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The Droid Life Show: Episode 22

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It’s time once again for the Droid Life Show! We return tonight at our usual Wednesday evening 6:00PM Pacific slot after what seems like weeks of scheduling conflicts. Better late than never, though, as we have two of the most important devices of the year to talk about for hours on end (or 60 minutes or so). Our Galaxy S4 and HTC One reviews are up, so it’s time for the entire DL team to weigh in with their thoughts. It’s not all GS4 and HO (probably a bad acronym) – we’ll slot in our favorites apps of the time being, talk Google I/O since it’s only a couple of weeks away, and wonder what Verizon has up their sleeves for late May. It should be another fun show, be sure to join us.

The show kicks off around 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). A live video broadcast and chat are embedded below. 

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  • DanWazz

    Appreciate the hockey talk.

  • EricRees

    Another week with my lovely face on the YouTube thumbnail. A win in my book.

    • Damian

      It’s like winning Russian roulette.

    • DUDE! I’m doing the “Aliens” meme thing. Freakin’ sweet!

  • Thomas

    Kellen : please get a new microphone amigo 😉

    • He has a nicer mic than any of us. lol If you’re referring to the ending, we think a USB cable just got a little loose. It was fixed once the show ended. 🙂

      • Thomas

        Funny as it sounds worse than any of yours…no joke.

        I’m ready to go for my apperance on The Tato Show tonight 🙂 Right ? Lol.

        I shaved my winter bush for this !!! I better be on !!!

        • If you really want to be, I don’t mind at all. Just have something interesting to say is all I ask 😛 Email me at timotato @ droid-life dot com if you are interested.

          • Thomas

            Lol. They don’t allow cameras here in the prison, but could you send me some more soap on a rope. I would be eternally greatful.

            Seriously..not sure how much phone talk there would be if I chimed in, but it would be fun as hell. Will keep it in mind in the future amigo 😉

            Note 2 cult be representin’ !!!

          • Thomas

            So no show I guess ?

  • Bionic


    • Tim242

      You got put on blast….

    • Durango

      God, you’re a loser…