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LG Revolution Update on the Way – Adds Security Patches, Removes All Sorts of Bloatware

revolution update

The LG Revolution, one of the first 4G LTE on the planet, is set to receive a new update as build number VS910ZVB. The update itself is nothing to write home about, as it only contains security patches plus the removal of a handful of bloatware apps like Rockband, Bitbop, Verizon Apps, Blockbuster, etc. The list is actually longer than that if you can believe it, so if anything, your device will have freed up space on its internal storage.

So, enjoy the update.

The update is 46.8MB in size.

More info.

  • Loc-Nar

    I’m sure the 5-7 people still on this appreciate it, of course they have no disc space left for the update DL so ….

    • Haxcid

      I got the notification earlier, returned my phone to stock so I could update… Now the update is not available.

  • JoshGroff

    Did the Revolution or Charge ever receive ICS? (Officially, that is)

    • No. Stuck on 2.3.6. Sadly I still have one

      • JoshGroff

        And T-Bolt owners think they have it bad…

    • WalkerNA

      Not even the dev community could get ICS to work for the Charge due to the radios being incompatible (or something like that). My one and only Samsung-Android experience which turned out to be very sour. Waiting to hear from the next Nexus or Motorola phone to see what I’ll finally get to replace it.

    • Haxcid

      That is a no for the revolution as well. Devs tried to get ics or jb going but the radios and other hardware proved to be to much for them.
      I also own this phone.

  • Atleast LG is still updating their devices even an old device such as this. Props to them for that. They have been doin pretty good lately.

    • normmcgarry

      I don’t call this an update. Most likely mandatory security updates for the network, and then Verizon is removing the bloatware apps that the contracts have expired on. No reason to force them on a person’s device anymore if they aren’t getting paid to do it.

      • Ya I am just happy that LG is coming up. Many pl associate them with no updates so anything is good in my book.

        • Haxcid

          After this phone, I do not care how good of a phone they release… They lost me as a customer. This thing was a laggy POS.

          • amorpheous

            I agree Haxcid. I like my Revo but it’s laggy. I rooted mine and left it at VS910ZV8. Do you think I’ll be able to root it again if I allow the new update?

          • Same can be said about many phones, The Samsung Charge, HTC Thunderbolt….all have issues esp when compared to devices 3 years later.