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HTC Rezound Update With Global Roaming Now Pushing Out

rezound update

The HTC Rezound update that will introduce global roaming to the year-and-a-half old phone is now pushing out to users. The update is 207MB in size, but as long as you are on LTE, should only take a few minutes to download and then install. As I just mentioned, this update brings global roaming to the phone, a feature it should have had a year ago.

Other than global roaming, you’ll see updates to bloatware and improved data connectivity.

To pull it, head into Settings>About phone>Software updates. 

rezound udpate1

Cheers Michael!

  • veryshinything

    If anyone else had the issues I just did make sure you have the LTE switch. If you can’t connect to a network after then you have to change back to the cdma LTE auto

  • confused

    I tried loading the update three times and it comes out back failed to update. Any ideas or clues how to fix this?

  • Kheir Francis

    after the last update to my Rezound a couple of months ago, my phone went down the crapper. I kept having bad connectivity issues, certain apps wouldn’t work anymore, my battery dies in less than 5 hrs, and my phone kept randomly rebooting. I had to get a replacement phone. So with HTC updates, be very cautious, unless there breaking out jellybean 4.2.2, I’m good.

  • No crickets pic this time?

  • steve30x

    this update also added a movie editor .

  • Wolfpack93

    An S-OFF Rezound running 4.2.2 AOSP should keep me happy until something better comes along to Verizon. Sorry Samsung; you don’t qualify.

  • Rob Black

    Still waiting for the Incredible 2 ICS update for my gf……………………..

    • T4rd

      It prolly won’t get ICS by this point even though the Thunderbolt got it and it’s identical to the Inc 2 other than the LTE radio.

  • T4rd

    Damn, it takes 207 MBs to add global roaming support?

    Also, 4.0.3 is facepalm inducing at this time. No reason why this phone shouldn’t have JB when the Razr and even the Bionic (that launched a few months before the Rezound) has JB now. My wife’s Rezound is laughably laggy for a dual-core phone on ICS.

    • JTversky

      I will say that after the update, my phone is running noticably faster – whether that’s placebo effect or is a true improvement remains to be seen. While i agree that it’s ridiculous that it hasn’t gotten JB by now, i’m hoping this update helps tide me over til the X-Phone comes out.

      • T4rd

        Were you able to pull the update over WiFi? We live in an extended coverage area where her phone won’t get it OTA. She had to wait to we left town one day in order to get the the ICS update.

        • JTversky

          I think so. I waited til lunch since my office had bad coverage, and I was on wifi at home when it pulled down. I did not see 4G traffic as it was downloading (hence my suspicion that it pulled via wifi).

          • T4rd

            Hmm, well maybe it only discovered the update because it was on the carrier before your lunch, but it still allowed you to download it on WiFi. I’m just wondering if it will discover the update over WiFi then.


        • michael arazan

          Verizon Updates can update over wifi

  • would anyone know if the rezound would get 3g in ireland? i think you need the 2100 band

    • JoshGroff

      That’s shocking, GSM arena doesn’t have the GSM frequencies. >.>

      • T4rd

        Probably because the freqs were never advertised by Verizon/HTC when it came out. Its GSM radios were only discovered after someone hacked/unlocked the Rezound. It was like they were trying to keep it a secret until months after the Rezound launched when they announced that they would add global roaming to it later (from what I remember).

        • JoshGroff

          I’m well aware of that, but wouldn’t the teardown reveal the GSM chip used and the frequencies could possibly be gathered from it by the chip type?

          • T4rd

            Yup, I don’t see a teardown from iFixit for the Rezound though. I see a few Youtube vids of it, but I’m not sure if they specify what radio chip is on the phone.

          • ozo012

            XDA might have something. I’ll take a look