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Let the Sweet Sounds of The Droid Life Show Episode 22 Take You Into the Weekend


With the weekend quickly approaching, it’s time for you to relax and take a load off. If you need to catch up with this week’s happenings on The Droid Life Show, now would be a good time. We went through episode 22 this past Wednesday and it was a very fun (yet sometimes awkward) show.

We reflected on our Galaxy S4 and HTC One reviews, chatted it up about Google I/O, and even gave some honest answers to some reader submitted questions we received. It was a great show, so definitely check it out.

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    What’s with that microphone? I keep seeing Marty McFly.

  • wes

    Nice podcast guys! A lot better quality and less bias than the other clowns around the web

  • Nevid

    Only watched the first 15 minutes.. but really? I feel like the HTC One vs the S4 is like Apple vs Android up until this point. You are taking looks over functionality going with the HTC One. I think the “real” tech people REALLY care a lot about the battery first and foremost (then you can mention the other things like the 5″ display & removable media. – Nexus 4 / Note II owner

  • michael arazan

    What Happened to DL Q&A Answers??

    Questions were asked, inquiring minds want to know = P

    • We’ll be posting that up on Monday.

  • Lol all you guys do is look at yourselves on webcam the whole time

  • me

    What time is the Google I/O talk start?

  • me

    Eric, lookin good with the new hair cut dude. Sharp.

    • EricRees

      Thanks 😉

  • will bartlett

    It’s ok Tim, bowling leagues are fun 😛