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Official Yahoo! App Updated to Version 1.0, Packs Visual News Stream


This morning, a new beefed up version of the Yahoo! application hit Google Play. Inside, Yahoo! looks to be focusing their time on bringing more news to your device, as there is now an “endless visual stream of stories,” along with the ability to personalize your stream with topics you want to follow. To top it off, there is an enhanced web search that features images as well as videos when you make an inquiry from inside the app. 

What’s New:

  • Endless visual stream of stories
  • Summaries by Yahoo!
  • Ability to personalize your stream by select topics you want more stories about
  • Revamped web search experience including images and video

Fingers crossed you can read the comments section through the app because that is really the best part about Yahoo’s news section.

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Cheers Donny!

  • there is a Yahoo app?….

  • Brett R

    That background makes me think my graphics card is failing.

  • not compatible with any tablet = fail

  • Do people actually use Yahoo still?

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • I do! I took an online Eye-catching Headline Writing 101 class on there.

      • You are right though, the comments are hilarious.

  • Christopher Riner

    Honestly, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a little power out of googles hands and start using this. Not to mention, those bing commercials comparing Google do look enticing, lol

    • Silver Veloz

      Although (so far), my experience with Bing on translating other languages….FAIL! A friend was in Paris and posted something about being there and it translated to he was in Sherman Oaks, California. LOL. I was excited, because I thought he was visiting California. (wrong). Since I have everything attached to Google, I will continue with it.