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Contest: 10 Tickets to Lookout’s Google I/O Party Up for Grabs! (Updated: Winners Picked)

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Google I/O is approaching swiftly, so that means it’s time to fill up our calendars with evening activities, one of which seems to be Lookout Mobile Security’s party. Last year, they asked us to invite a big group of readers from Droid Life to join in on the fun (“fun” meaning free booze and prizes), and have once again asked that we do the same for another 10 members of the DL community. 

The party from last year had a line around the block, was packed wall-to-wall, featured free drinks, snacks, and entertainment. This year it’ll be much of the same, but the folks from Lookout are planning to hand out prizes to the first 200 people who show up. Can’t beat that, right? Tim and I will also be in attendance, so if you are down to stop by, be sure to say hi.

If you are planning to be in the area, sign-up!

The party is 21 and over.

Update:  Winners have been picked and emailed! See you there!


  • When: Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30 pm
  • Where: Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA
  • What: Lookout’s annual Google I/O kickoff party. Drinks will start flowing at 7:30 pm at Terra Gallery in San Francisco and we’ll have tasty food and awesome entertainment. Free giveaways for the first 200 who show up at the door (arrive early: we had a line around the block last year!). *Please not that this event is 21 and over.

Prizes:  10 tickets for 10 individuals (plus a guest) to Lookout’s I/O party.

Contest period:  The contest runs from the time of this post through May 3 at 10AM Pacific.

How to enter:  To enter, hit up the Rafflecopter widget below which lists out the instructions.

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  • I commented

  • I’ll make it awesome cause I AM AWESOME !!! haha and of course I’ll be sporting a Droid Life Hoodie 🙂

  • pball_inuyasha

    Parties with geeks are the best

  • K Thai


  • EvanTheGamer

    I’ll bring hot strippers. Plenty and plenty of smokin’ hot strippers. That is why I would make Lookout’s party awesome!

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Travel may be an issue for some.

  • It would be a learning experience since I never attended a after party and would be very fun.

  • Jay

    Oops, thought this was in NY

  • wil thames

    I am the party

    • Tim242

      May I cum?

  • brarelabben

    Mobile/security geek with interesting stories = great party guest for an event like this.

  • Eric

    They will need someone to do the first keg stand.

    • EvanTheGamer

      I volunteer.

  • Drinks and Google I/O sounds like the best day of my life.

  • An Indian at a pre Google I/O event just seems right! CHOOSE ME!

  • Shane W

    I am a really fun party friend, I just graduated from college and have some vacation days to use up at my new job. I’m a phone and gadget freak and it would be great to get the chance to chat it up with strangers and new friends there who share my similar interests. 🙂

  • Sounds Awesome!

  • Adamania

    Uh, yes! Sign me up!

  • William Peterson

    What’s a 2 hr drive to be part of an I/O party. Would love to win and go.

  • Mark schweigert

    Pick me!

  • Colin Zack

    This sounds awesome

  • Jason

    Awesome! Free drinks and access to developers are always pluses in my book

  • Sapko82


  • Michael Lebowitz

    would be so cool!

  • Jose Calderon

    “*Please not that this event is 21 and over.”


  • Guest

    Who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?

  • The Lookout IO party will be amazing as we have an amazing time imbibing and mingling!

  • KG

    Its Geek Heaven!

  • *knock knock* i’m here for the gangbang?

  • Can’t wait to see everyone geeking out!

  • sonicemerald

    I don’t drink, but I’d definitely like to meet you guys!

  • Michael C.

    Newly minted college grad + free booze + technology = awesome and epic party!

  • I’ll be the one in green….. all green!!!

  • Andrew

    Dancing on a cardboard box

  • John Simonelli

    Technology and Beer…. count me in.

  • nihir

    Should be a good party

  • Dan

    I work in mobile security…and I have great taste in booze

  • I_rod831

    yeeee ! cant wait

  • Thomas Smith

    I’ll make sure sure the computers drink enough to stay powered.

  • Justin Barrett

    Engineers make parties more fun

  • ee2

    I tried to get the company to send me, this could be a great way after them saying no.

  • Google Glass…Nuff Said

  • Gaurav Khetan

    Free booze with Android fans. What more do you need?

  • Geeks know how to party

  • Party don’t start until I walk in!

  • emmanuel hernandez

    i would like to win because you guys are the best and i would like to meet you guy

  • Dustin Wen

    So down!

  • stephen

    I would make the party awsome , because Im me!!!

  • Tim242

    Lookout is a clunky junky app. They use fear to sell their clunky junk.

  • As a fellow Android developer, we can exchange ideas over massive amounts of booze

  • Would be nice to win and Lookout is a great app anyways.

  • Doug

    Geeks with access to an open bar? Look out!