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Vine Founders Say an Android Version is Coming “Soon”

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Finally, we have a time frame for the arrival of Vine for Android. According to the founders of Vine, the short video (GIF-like) application that has become a major success on iOS, is definitely making its way to Android. All we have for when to expect it is “soon,” but I will take that over “not coming” any day of the week. 

This reminds me of the days before Instagram launched on Android, since once it finally comes, I have a feeling iOS users will be clamoring how the app used to be better before we got it. Oh, sweet memories.


Via: The Verge

  • brandonisurboy

    Just like with every other app everyone on android anticipates it’ll b pointless and irrelavent once released cause there will already b a new and better app a week later released for iOS and then we will once again anticipate that app to b released for droid and the app that intrigued droid users before will only be a substitute until the new app is released for us android users

  • grapevideoapp

    You can already do this on Android using GrapeVideoApp.

    • a-non

      Yeaaaaa but since our apple friends will already have accounts it makes sharing easier.. Which is the whole point

  • the day vine comes to android i will be happy it needs to come now though i cant wait any longer i dont see why they didnt wait so it could come out for both android and iOS at the sae time

  • Mildyy

    I cannot wait for the Droid version of VINE! I am so envious of my Apple friends who are constantly creating vines. As die hard Droid as I am, I can honestly say that waiting three months for these apps is a real pain in the ass!

  • gxdofblvck

    an s3 has a better camera quality than your shit..lmao

  • Chris Mullins

    I mean, it’s not like Android controls a majority of the marketshare, or is super easy to code being open-source and all. Oh wait, it is those things. So Twitter just hires crappy devs?

    • TylerChappell

      Actually, Twitter is full of crappy devs. Have you used the Twitter app? LOL

      • Chris Mullins

        Must be the slightly more educated developers who also helped make the amazingly wonderful Facebook app. That thing is just a gem of Android, not at all a stain on its existence.

  • Nice share info.

  • bkosh84

    I was thinkin’ the same thing Kellex, I remember how “dirty” we made Instagram when they finally released it for Android.. Good times, good times..

  • dsignori

    I so do not care about Vine. I guess lots of folks like it, I just don’t get the fuss. I have no need to see or upload 6 second videos personally..

  • finally will be able to watch will sasso lemon videos on the go.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Wait I thought the iPhone 4 was free on contract, kinda hypocritical iOS users.

    • michael arazan

      How bad is it that right wing nut jobs have to make free into a four letter word.

      • Sqube

        Right wing what now? Dude… no. The whole knock against Android phones is that their cheap. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 is free on contract.

        This isn’t conservatives versus liberals. This is more Android versus iOS, like always.

  • andrew galvin

    vine and tindr were the two main apps android has been missing lately. it is embarrassing to explain to iOS people that android doesn’t have it yet. Dont really miss anything else. oh.. and dropping a pin on maps.. we really need that.

    • Android doesnt have tinder?? What. That’s awful.

    • Chris Mullins

      We’re all missing a great dating app… not.

      • andrew galvin

        in san francisco literally all single people use tindr. except android people

  • KleenDroid

    How about an app comes to Android first then maybe gets to ios at some point.

    • ArrTooDeeToo

      Or, how about the developers wait until the app is finished for both operating systems and release them at the same time? That would make everyone happy, am I right?

      • Twitter not only screwed Android users over on a late Vine release but also on the Twitter Music release as well.

    • Derp


    • QTPie

      Yeah those a-wholes could’ve waited until it was ready for both.

  • trd105

    OMG the horror. I can just imagine how many *Phone users are already planning their dramatic exit just like Instagram.

    • Larizard

      iPhone users? How about the head of Marketing?

      Schiller’s statement of quitting Instagram was the dumbest and most ignorant statement I have ever heard. It still agitates me when I remember it.

  • fartbubbler

    the one thing that I envy about iOS users.