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Origami Live Wallpaper for Android Brings Triangular Color and Grace to Your Device

origami live wallpaper

Ahhh live wallpapers, one of the original selling points for Android over iOS. They may have lost some of their lustre over the years, but every now and then we find a gem floating about the Play store. Origami Live Wallpaper is one of those that will likely stick to my phone’s home screen for some time.

The wallpaper itself is a mix of colorful triangles that animate and change depending on the speed you have set. Working together in a theme of up to 10 colors and 4 different shadow types, the result is a beautiful arrangement of shapes that come to life on your phone. If you’d like to completely customize how they act and appear, you can do that to no end. If you’d like it to be more simple, feel free to take advantage of the dozen or so built-in themes that are all beautifully done in their own way.

After using the wallpaper for a full day, I didn’t notice any battery drain in particular, so this app appears to be well-made. Feel free to give it a shot. 

Play Link ($1.00)


  • viewthis66

    Question… I have the GS3… How do I get any live wallpaper to show on the lock screen as well as the home screen? I seem to only be able to get my live wallpaper to show on the home screen. I don’t really consider myself a noob, but asking this question makes me feel like one. Thanks for the help in advance.

  • Donnalyn

    I’m into phone 🙂 I like HTC. I like the wallpaper, I like how it changes the color.

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  • Hingall

    Maybe nextime I will try this thanks for the info.

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  • Couseed81

    Inever done this before any ways looks cool.

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  • ayesha

    i love the design.. i will gonna get one 😉 Seattle Auto Detail

  • Ryan Borden


  • I’m diggin’ this 🙂

  • Doron Zehavi

    D-Life, I know what it’s like to run a blog (not as massive as this one, but nevertheless). I know you need more clicks. More clicks = more revenue. But, there’s a important line that you have to walk.

    Basically what I’m trying to ask: Could the links in your posts actually link to the content which they are labeled? I don’t want to go see all of the other times you tagged Origami Live Wallpaper (one time, in this post), I want to go directly to the website the represents Origami Live Wallpaper.


  • Microsoftjunkie

    Looks like my old Zune.

  • M_Ed

    Am I the only one that thinks this looks like you have something inappropriate on your screen and it’s getting blurred out.

  • Loc-Nar

    I still rock with solar winds live Wallpaper v1.0, avail by search and sideload. No batt impact, and also very nice.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Gotta love live wallpapers, ya all!

  • Captain_Doug

    Why haven’t you installed a launcher yet Kellex?

    • Tyler Casilio

      because he likes Sense 5.0…………………..yeahhhhh

  • Ethan Besbris

    Picking up my One Friday! Super excited! Then I’ll have the Nexus and the One!

    • Tyler Casilio

      At first I hated the One, but now I’m starting to like the modern look of it. I surprise even myself sometimes

      • Ethan Besbris

        Me too!

      • Modern?

      • michael arazan

        If a variant comes to vzw, and if it gets some stock roms, I’d get one but not with sense. The Build is amazing though, except for the camera

  • Steven Rothermel

    been using this for a couple days now and all is well. i really like the stock theme but the options with this are pretty much endless. sure, i dont understand half of the color settings, but there are TONS of options for you. very nice, minimal live wallpaper….just what i like to see.

  • Tyler Casilio

    Very Cool. Thanks Kellex