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Quick Look: Spigen Ultra Thin Air Case for the Galaxy S4

spigen ultra thin air galaxy s4

Accessories, accessories, accessories – here they come. We’ve already taken a look at Samsung’s own official S View Flip Cover for the Galaxy S4, but we’re now going to focus on some of our long-standing favorites. There will be accessories-a-plenty, so hopefully with our quick looks, you can find the ultimate case, dock, or other add-on for your new phone (whenever you get it). First up, is the Ultra Thin Air from Spigen. 

As you know from reading this site over the years, the Ultra Thin Air series has always been one of the first cases we look to with any new phone. This case is ultra minimal and provides just enough protection, while not getting in the way by adding bulk or weight. With this new version for the Galaxy S4, you are looking at a polycarbonate material with a semi-glossy coating, rather than matte. It fits incredibly well. In fact, I had to give a little added pressure in each corner to make sure it was on properly, but I’m not complaining because this case feels amazing in hand.

I don’t say this often, as I’m very critical of cases, but this may be one of the best cases I’ve used in a while, based off of fit, finish, and feel. It won’t slip off, the coating gives it plenty of grip in your hand, there is a tiny lip that lifts the front of the display off of surfaces when face down, and as usual, is minimal enough that the design of the phone still shines through. I typically prefer matte finishes on cases, but I can see the benefits to going semi-glossy with this new version for the GS4.

The Ultra Thin Air for the Galaxy S4 runs $24.99, but includes the case, screen protector, and button covers (3 of them). It comes in four colors: Mint, Infinity White, Soul Black (I’ll swallow your soul!), and Tangerine Tango.

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spigen ultra thin air galaxy s4spigen ultra thin air galaxy s4spigen ultra thin air galaxy s4spigen ultra thin air galaxy s4

spigen ultra thin air galaxy s4spigen ultra thin air galaxy s4spigen ultra thin air galaxy s4spigen ultra thin air galaxy s4



  • birjushukla

    spigen ultrathin cases are cool ,got these and many amazing designer samsung galaxy s4 cases from http://www.squidoo.com/designer-samsung-galaxy-s4-cases

  • Any interest in taking a look at some wallet-case hybrids for the S4? The Hint lets you use the phone while it’s protected inside, the Smart Case is ultra-protective and the Suede Jacket is minimalist and doubles to clean the screen. http://www.sfbags.com/products/smartphone-cases/samsung-smartphone-cases.php
    If yes, let me know – happy to help set it up. ~H

  • Bill

    Am I the only one that thinks The Verge reviews are very negative towards Android phones?

  • I’m planning on getting a SGS4 from VZW. They are paying for everything after I have had nearly a combined 50 Droid X and Droid 3 replacements.

    Contemplating whether I should buy an Otterbox Defender, or go for that awesome Tangerine Orange Spigen!

  • Cory Smith

    lol, this phone isn’t even out yet, and it has more accessories than most android devices

  • Raven65

    I have an ultra-thin air case on my phone too. It’s called NO case!

    I don’t get why so many people slam Samsung phones for being made of plastic – yet the first thing many of those same people do with their “superior” non-plastic phones is wrap it in an ugly plastic case! SMH…

    • I buy insurance and just forget about a case…

      • fanboy1974

        Problem is you have to pay a monthly fee and a deductible. Plus you get some sloppy refurb/return. And in my case I would lose my $20 glass screen protector. A decent case will pay for itself in 2 months from the money you save. And my Note 2 still looks brand new and a decent case will give it a new look and feel.

        • True but I don’t want to add any more bulk than I have to. I have the Droid DNA and love how slim it is plus I love the feel of the phone itself.

          Personally the cost of monthly + deductible is entirely worth the fact that I don’t have to use a case.

          Everyone is different 😉

      • Geoff Johnson

        Same here. I’d rather pay $5 a month for insurance and a $99 deductible than to pay and live with an ugly and bulky case. I just dropped my Note 2 and have a refurb waiting for me when I get back home, but I still won’t use a case.

  • Groid

    I still prefer the Sena leather enclosures.