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Video: Would You Get a Google Smartwatch if it Looked Like This?


With the launch of the Pebble smartwatch, the tech world seems to be happily hopping on-board for wearable technology. We have seen a Google smartwatch concept before in the past that was based on a Google Now-like design, but this short video from T3 shows what a more Android-inspired watch might be like. 

We talked about whether we would use smartwatches on the Droid Life Show this week, but what about you? Would you get this watch if Google made it?

Via: Android and Me

  • Dat Nguyen

    This design needs curved glass for the form and fit. Face is too big and wouldn’t work so good on smaller wrists. pending that… I’d actually consider it.

  • Daedalus

    As long as it was waterproof, I would totally get it 🙂

  • Jérôme Besnard

    No thanks. For one, I was never able to keep a watch for more than a couple of months. For two, I’m glad to have a Nexus 4 that replaced of my other devices (including watches … because yes, my phone gives me the time of the day). Nice design and everything but I think smartwatches are going to be a niche.

  • Great! It is interesting

  • staticdet5

    I’ve got a Pebble, and I love it.
    I’m not sure a touchscreen is a great idea on a watch. I certainly wouldn’t be thrilled with it being touchscreen only. The physical buttons on the watch are great because it is a very “positive” control surface.
    I do wish the watch had more buttons (where, I don’t know. They’re well sized and don’t interfere with the charging port).
    The day the Pebble Kickstarter announced that it was going to be made water resistant is the day that I popped my money down. For me, that clinched the deal (Admittedly, I was on the fence, really leaning towards a purchase).
    The battery needs to be much better than a cellphone’s battery. My Galaxy Nexus rarely makes it a day (working day, not 24 hours) between charges. The Pebble is supposedly rated at a week, but I’m REAL interested in seeing how well the battery holds up after a year or two. I’m actually NOT thrilled with buying new mobile tech every two years (I’m still in love with my Galaxy Nexus and haven’t seen another phone that makes me jump for joy).
    That render looks like it has an earphone port, USB charging/port, and a micro-SD slot. WHY? There are better charging schemes. If you get one of these watches, you’re going to have a cellphone to play music with… right? And a micro-SD slot? How much un-tethered memory do you need? On your second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) display?

    I love the idea of the smartwatch. I definitely want to see improvement over the Pebble (Great piece of tech for $100). Color screen? Please. Better readability? Please. Better customization and apps? Please. Google doing a good job? I hope so, please!

  • Dick Tracy had one of the decades ago



  • Elliot Kotis

    Yup, totally
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • spickle

    hell yes. i haven’t even got my colored Pebble yet (backer) and i would toss it in a drawer for a Nexus watch in a second.

  • Justin Kos

    I wouldn’t, I got a smart phone in the first place to consolidate gadgets mp3/phone, I don’t see a need for it

    But… Sexy design

  • David Weinstock

    hells yeah and i hope google takes the concept from the, cause thats one sexy concept design

  • NexusMan

    HELL YEA!!!! Day 1 of Pre-orders.

  • If it looked and functioned similar to this it would be great but i’d have to imagine this would just be another device you’d have to charge on a daily basis.

  • Andrew Bissel

    this is close to perfection

  • Rodeojones000

    Yes! Seriously, take my money.

  • now it’ll be like Michael Knight from Knight Rider “TURBO BOOST KITT!”

  • Chris

    this looks awesome!

  • discospeed

    i fail to understand how this could benefit someone who owns a smartphone… or anyone, in fact.

  • Ned Danov

    I would like to have one 🙂

    Hope it will be waterproof and with gorilla glass 3 🙂

  • Christopher Riner

    Heellllll yes. That design is too sick. That’s what I’m waiting for before I start wearing smart watches. Zero(ish) bezel, full display sweetness with radios and a decent processor strapped to your wrist. Hey, it could– and probably (read: hopefully) will.

  • valapsp

    hey is that a “front facing” camera? Shut up and take my money!!!


    Is there any point to remotely answering a call unless you have a headset on? Wouldn’t you still have to take the phone out for that purpose?

  • Bob


  • Dandyroi

    Wow, that looks really slick. I like it especially if it slightly rounded corners like the nexus 4

  • Michael swaim

    If this was a real deal SmartWatch with a few more tweeks

  • Well..


    If it plays that awesome music 24/7, i’ll buy 2.

  • Seth Schorr

    I own a Pebble and love it. It has become a valuable tool for me. But… if Google put out a watch like that, I’d replace the Pebble in a minute.

  • if the watch came with 16 gigs of memory and the ability to sync with google music through my Nexus 4 so that I can download said music to the watch, I would buy this in an instant.

  • noc007

    My minimum requirements are as follows:
    – The screen is always on
    – It always tells the time when not in use
    – It is readable in sunlight without issue
    – The battery lasts for a week
    – It’s waterproof enough I can shower with it, wash dishes, and swim

    I have a Pebble and it meets all of these requirements and is why I backed it. I am able to achieve nine days from a full charge, but I usually charge it on the eighth day. Overall it has most of the other would-likes as well. The biggest improvement I would have prefered they’d done is a larger screen. However it’s a useable size.

    I don’t see a real need for a color screen at the moment. Especially with today’s low power screen tech I’ve seen, the color screens just don’t work as well as the screen on the Pebble in sunlight or low light. I’d like to be proven wrong. Of the currently available smartwatches in the current generation, I think the Pebble does the right things better than the others.

  • Jason Deck

    yes yes and maybe even yes

  • tekjunky

    sign me up!

  • New_Guy

    Ummm, YEAH…

    Is this even a question?…


  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Yes. Im hoping the real watch has maybe some dedicated cards? I mean do we need the home screen? Just a google now ui with a big time card on top and swipe down to get notifications. Maybe its an option. Just throwing out ideas

  • Ya I get the whole let’s put everything we can on to our wrist with a smaller screen, reading txt messages looked like a pain in the rear.

    • New_Guy

      Just pair it with Google Glass :).

  • joejoe5709

    It’s not bad, but I think Google will knock this out of the park with something along the lines of Google Glass. I think using Jelly Bean as the basis of the UI isn’t thinking outside the box. I don’t think we have any clue what a Google Smartwatch would even look like. Hardware-wise, it looks pretty silly. Not that I could do any better…

    I used to think a smartwatch was kinda dumb and ultra-nerdy, but the idea of this watch, a powerful Android smartphone and Google Glass as an interactive connected trio sounds so damn elegant and perfect and SUPER futuristic. Before long, we might wonder how we walked around with “just a smartphone” on our persons. How did we ever live?! Haha.

  • Calling it now: when google makes a smart watch it will run the Glass UI not the full android UI.

  • Jordan Debow

    This paired with Glass, will be the future plus the Nike Air Mags coming out in 2015. #geek

  • br_hermon

    No but for minor reasons. 1.the face looks a bit too big. That large of a flat surface looks uncomfortable on my wrist. Solution: curve the glass.
    2. The corners are way to sharp. What nuisance poking myself or getting it caught on things. Solution: Simple, round them off.

    THEN… Yes I’d consider getting one. But only if I’m feeling the whole watch thing to even begin with.

  • Daniel

    It would have to be REALLY small, my wrists are not big enough for most men’s watches, and I have a phone already, so I’d want a smart watch just for notifications really.

  • It looks cool but how is remotely answering your phone useful? You still need your phone to talk right?

    • joejoe5709

      Look like the FBI talking into your sleeve/cufflinks. Lol.

  • Justin Winker

    Yes, I would. I would rather have this over a pair of Google Glasses, but at the same time, I’d love to have both 🙂

  • Havoc70

    “Build it and they will come”..

  • mcdonsco

    Admittedly I’m in a business where “a bit of flash” is almost required; thus I wear a silver and gold watch now…flashy…But with that render I just watched, I would ditch the flash for that, would love to have that!

  • Ummmmmm YES!

  • I would buy it

  • It looks awesome but at the same time this thing looks like a scratch magnet!

  • T4rd

    Looks like a nice watch to wear during a test, lol.

    • New_Guy

      Bruh, your screen name and avatar crack me every time :).

      • T4rd

        Lolz, glad to hear it! 😉

    • michael arazan

      One thing for Sure, Google will make sure it does a lot and has a lot of features

  • mcdonsco

    Stupid question time, but can’t a phone not be connected to multiple BT devices at the same time? I need my earpiece and car speakerphone (plus Pandora streaming in the car) so how could I even wear a phone linked smart watch without sacrificing one or the other?
    Or am I just not in the know about being able to have multiple BT devices actively connected to a phone?

    • Shawn Lasky

      Most modern phones support a Bluetooth protocol that allows them to connect to multiple devices at once.

  • Warwick

    Sold at purple.

  • jahsoul

    Nope…..*going to Omega’s website to look at the 42mm Planet Ocean*

    • Warwick

      That is a nice watch, did not see where the . was on the price lmao

  • Kenny Larson

    Probably not. While I’m sure there are lots of people out there that would buy a smart watch, I’m not sure I know how I could possibly benefit from this. To me it seems to be a solution looking for a problem.

    • File under things people said about Tablets.

      • Ryan Gullett

        Took the words right out of my mouth.

      • Kenny Larson

        I figured someone would say that. However, I actually did see a use case for tablets.

        I hope the smartwatch category takes off. I love to be proven wrong in situations like this.

        • mcdonsco

          If you’re like most of us you probably keep your phone in your pocket when you’re out and about and take it out to see who is calling/texting/emailing (and/or if it’s important or not)…Just one use for this is eliminating the constant need to take your phone out of your pocket; which for me, in my business would be AWESOME.

          I get TONS of calls, texts and emails all day every day, most of which do not require immediate attention, but some do. And because these are short term client calls, It’s not feasible to setup separate ringtones/sounds for each one (too many people worked with in too short of time frame for it to make sense)…So I have to CONSTANTLY pull my phone out to check the message/call etc…this would eliminate that need. SIGN ME UP!!!

          I only wish this was more than a third party concept render!

          Another cool thing would be if apps could run on it…I’m a Realtor so I have to use Supra ekey software to open doors from my phone, would be AWESOME if this / something like it, could run that app so I can leave my phone in my pocket.

          • Kenny Larson

            That’s what I was talking about. This is a good use case that I hadn’t thought of. Doesn’t apply to me, but makes perfect sense.

    • joejoe5709

      I would probably use this on a daily basis more than a tablet to be honest. I haven’t worn a watch or owned an alarm clock in over 10 years. Why? Because I have my cell phone for all that. I think it’s a relatively natural progression within the realm of reason. Sure, this type of thing will mainly appeal to nerds at first. But I think it will catch on quicker than Google Glass.

  • SD_Scott

    Looks cool except that sometimes I intentionally don’t answer my phone or texts… Not sure how I feel about them popping up on my watch for everyone to see.

    • mcdonsco

      Speaking of which, you know what I want on a smartphone? An option to send a call to voicemail immediately WITHOUT the caller knowing you did it (I.e. you can dismiss it immediately, but the caller hears it ring a few more times before getting voicemail).
      Please! Someone!

      • Warwick

        Haha, right. There is always that someone who wants to bug us!

        • mcdonsco

          Yea, I have tons of clients that expect me to always answer the phone, which mostly I do, but they also realize sometimes I’m just not immediately available. But If I immediately send them to voicemail when I frankly, just don’t want to talk to them right then, they will know it…I’d like for them to not know I specifically sent them to voicemail.

          • mcdonsco, did JamesU513’s answer make sense? You just press the volume button on your phone during the incoming call. YOU no longer hear it ringing, THEY keep hearing it ring the normal amount of times and then get your VM greeting.

          • mcdonsco

            Sorry, I should rephrase…I know I can do that, but its when I’m using the phone, text, email…whatever, the incoming call stays active on the sreen until it goes to voicemail which doesn’t allow you to continue what you’re doing until it goes to voicemail…at least, that’s on my Max HD…maybe other phones allow you to go back to what you were doing while it continues ringing?

      • JamesU513

        Nice idea. Your alternative for now is pressing the volume button to silence the call, but you still have to wait for the call to go to voice mail to continue with what you were doing.

  • Ryan Gullett

    All I see is another device I have to charge once a day because they will put in a crappy battery. If smart watches become real, it better have amazing battery life. Only way I consider getting one.

    • jamie stevens

      i agree it should last at least a week of usage for what its made for

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      What if they replaced phones? Not for everyone but it may work for some people.

    • I would imagine it would get great battery life because it won’t have any cellular radios in it.

      • Dandyroi


    • JasonIvers

      I’d be interested if it had an e-ink screen, otherwise no… I want my watch to still actually function as a watch, which means it needs to be on all the time!

  • Jonathan Bunch

    I think this is when a flexible display would be the most practical

  • I must be missing something. This looks lame and useless.

    • same thing your wife’s been saying for years!

    • just kidding…. but seriously, that thing is hot!

      • JetBlue

        The wife or the watch?

  • Sign me up!

  • Ardy

    cool, YES!

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    That looks… Amazing!

  • androidfan 4 life

    Hell yeah i get one if the price was right if they make a watch like this and sell it for the same price as the nexus 7 i wood definey buy it

  • M C

    I would if they used more of the sammy tech with the flex screens and the whole thing was a screen and bendable.

    • mcdonsco

      This! One can hope it won’t take as long as glass to develop and bring to market though…Seems I’ve been reading about project glass for years and only now developer editions were made available in very limited supply…

  • Erik Cho

    Yes times a Google! A Nexus on your wrist??? You can’t get any better than that!

  • schmaltzy

    I’m saying yes…..but what I really mean is “Yes, if my wife will let me….”

    • That’s what prenups are for 😉

    • RGiskard

      So, in other words, no. 😉

    • droider


      • New_Guy


    • I know the feeling!

  • Gimmy !!

  • Yep

  • wagner

    Take my money NOW!

  • jamie stevens

    Hell yes

  • yes!