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Quick Look: Samsung S View Flip Cover for Galaxy S4

S View Flip Cover Galaxy S4

Since Samsung once again released their newest Galaxy S phone, the Galaxy S4, with one design across the globe, the accessory situation is going to be better than most Android fans are used to. With one design, more accessory makers can make products for the Galaxy S4, while in the past, they have had to pick and choose depending on the carrier. You’ll have more choices of cases and docks and flip covers than you can imagine over the coming months, should you buy the GS4. 

We’ll do our best to highlight some of our favorites, but since Samsung sent us one, we thought we’d start with their new S View Flip Cover. It’s identical in a lot of ways to the popular Flip Covers for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, but it has a window at the top of the cover that can provide you with basic information. Rather than having to flip open your cover to view the time or if you have notifications, a simple press on the lock switch will show you a special preview with clock, date, and notification bar.

But beyond that, the S View Flip Cover sleeps and wakes the phone upon opening and shutting. The window also allows you to answer or decline calls without having to open the cover, something that wasn’t possible on the standard Flip Cover.

To see it in action, hit up our video below. Then be sure to read our Galaxy S4 review, if you haven’t already.


  • With all respect to all cases manufacturers even Samsung themselves, I believe that OtterBox, Spigen and iFrogs produce the best S4 cases yet. http://www.squidoo.com/samsung-galaxy-s4-cases-2

  • What a great case. I saw some stand s view cases here http://rozalex.hubpages.com/hub/Samsung-Galaxy-S4-S-View-Flip

  • Marc W

    Is there a way to hang up without opening the cover once you’ve already answered the phone?

  • JoshHenry

    Does that cover also work with wireless charging?

  • ddh819

    did they make a cover like this for their other phones? i saw someone with a cover like that a couple weeks ago

  • PopeFrancis

    Best part of the device…

  • Emy

    Does anyone know if this flip cover will be coming out for the galaxy note 2???

  • John S

    I love these people who leave comments on this site who are know-it-all’s but actually have the most useless comments imaginable. I absolutely love my flip cover on my Note2 which I’ve had since it was new in November. To use the camera you simply fold it half way not all the way to the back. Are you kidding me? And the guy saying flip covers are the dumbest thing ever… you honestly think gorilla glass its 100% scratch proof? What if you accidentally drop the phone? Which i did once on my concrete garage floor and nothing happened at all. How about smudges from your fingers? How about the fact that its as thin as can be and still protects it? This is the best thing they’ve come out with that’s why they are selling so fast.
    The problem with Samsung which I see no one talk about is that their accessories department is horrible. And I mean the worst of the worst, anyone who has called them knows exactly what i’m talking about. Customer service for accessories is non-existent.

  • That random fake number has the area code and prefix of where I live! Weird lol
    Escondido, CA 760!!

  • ad34

    Does the camera line up with the clear window when the cover is flipped back for picture taking?

    • Leuky

      I have it and it does.

      • Jimmy

        I have it to, and it does not!

        • Petru

          You must not have it, Lol. It lines up perfectly with the camera 🙂

  • Would have been great if they added a slot for the volume buttons. Guess they didn’t get the memo 🙁

  • muscal

    What about being able to take pictures with it folded back? Why doesn’t anyone care about that ability?

    • JolleyMan

      Since the window appears to only covers half the lens, you could still take half-pictures and just tell everyone they are panoramic images.

  • Michael Adcock

    Honestly I want this for my Note 2.

    • michael arazan

      Hope in the newer updates for the Note 2 and GS3 they add a way to use the new flip covers for recent devices

  • Brent Morin

    Why doesn’t anyone discuss the fact that the old flip cover makes picture taking extremely cumbersome and how does this window change this for the S4????? Can you flip it all the way back and use the camera now. This is the only thing I hate about my S3 flip cover.

    • I have been looking for the same answer! How about a pic of it open?

      • RaptorOO7

        The simple answer is YES, it allows the cover to be flipped over with zero obstruction to the camera itself. I saw this while watching the Android Authority review they have up YouTube.

    • RaptorOO7

      No problems with the camera at all. You can flip it over and it won’t cause you any problems.

  • Does the cover stay closed on its own or does it just swing open like the old ones?

    • Leuky

      It takes some breaking in for it stay closed eventually with use..

  • J

    Big question to me: will they offer a flip cover with wireless charging? Seems like it would be dumb to make consumers choose between two very nice accessories.

    • Not that I’m aware of. They will have wireless accessories eventually, they said (again), but I haven’t seen a Flip Cover version.

  • that’s badass….but why in the hell did it take so long….same problem with the GNote II

  • EvanTheGamer


  • rals

    The most pertinent question is, is it durable? The flip case on the S3 lasted a week on my wife’s phone before it started showing wear and tear. Need to know if this is more durable?

    • Quality feels nice, actually nicer than the older versions. I know what you mean about durability, but this one feels like better quality. Haven’t put it through any ruggedized tests or anything though.

      • rals

        Thanks, it is worth noting that this is the most expensive case of $60 on Samsung’s website.

  • sc0rch3d

    Much rather prefer the idea from the Continuum then have this feature only work with a flip cover.

  • I wonder if they will make one for the gs3 or note 2 like this with the window.

  • js

    hmm…from the video, it doesn’t look like the LED notification light is seen. That’s lame. I guess you just have make a hole yourself. Neat idea with having the window though. props.

  • imns

    Since the flip cover doesn’t have a built in screen, just a window – how does it put the phone to sleep if it is still displaying info?

    • BigDeeNY99

      Thats old technology. Blackberry phones have been doing that years!!! there is some sort of sensor in the phone that detects the flip cover when it comes close enough to the screen to turn the screen off and the reverse when the flip moves away.

      • mgamerz


      • imns

        I know how sleep covers work..that’s not my point. The issue I have is that the phone can’t be put into full-on sleep mode if the screen is still active and displaying data through the window. You cannot have only part of a display active. The whole screen is drawing power even if data is only displaying n a small section (the window). If what I see is right, all the magnet in the cover is doing is engaging a different display/interface (kind of like when a phone is put into a dock.

        • TSY87

          as per the article… when the cover is closed, and you press the lock button, the screen comes on but it only displays that small area. So yes, the entire screen is on, but its only when you press the lock button.

  • yep

    We are droid life peace!

    • Shane Redman

      We are Venom!

  • cortesjues

    Now we know your phone number!!!!

    • onDroid


    • I’m pretty sure when Droid-Life gets these phones they get them setup with temp numbers. So yeah you can call them, but once the phone is ready to be returned, you won’t get to it anymore.

    • Random fake Google Voice number through Gmail. 😛

      • MShareKim

        I was going to say – bold move.

  • j

    Flip covers are just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. If a manufacturer has two brain cells left, they’re going to use something like gorilla glass which totally negates the need for a protector.
    With that said.. this is the coolest flip cover around. Great take on a stupid idea!

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d

    • Sams Son

      Flip covers are pretty handy if you don’t like people looking at what you’re doing on your phone. It’s pretty effective in public when strangers try looking over your shoulders to view your screen. Not trying to argue. Just saying, there’s some use.

      • j

        heh yea I guess.. just make sure you sit to the right of every creep 😀

    • They seem sort of silly, but Samsung specifically mentioned in a meeting I had with them that they are selling these things like crazy.

      • EC8CH

        People buy stupid stuff everyday I guess.

        • I agreed with you til I got a scratch on my precious Note 2’s screen. I dont know how it happened since I baby my devices but it kills me every time I look at that screen now. If it ends up having an “accident” and requires Best Buy to replace it under the warranty I have, I will probably put at least a glass screen cover on the new one.