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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Receives First OTA Update

sprint gs4 update

The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that we still have in our possession received its first update this afternoon, bringing it to build L720VPUAMDL. The update is 23.8MB in size, however, we have no idea what that includes. We had quite a few performance issues during our review, so hopefully this is fine-tuning code or improving stability as the device launches in retail shops.

If you own the Sprint version of this device, head into Settings>More>System Update>Update Samsung Firmware to pull it.

And be sure to read our Galaxy S4 review if you haven’t.

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  • Jeremy Martin

    I am wondering if this one has a locked bootloader like its AT&T counterpart?

  • Christopher Riner

    Maybe that’s why there isn’t any free space left on the device, the damn build name takes it all up.

  • I have the s4 and I noticed if you turn off all the features , air gesture ect it speeds up the ui by about 2 times. It also stops almost all the stuttering.

  • chris125

    This was the same with the s3 last year, they had a small update ready out of the box to fix any last performance issues that they were having.

  • Lucas Gibbs

    So does it fix the performance issues???

  • ├čen Murphy

    Wow, that was quick! Said no Verizon customer ever.

    • michael arazan

      Technically, the Galaxy Nexus had an update the first day of sales