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Samsung Galaxy S4 Available for Purchase in US Cellular Retail Stores Starting April 30

Samsung Galaxy S4

Today, US Cellular announced they will be one of the first American carriers to carry the Galaxy S4 (review here) from Samsung in stores for purchase, starting April 30. If you are a customer of theirs, you can already pre-order the device online and also purchase the device online starting this Friday, April 26.

The carrier offers the White Frost and Black Mist variants in the 16GB storage option for $199.99 after an instant rebate.

Via: US Cellular

  • socalrailroader

    They’re also throwing in the S View Cover Case for free.

  • Cuco

    Good but not best, prefer HTC One to add storage using this http://goo.gl/lfEXI

  • I hope Verizon looses a ton of users because they took too long to release the GS4. Show them that they can’t just push around consumers and do what they want. Even the small guys are kicking Verizon’s ass in getting product to shelves. This is rediculous.

  • XphoneTroll

    All carriers?

  • Tirionfive

    Look! the Wanna be Verizon got the phone before Verizon itself!

    • socalrailroader

      They don’t want to be Verizon, and don’t have to be.

  • From the stuff that I’ve read is that: Sprint will NOT activate a USC device on their network, offer no new customer/device discounts when USC customers are forced to switch…here’s some info from a USC customer in the Chicago area.


    • socalrailroader

      USCC, USC is the University of Southern California 😉

  • MikeKorby

    how will this work for U.S. Cellular customers once they have to switch over to Sprint?

    • Ian

      They use the same network technologies, shouldn’t be too hard to make the jump.

      • MikeKorby

        Which was my original thought, until USC sent out notices to their customers saying that their current devices will not work after the switch-over.

        • Ian

          Interesting…yet strange.

          • MikeKorby

            Quite strange, seeing as they do both utilize EVDO/CDMA/LTE technologies, it should have been an easy switch like you said. Oh well, it’s their loss, as they are losing a great number of customers to it.

            Leads me to question though, what do we do with U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago..?

          • Kyle Miller

            We change it back to Comiskey Park!

          • MikeKorby

            As if we ever stopped (really) calling it that.

          • socalrailroader

            I am glad Dodger Stadium has never had it’s name changed, go Big Blue Wrecking Crew!

          • michael arazan

            I hope they either give free new phones or turn in for discounts to continue service, I’m sure they want to keep all the customers.

          • MikeKorby

            We would hope so, but unfortunately based on the conversations that many have already had with USC, that will not happen. I personally rid my family of USC years ago and jumped ship to Verizon, but I am basing upon the experiences of many of my fellows/coworkers, who are outraged by the word they have received from their network. To the point that the general agreement seems to be migration to T-Mobile – great timing for their new contract-less plans I would say!