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Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-orders are Now Live From Verizon for the 16GB Model

vzw preorder3

Verizon stuck to their word and has gone ahead and posted a pre-order page for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is the 16GB model (32GB model no where to be found) in both black and white. If you’d like to pre-order for a device that won’t ship before May 30, this is your chance. At $199, it can be yours with a new contract, or if you’d like to go contract-free, the device will run $649 (ouch). For some reason, the on-contract price keeps changing for me from $199 to $249, which is odd. We’re pretty sure there is a mail-in rebate attached, so you may end up paying $249 up front.

Who is pre-ordering?Ā 

vzw preorder

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Cheers Alan, Michael, @HershelWest, @Banetech, and @JustinL81!

  • cksocal

    I have unlimited data with Verizon, a family share plan with three lines. Should I pay the full retail for the S4 and buy out of contract or should i add a line and get the phone at $250 and then transfer to my line? I will be paying an extra $12 a month ($288 on two year term and then cancel) for a line I do not need but that seems less expensive than the total cost of the line for two years plus the upgrade cost.

  • erick91

    HAHAHA AGREED @twitter-85777246:disqus
    A CRAIGSLIST AD.i am getting mine when it is released.

  • John Cavooto

    More like 7 bills after tax and all the other BS

  • D-roids

    im fine with my GS3. its been good to me and to be honest i dont see all that much of a jump to make me upgrade. besides most of the software features on the GS4 will be coming to the GS3 from what i hear. Cheers

  • NYDrumboy

    I’m pretty unhappy with the $30 upgrade fee. Been a loyal VZ customer for many years….

  • Nick

    Waiting for Google I/O before I drop 650 off contract for a phone. If nothing interesting comes out of the conference I will most likely get a GS4 and give my GNex to my brother.

  • At $649, I’ll probably be getting the Galaxy S4 about the time that the Galaxy S5 releases.

  • Alex Appolloni

    I tried to order… couldn’t keep my data plan (unlimited) even though i was willing to pay the full price. I started a chat with verizon and was told that the phone doesn’t work with unlimited plans… see here: http://i.imgur.com/NBOtdh5.png

    • gokusimpson


    • Nick

      VZW rep just trying to cover up their stupidity.

  • I was able to successfully pre-order the S4 for $296 up front. $250 for the phone and $30 for the upgrade. Comes with a $50 mail in rebate. I was also able to keep my unlimited data by transferring my upgrade to my wifes line and doing the upgrade that way. Then when the phone arrives I will just have to activate it on my line. Ready to get rid of this Thunderbolt. I’ve waited a long time for this.

  • I was able to successfully pre-order the S4 this morning AND keep my UNLIMITED data. It was $296 up front. $250 for the phone $30 to upgrade. It will come with a $50 mail in rebate. The trick to keeping my unlimited data was to transfer my upgrade to my wifes phone. The upgrade through her line. Then when the phone ships I will activate it under my number.

    • Fan

      Does your wife have a smartphone plan as well? would it be necessary?

  • Anyone found a way to preorder using the new payment option through Verizon?

  • Phil

    I an just not that hyped up for this. I still think that the new “pattern” or whatever they call that paint job is just incredibly ugly. IMO the GS3 looks much nicer in the pebble blue color. This isnt from a fan boy that cant afford to upgrade and am justifying a prior purchase, I dont even own a GS3 (yet) but I still think its the nicest looking phone yet released.

  • Bionicman

    thinking about selling my VZW Note 2 and getting the S4. The biggest thing i would miss is the battery. i also would like to see what S4 features are coming over to the Note 2 and a timeframe for that but im REALLY considering just switching. I love the design and new features.

  • Ordered šŸ™‚ and the 649 full price is not bad considering the Nokia phones sell for 799!!!

  • mcdonsco

    Anyone know how good tmobiles coverage is in Portland Or? I’m on Verizon’s grandfathered unlimited everything plan at $120/month before fees/taxes, Tmobile is $70, same thing.

    $600/year less! That’s enough to pay for a new phone twice a year! (sell existing for $350+, buy new one for $600-$700 – every 6 months).

    I’m tempted and I can handle a *little* less coverage, but not a lot less.

  • Jeremy

    Pre-ordered it! Payed full price for the phone being I sold my iPhone 5 for $550 last month so some schmo on Craigslists. Very excited….. best part is, iPhone 5 prices went down drastically šŸ™‚

  • mcdonsco

    16gb only? And $649 for the 16gb version? Yikes again! I would need at least the 32GB, so what, $700? Argh…I’m tired of my moto, but $700 stings, even though I know I could sell my current moto for around $400.
    Need to wait for the 32gb to drop.

  • coolsilver

    Nope. I’ll be buying full price retail and need to wait. Also like to see what pops up at Google I/O and Moto X phone. Either way I’ll get a good upgrade from my HTC Thunderbolt.

  • Joe Medina

    I tried to call up twice and both said they don’t have it. Just showing 16gig version

  • r0lct

    As a Note 2 owner and the crazy amount of spacer TW eats up I would strongly suggest waiting on the 32GB version if you like loading a lot of apps or anything else that requires phone storage and can’t work on SD.

    • I wouldn’t worry about it, you can add a 64 gig external sd card, unlike other phones. I have 64 total on my S3 and I haven’t used anywhere near the 64 gig I have.

      • Dyanke

        Apps do not run on the SD card on the Note 2, S3 or S4 as well as many other models. the ability was removed when Froyo was introduced.

        • Yeah I don’t have so many apps that it does anything to my phone. I really only use 50 to 60 apps at any given time with no issues.

  • Prince Campbell III

    It keeps jumping from $199 to $249 cause of that $50 mail in rebate. But when I went online to see what I will be paying it just said due today was $199.

  • Tim242

    A preorder 35 days before release. I know making sense out of Verizon’s nonsense is impossible. But, this is complete insanity.

  • ryan

    will verizon even be offering the 32 gig edition? i talked to a rep and they said “i dont know if we will be offering the 32gb like we did last year”

    • Chris

      I just talked to a Verizon rep who put her manager on the phone and said the 32GB Galaxy S4 will be carried by Verizon and they will take pre-orders for them starting next week (most likely Thursday he said). That is what I am waiting for because 16GB really means 9.5 GB

  • ckeegan

    Probably would have preordered if it was the 32GB.

    • Ian

      Somebody said they called in to pre-order and could request the 32GB that way…possibly worth a shot.

      • Thomas

        Just called myself to verify & this is NOT true. Rep said only 16GB.

        • Ian

          Bummer. Although we do not know Verizon reps to be the most consistent group when it comes to dispensing information. šŸ™‚

          • Thomas

            Totally agree, but when it comes to orders they are pretty solid. It’s the technical support part that needs a major overhaul.

          • Another idiots always criticizing.

          • Ian

            I are know use grammar good

          • Bla bla bla keyboard I am calling vzw to fix it lol ..

        • well damn then 2 people lied to me haha but he asked me before i finalized deal if i wanted 16 or 32 i said 16 is fine he said u sure because blah blah so he was trying to push it so not sure what made him think he had

          • Thomas

            I think you ordered an S3, not an S4.

          • lol no i made sure of that

          • sr71

            There are no 32GB Samsung S4. Nobody (AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint) is taking orders for 32GB S4 devices. Martin Jr. you just purchased a S3 device!

          • Chris

            I just talked to a Verizon rep who put her manager on the phone and said the 32GB Galaxy S4 will be carried by Verizon and they will take pre-orders for them starting next week (most likely Thursday he said). That is what I am waiting for because 16GB really means 9.5 GB.

          • It takes SD cards up to 64 GB as well.

          • hahaha no i know what i heard and was told and he said they have 32 gigz now maybe he was not told he could not take orders for them yet because i was on the phone with them like 5 min after email went out.

  • GarnetandBlack

    Just pre-ordered.

  • Keith0606

    I’m on the fence. I’ve got a decent device Galaxy Nexus, and my renewal option is almost up, I can’t decide if I want to upgrade or wait until the fall for something else. I’m hoping we’ll get some kind of surprise at Google I/O as I’d prefer stock android again.

  • i called and put mine in and u could ask for the 32 gig model in both colors

    • ryan

      what do you mean?

      • duke69111

        It sounds like he called Verizon customer support and pre-ordered the 32gb GS4 and they were available in either color.

        • ya i called and went thru the whole process and he was still trying to push the 32 gig version on me before i finalized deal so not sure if he was miss informed or what but he asked me atleast 3 times if i was sure i did not want to get 32 gig version for 299

          • duke69111

            Not surprised that Verizon wants to charge an additional $100 for 16gb’s of storage. Did they mention if the $299 also had a $50.00 rebate?

          • he didnt say anything about the rebate on the 299 but i would think it be the same

    • Joe Medina

      Called up Verizon they said they only show 16gig version

    • Alex Thomson


  • TheDarkJaguar

    I just pre-ordered mine! I’m getting a White one.

  • Thanks for the shout out. I was excited to get my email saying the preorders are live

  • Never ever in a million years would I buy another phone on contract from verizon. I will NOT lose my unlimited data plan. PERIOD. I will wait until mid July, and buy one on craigslist for $300. Just as I did last year with the GS3

    • Austin Warren

      I don’t trust craigslist. But the fact that if I can at least get a broken one that activates, I can spend $100 and get a brand new replacement.

      • Johngi

        how long do you have to have it before you can request a replacement?

        • Austin Warren

          Not long. Like a week or 2

      • Brian Meredith

        verizon will replace a phone you buy off craigslist? This I didn’t know.

        • Austin Warren

          If you pay the ridiculous insurance prices they do

          • Brian Meredith

            It’s $100 right? Do they give you a “Certified Like New Replacement” or is it a brand new phone?

          • Austin Warren

            Most likely its brand new for about 2 months after release.

          • It’s not verizon you idiots the insurance is Asurion.

          • Austin Warren

            Yeah no shyt Sherlock. Thanks for stating the obvious.

          • You’re welcome idiot lol. I LOVE READING THESE IDIOTS COMMENTS.

          • Austin Warren

            The only idiot is you. Try to get that extra chromosome removed.

          • I was not the one saying verizon will replace my phone? I am glad I was able to educate you.

          • Austin Warren

            Verizon/Asurion. It all means the same. You have to pay Verizon’s insurance fees to then go through Asurion.

          • Brian Meredith

            So who do you call when you want to get your phone replaced? I’m pretty sure I call Verizon. It may be Asurion that provides the replacement phone but you’re still dealing with Verizon.

          • Radgatt

            If there is physical damage to the phone (cracked screen) then asurion will replace it via $100 deductible. If the phone isn’t functioning properly but is still in tact then verizon will replace it (certified like new). My experience with asurion replaced phones are that they are new and come in the new box as if you got it out the store. My experience with verizon’s is that it comes in the box shipped via fedex with the certified like new sticker on the screen with no back cover or battery.

          • michael arazan

            They are refurbs, replaced my gnex twice this year, after the second replacement they cancel you for an entire year

    • Ian

      Same here man, they can have it when they pry it from my cold dead fingers! (or when they force me out, in which case I’ll find a new carrier).

      • Tim242

        Why would they force you out? You are paying for phones twice.

        • Ian

          Data usage continues to rise, eventually unlimited could make them less money than they are comfortable with. Plus I just like to mentally prepare for the repeated face slaps from Verizon.

      • Austin Warren

        Good for you. Not.

        • Ian

          Better hurry up and edit that one. Sad man…sad.

    • ckeegan

      Yeah, good luck with that. I can’t even find a used RAZR MAXX HD for a backup phone for under $350 on eBay, and the one on Craigslist for under $300 looks like the guy kept it in a pocket full of rocks. I didn’t want to use an upgrade for it but I’m not paying that!

      • r0lct

        check out swappa.com, no idea if $300, but a good resource

      • regkilla

        Then buy a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD brand new for full retail price at Verizon.

        • ckeegan

          Nah, Iā€™m good.

    • Costco has the S3 for $50

  • Mike

    You guys think this is a good upgrade to the galaxy nexus?

    • Austin Warren

      Most definitely lol

      • Mike

        I mean like get this, or wait to see about X phone?

        • EC8CH

          Xphone is probably a late Summer early Fall release.

          If you are in no big hurry though, I’d wait to see what is next from Moto. Could be something big as I think we’ll finally see some influence from Google in there.

    • If you like AOSP, then no. Wait and see how long it takes the dev community to port CM10.1. If you don’t like AOSP, want more standard features, don’t mind an ugly user interface, or a slightly slowed down phone because of it. Then go ahead and get it

      • ApplesNAndroids

        Lol.. The GS4 will be 10x faster than the galaxy nexus out of the box. Even the GS3 was faster.

    • EC8CH

      Stock Android to Touchwiz…… NO!

      Hardware wise… definately

    • im going from galaxy nexus to this and i think it was just time even thou i LOVE my Gnex, so ya i will be rooting and putting stock later as i did with my bros gs3. Cant lie i most likely will be selling my GS4 once Gnex 5 drops lol

    • No

      Not if you value AOSP. AOSP ROMs for SGS3 only recently became stable enough to be used as daily drivers.

  • Finire

    I couldn’t figure out how to pre-order the S4 with the device payment plan…. Maybe that has to be in contact with a rep.

  • Air Stream

    The Verizon Galaxy S4 pre-order page hangs with the notice;
    “Validation failed with the following errors:
    A Global Phone SFO is required. Validate that SIM number, GP features and IDIAL have been added.

    • Dave

      Uncheck Global mode on the device selection page and order without it. You can always enable it later.

  • mikeGsays

    That should be “$199 with a $50 mail in rebate debit card…….”

    • Austin Warren

      $250 with a $50 rebate.

      • mikeGsays

        or $199 with the $50 MIR applied, I was just copying down what they wrote when I clicked the link

      • NexusPhan69

        This is what mine shows up as going to the same site. Something weird is going on here.

        • mine said same and page refreshed and was gone haha said 249

        • because you chose the in car kit…. what are you going to do about the tiered data though?

          • NexusPhan69

            What? I followed the link provided by droid-life. Kellex already pointed out that the price is flip flopping on their site. Car kit has absolutely nothing to do with anything.
            I’ve never had unlimited data so it was never an issue.
            Did you reply to the wrong person?

        • Something was up with their site. But it is $250 for the 16g phone without the bundle. There is a $50 mail in rebate though. You can walk through almost the entire preorder process without upgrading if you want to see for yourself. And as was mentioned.. don’t forget the $30 upgrade fee. Wasn’t it nice when Verizon gave you $50 credit to upgrade.. yeah..

      • r0lct

        Sometimes they do rebate in store only and give you the discount up front online.
        Just like for business accounts they don’t do rebates, they give instant discount even in store.

      • jhouk

        And don’t forget Verizon’s $30 upgrade fee per line

        • Austin Warren

          Usually free online I thought?

          • jhouk

            Unfortunately no… at least not according to my pre-order. I got dinged 30 per phone online. No wonder they slow-walked the S4 pre-orders to sunset the New Every 2 April 15th cut off date. Now instead of a wash, it’s just a $30 more expensive phone.

  • Austin Warren

    Here come all the annoying people who ask “could it ship earlier than 5/30”

    • Mike

      Why are you the only one without downvotes? Community has been strange lately

      • Mike

        And now they all gone, what the eff

        • Austin Warren

          Somebody down voted everything then undownvoted. Some bipolar kid

          • Mike

            Who waste their time on something like that? Must be lonely in moms basement lol

          • Austin Warren

            Exactly what I say!

          • Ian

            Which is odd, considering you’re likely the one responsible…

          • Austin Warren

            Yeah because I down vote myself. You’re right. /s

    • kevin

      Hey I mean you never know right? ATT started out saying that people would be getting the phone on the 30th then that changed to the 25th (today) yet I was able to get mine yesterday (one of the lucky few) so its a legit question :p…then again this is Verizon we are talking about so…nvm