked the Bootloader on the Galaxy S4

bootloader hacked gs4

Two days ago, word of a locked bootloader on Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 spread across this vast internet thanks to Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik. The outrage poured in, as we have come to expect. Carriers hate us. Well, at least that’s how we perceive these direct attempts at keeping us from doing as we please with a product we paid good money for. We’re sure they have sold or lobbied to the FCC or any number of government agencies on the fact that custom software and unlocked bootloaders will blow up their networks and ruin the experience for everyone, something they likely have no proof for. But, that’s where we stand! 

Thankfully, we have security specialists like Dan Rosenberg in the community who are willing to donate their time to righting the cause. You may know Dan from his work with Motorola devices (unlocking bootloaders) and his recent root exploit for almost all of the Galaxy S4 variants. In a Tweet sent out this morning, he appears to be showing proof that he has unlocked or at least hacked the bootloader of the Galaxy S4. We’ve been told that this method of his will work on “all locked versions” of the device.

No word yet on if Dan plans to release a tool to unlock these devices or if he’s just showing off. If his past work is anything to go on, I’d say we may see something before long.

Via:  @djrbliss

  • Galaxy S4, a smart product line.

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  • God Bless that man

  • This dude rules

  • KleenDroid

    Dan Rosenberg should secretly be paid a fortune by Motorola and Samsung. Because in my opinion he is making these devices much more attractive. These stupid manufacturers lock these things down because of the carriers at the cost of not selling devices to those of us that care about this stuff. Because of Dan’s efforts I will now consider buying an S4 or maybe even a Motorola phone if his unlock works on them.

    Thank you Dan for your efforts. You should be rewarded for all your recent work because this is exactly what many of us want.

    • kg215

      Totally agree, he is doing Motorola and Samsung a big favor. It means more buyers for them because people like us can’t stand bloatware/oem skins. Hopefully t-mobile keeps growing so it can be a legit competitor to Verizon/At&t, that way they might actually think twice before constantly pissing us off with locked bootloaders (though T-mobile has a long way to go before it really is that 3rd legit competitor).

  • MichaelFranz

    this guy has seriously been on a rip….unlocked moto bootloaders, re-rooted the RAZR HD 4.1.2 update, re-rooted the bionic update, now all of this, the guy deserves so much from us lol

    wonder what company is going to scoop him up to work for them like Steve

    • kg215

      On the one hand I hope he is/becomes very successful, so much good work he deserves it. On the other hand if a company scoops him up he might not have time to do all this awesome stuff.

  • Brandon Golway

    I’m getting one on T-Mobile soon, I have no idea if it is locked but at least there is a method to unlock and root it now if that’s the case! This was my main problem with buying a phone on launch day, I made that mistake with the Rezound and had to wait a few weeks for them to get perm root, about 1.5 months for HTC to all HTCDev unlock and about 6 months for S-Off.

  • PopeFrancis

    If I had a dollar for how many times Dan says he is done with this stuff I’d be a rich man 😉

  • I hope he waits until the VZW version is released to reveal the unlock method so they don’t have time to patch it pre-release… if this unlock method even works with it.

    • DanSan

      doubt they would even be able to now.. wheels are already in motion.

  • I’m not complaining, but didn’t he retire from Android phone hacking?

  • ranlil

    And in his spare time he gives us root on our JB Bionic. This guy is awesome.

  • trwb

    Buy a non-carrier gms factory unlocked phone (if you can) and put it on a gsm network (if you can), otherwise you have to deal with the flawed CDMA BS.

    • RaptorOO7

      The problem with that is you don’t get LTE in the US on AT&T and for some that may be an issue. What we really need is Samsung to actually allow the Exynos 5 LTE radios to work. You know since it support ALL LTE bands and its actually not turned on except like 1.

      • Sam

        The One carrier unlocked version actually works on ATT LTE…

  • And there goes the last reason I had to not buy one…

    • Sparxx2k7

      So basically, presuming this is the real deal, that is your schtick for not buying one? Please come up with a more legit reason ….. and the answer “I just don’t want one, I will buy the ____ instead” works here too …. Locked bootloaders is such a minor detail ESPECIALLY if it can be undone.

      • New_Guy

        If you think an unlocked bootloader is a “minor detail” then you’re definitely in the wrong forum.

        • Greg Morgan


          • KleenDroid

            +10 more.

      • Jimneezy

        minor?? are you nuts? thats the main reason why a lot of people wouldnt go with Moto

        • KleenDroid

          Correct. Dan’s work may be the only reason I would even consider a Motorola phone again.

  • If he cares he should not release his method until all versions are released so they can’t patch it in the meantime…. Just saying!

  • Jason Tschohl

    Times like this make you wonder again and again why the carriers even bother.

    Thank you Mr. Rosenberg for all your work and slapping the carriers across the face with a large trout.

    • Butters619

      Fortunately Samsung doesn’t really care about the Bootloader lock and is only just doing it to make it look like they do to the carrier. If they truly cared about a lock, they would encrypt the bootloader like Motorola does (hopefully doesn’t do going forward), which makes hacking/cracking essentially impossible.

      • even then there’s workarounds with bootstraps. It’s a pointless endeavor.

        • Sam

          If you’ve ever used a bootloader unlocked device with a great kernel dev supporting it, you wouldn’t say that. There’s absolutely a benefit to being able to run custom kernels.

          • michael arazan

            If it were true that unlocking a phone and installing other software on it would harm a Network, I thinkl some anarchist hacker or the chinese would of hacked it already to try and disrupt it.

  • Greg Morgan

    If the bootloader is unlocked, I think I will pick this up since they’re is really no other option on Red right now.

  • nvitone23

    X Phone

    • PhoenixPath


    • Bionic(the guy) sucks

      You suck as much as the thief scumbag Bionic does.

  • log

    Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

    • Brandon Golway

      Good ol’ Stinky Wizzleteets!

  • Frank Fiorta

    Someone get this man a DNA quickly! lol…

    • JoshGroff


      Although, a few of us do have unlocked, s-off DNAs, but it would be nice to see s-off achieved on the new firmware as well for anyone looking to purchase one or that already installed the update.

      • Frank Fiorta

        I’m unlocked and S-Off as well. And luckily I have a neighborhood guy who does JTag just in case I need to replace my current device. But right now XDA is littered with 8,000 threads all about root and unlocking.. it’s annoying to see. Plus I feel bad haha.

  • Meister_Li

    That guy is amazing. I wish he’d take a look at Sony devices. They’re so awesome, but getting them unlocked when purchased on a contract seems almost impossible,

    • kg215

      Maybe when Sony comes out with a legitimate flagship he can. Sony’s hardware is good enough but not great, it doesn’t have anything that hasn’t been done before and even it’s best features are not #1 in anyway.

  • chris125

    Boom!! gotta love the android dev community!!!

  • Greg Morgan

    Dude is a freaking genius!

  • The dude is on fire right now