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Microsoft Pokes Fun at Samsung vs. Apple Stereotypes in New Commercial, is Actually Pretty Funny


For the most part, Microsoft’s campaigns against Google, Android, and iOS that promote Windows Phone or their other products are all pretty lame. Think “Smoked by Windows Phone” or even those “Scroogled” spots. Not really the most clever of marketing ideas, to say the least. This new Lumia/Windows Phone 8 spot, on the other hand, is actually funny and worth a quick look.

In the spot, you’ll see iPhone users taking shots at Galaxy owners with their “enormous” phones and S Beam feature followed by comments made in return to grandmothers about being too young to own an iPhone. There are Apple logo tattoos, app availability trash talking, and even the thought that Samsung and Apple fanboys love the constant fighting. Silly.


Cheers Scott!

  • Search: Karate!

  • Jeff

    I did get a get laugh out of this commercial. Although I would bet money that more Android and Apple devices were sold because of this commercial then windows. Way to go Microsoft in bringing attention to your Competition!

  • Nardo

    I liked it. It was clever and funny. Diehards might not appreciate the humor as it might hit a little too close to home for them…..but overall, very true and entertaining ad. Fandroids and Isheep go after each other, and two whole people with windows phones just standing in the corner. Very true!

  • V for Vendetta

    The only issue I have with apple is they are all about greed they take every penny they possibly can from the consumer. Any manufacturer that won’t put in an sd card so we can have our own storage and charge you a bundle to have to get one with more storage are nothing but thieves.


    I love how it said “Do not attempt” on the bottom of the video. Hilarious.

  • Terrance Steiner

    I have to admit that it is actually pretty funny. Nice ad Microsoft.

  • zombiewolf115

    as great as this is still wont make my buy a windows phone lol

  • Zac

    Thanks! That was great πŸ™‚ I just fwd’d that to several ppl. Great way to start the day – funny stuff!

  • I like fighting.

  • When did Engadget switch from being Apple slurpers to Windows slurpers?

  • FancyTaco

    I enjoyed the caption when the fight broke out around 0:29 that read “Do not attempt.”

    • vzw4lyf

      YES! i just made the same comment. lmao.

  • Still just two people in the whole room actually using it!

  • Jaron1226

    I’m the same exact way when iSheep try to belittle my beautiful and amazing Samsung Galaxy SIII.

  • Nikronius

    i love the “do not attempt” notice at the bottom… I mean, you seriously have to tell people not to try it?

  • the only problem with 920 is the lack of apps and the fb is the worst app ever made. even the bb z10 have better fb app. and you cant get any other browsers on it, only ie :s can you say hello malware ? πŸ˜‰

  • dmagicp

    So funny all these new windows phone people all over the blog just because of a windows phone article.

    • It’s also ironic that its Google that brought us here πŸ˜€

  • Keandre Espina

    Don’t fight about just Android and iPhone Windows wants to get in it too.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Browser works fine for most missing apps on my Lumia 822. Actually a pretty good phone. I made it over 24 hours on a single charge with LTE. Try doing that on an android phone that has an 1800 mah battery. Alas I’ll probably switch back to my Gnex soon just because I miss android.

  • cooldoods

    The only thing that’s funny about the ad is that Microsoft/Nokia believed in it enough to release it. Ridiculous sequences and over-the-top effects. Furthermore, the ad also bites back on Microsoft/Nokia:

    1. “enormous phone” — there’s a rumor that Nokia is working on a phablet for launch this May.
    2. “is there an app for that?” — if they meant is there an app for that in the Windows Phone Store, there probably isn’t.

  • it’s a bit funny. but no purpose.. iPhone is not used by old weird grumpy people only, also used by cute gals with airheads… they cannot really portray that… LOL

  • I do not find Android Phones as useful as Lumia.

    1. Photosynth allows you to create your own 3D panoramas. Like google street view. Also provides your own webpage to upload it. The perfect way to preserve Nostalgia. Are there any alternatives in android Platform?
    2. Nokia maps allows offline Navigation. IS there any better app in Android platform?
    3. The Bing Camera translator allows you easy life in Non-English speaking countries. And this comes offline too. You can’t have internet on phone when you travel China
    4. Nokia Music facilitates Legal download of any song in less than a minute. You can’t beat that.
    5. Aren’t you tired of the same old 80s desktop and icons yet?.

    • Jamie Mayers

      the answer to 1,2 & 4 as yes,yes,yes of course android can do that….. answer to 3, not sure what function your talking about. 5! if your on about the ’tiles’ UI? then the good thing about android is that you can (if you wanted to….) port not only windows’ UI but iPhone’s, BB’s hell even firefox’s UI as a skin onto your phone to freshen your experience up!! can you???? Windows lacks any originality save for the bright colours it uses in an attempt to be seen through the mists of oblivion.

    • dmagicp

      Dude who are you?

      • Did I sound like some Microsoft Spy? :). I Never used Android, I was just curious as my friends with Android phones doesn’t use any such app.

    • Kizaru Hiruko

      1. Photo Sphere
      2. Google Maps Navigation (and many more in the Play Store)
      3. Google Goggles
      4. Google Play Music for downloads, many more apps for streaming
      5. I find Android more useful than Windows Phone. Personal preference.

      • Dude, Google stuffs Don’t work without Internet. You are literally paying for every single Use. But, Thanks for the useful information!. πŸ™‚

      • I just learned that Google Goggles cost $1500. Long live open source!
        The Microsoft Bing Translator comes absolutely free.

        • DroidFighter

          You’re mistaking Google Goggles, the Android application, with Project Glass, the augmented reality glasses. Glass is expensive because it is first-run hardware aimed at developers. Consumer versions should be much more affordable. Goggles is a free application on the Play Store and offers translation from images, as well as image search.

          • Oh that’s cool. I will check it. But it won’t run without internet; will it?. Places like India where cities are less, Offline things play big role.

  • Denkianma

    While everyone is fighting over superior products we can stand here with our crappy o/s…lol I love how they offer no “Redeeming Qualities” over the other phones in this commercial…but even worse HOW FRICKIN BIG DO THEY THINK THE GALAXY PHONES ARE? hahahahaa

  • Guest

    So Nokia forο»Ώ waitress πŸ˜‰

  • RoninX

    That’s pretty funny. It doesn’t make me want to buy a Windows Phone, but it’s funny.

    I especially liked the Do Not Attempt.

  • Windows Phone FTW!!!! Oh wait, am I in the wrong blog?

    • @AhmedEltawil:disqus Please check my comment above

    • Brandon S.

      Probably are.

  • NexusMan

    Dumb….but that’s the point…no one does know. Commercial’s about a year too late.

  • You’re not alone in that sentiment. There’s a reason why HTC is standing on its last legs

  • fanboy1974

    I still don’t want a windows phone. It was a good laugh because everything was true. I love my huge Note.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Windows phone is lacking too many apps

    • Cary Hartline

      iOS users would the say the same about Android. It’s all about how many apps you find necessary to make a store.

      • True, except that the gap between the iOS and Android are a lot smaller than the gap b/w Android and Windows Phone — I don’t even want to get into iOS vs Windows Phone.

        Look, I would love to use the Windows Phone. I have no problem using MS products — people still think that they are evil. But comparing to Apple, MS is like a little sheep. But they are in the market too late. If they want me to switch, they have to work harder.

  • Kyle Miller

    Windows phone suck so bad! I had one recently and I could only use it for one day It was missing major apps, shortcuts, etc. Sold it to some guy on swappa. Nice commercial though.

    • Microsoftjunkie

      Sorry for you.

    • Well, It took me 3 weeks to accept the Windows Phone which I used to hate. And My Nokia Lumia is the best phone, I feel. You don’t travel to China and get disappointed of not having Burger King. Enjoy the difference.

    • Look at this Page. can you create this with android?>

  • cryosx

    That was pretty good πŸ˜€

  • discospeed

    i like apple even though i prefer android smartphones, but that moment, when he showed his chest tattoo was just hilarious

  • Ryan Gullett

    All of these Android fan boys in here lighten up! Can you not respect a funny commercial for one moment? Get off your high horse, you almost sound like Apple users.

  • tech247

    Pretty funny commercial.

  • theterrorwrist

    Well, if Engadget said so….

    • picaso86


  • Windows Phone 8 is like the fat kid on the bench eating chocolate cake thats too lazy to race Android and iOS but still expects to get a trophy.

    • Mchl496

      These days you still get a trophy even if your fat and barely tried to win the race.

  • Stephen D

    That is a great ad. Very funny. Their Scroogled ads are just tasteless. This is clever.

  • Shane Redman

    Wait….doesn’t that windows phone have NFC too??? WEEEEEEEEE

  • Chris King

    I sheep vs s sheep love it.

  • Twizted

    Almost as funny as Microsoft’s market share in the smartphone world. What’s it at now…1.3%???

    • jimmy cracks corn

      That’s okay. They’re on 93% of the world’s computers, and that’s the more lucrative market.

      • Tim242

        Not anymore. PC sales are tanking. Microsoft is on the fast track to becoming extinct.

        • Guest

          Microsoft made $7.6 billion last quarter and $20.7 billion ytd through 3 quarters. I think they are going to be alright. That is $7,599,999,000 more than you. Are you going to be extinct soon?

          • MicroNix

            And how much of that was made on the PC market that Tim242 mentioned? Oh wait, we weren’t supposed to mention that, right?

      • Steve Ballsniffer

        Too bad computers are becoming a much smaller of electronic devices. 93% of a dying market. Congrats.

  • Doan

    “Any publicity is better than no publicity.”

    These articles and comments are playing into Microsoft’s hands.

    • mechapathy

      Here’s your seat. Right over here, sir.

  • I bursted out laughing at the end when the old guy pulled open his shirt showing his tattoo

  • mechapathy

    So wait. It’s a commercial about two groups of people fighting about which side is better while a third, much smaller group, claims that theirs is better. Sounds a lot like real life.

  • Aaa

    Android makes me a little sad (current Tbolt owner). It was a hero/flagship phone, how could it be so terrible?! Lumia 928 has my interest when it comes to Verizon, but I am still here because Android isn’t completely dead to me, yet

    • Matthew Merrick

      get a samsung flagship. you’ll be happy.

      • jimmy cracks corn

        I would, but I’m waiting for them to design one and release it. Any ideas on when that might happen?

        • MicroNix

          With more market share than all other Android manufacturer’s put together and then some, you could say they already released it. But you keep going with the HTC flag…..us Sammy users will be sure to let you know how KLP is! Hahahahaha

      • WalkerNA

        Tried that with my Droid Charge. Still stuck on Gingerbread with tons of lag.

        • Matthew Merrick

          *modern Samsung flagship

    • mechapathy

      You’re not alone in that sentiment. There’s a reason why HTC is standing on its last legs. A few years ago I recommended HTC phones to all my Android-interested friends, and all were sorely disappointed. Give Android another shot. Things have come a long way since that old Tbolt.

      • Scott

        I spend a portion of my days with my Galaxy Neuxs searching for a signal. Not impressed with Google’s “flagship phone” and will be very open to switching in the future. Lots to love about Android, but really wish Google would demand better hardware, at least for its Nexus line.

    • Brandon S.

      Hello friend. This is exactly what the Rezound did to me. The 928 will be a beautiful device. If you do go with it, try the order the authentic Nokia case. It will be by far the best case made for the phone.

    • I had a WP8 phone… dude… don’t get one. My best advice.

  • Can it be both?

  • Masterminded

    “Don’t fight for first, settle for third”

    • gregmr

      Guess they took the same approach with their market share huh?

      • jimmy cracks corn

        MS makes more money off of Android than Google. Marketshare is meaningless when you’re making bank. Check out their quarterlies if you don’t believe me.

        • Eff Microsoft and Win 8

        • Futbolrunner

          May or may not be true..still third. You’re only competition is BB. πŸ˜€

          • youdoneyo69


          • Futbolrunner

            Fixed. Damn auto correct

        • gregmr

          Probably says more about a failed patent system than Microsoft

        • Azn_Android

          Not sure why everyone is thumbing him down he’s only speaking the truth and isn’t trolling. Sure they may be 3rd but I’m not sure Microsoft really cares when they’re making money off of a failed patent system.

        • MicroNix

          Once everyone dumps the idea of going to windows 8 and switches to Ubuntu, we can have the phones ditch fat compatibility and Microsoft’s little kickback. Slowly Microsoft is losing relevance in the hearts and minds of people.

          • mx

            Ubuntu, hahahahaha. Let me guess, this is the year of Linux on the smartphone!

      • Butters619

        Well the commercial does only show 2 people with Windows Phones in a room full of people πŸ˜›

    • So Nokia forο»Ώ waitress πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    • Elliot Kotis

      But. but. but. Microsoft isn’t even third.

  • Funny and very accurate….. even showing Microsoft phones sitting on the sideline just watching.

    • Cowboydroid

      To borrow from another site:
      “Android activated another 1000 devices in the time it took you to watch the above ad.”

      • michael arazan

        MS shows 6 commercials an hour in primetime, and still no one buys their devices.

        Hey MS, how about showing what your product does for people instead of dancing with it, or negative advertising, idiots

        • Pedro

          Wait, what?
          Surface Pro doesn’t make you a good dancer? I hope I can still cancel the order.

      • most of the activation is just biased because millions of ppl who reset their devices for instability reason and millions who play around with their phone by selling their privacy for free root their devices and play with custom roms have to activate their device each time they change a rom or reset. if google activates 500 million devices per year or per day how come the full total smarthphone for 2012 stands at below 500 million devices. it is total crap

        • A smartphone is a device, but not all devices are smartphones. When it says 500 million devices per day that includes phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 Players, Media players, Streamers, etc. (all Devices that are based off Android code)

        • Cowboydroid

          Stupid stupid stupid…everyone is dumber for having read your post.

          Activations only happen once per device, doesn’t matter how many ROMs or resets you do.

          • MicroNix

            Funny we’re on an Android site and someone here still hasn’t figured that out yet.

    • I love it because ironically they can’t even watch this video. My mother recently got a Lumia for the camera. But there’s….no YouTube app. Wow.

      • u can watch via browser.. don’t fight// switch to browser. πŸ˜€

  • Trolling.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Saw this on TV about an hour ago. It caught me by surprise because I thought it was some Samsung commercial until I saw Windows Phone being advertised in the end.