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Contest: 10 Tickets to Lookout’s Google I/O Party Up for Grabs! (Updated: Winners Picked)

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Google I/O is approaching swiftly, so that means it’s time to fill up our calendars with evening activities, one of which seems to be Lookout Mobile Security’s party. Last year, they asked us to invite a big group of readers from Droid Life to join in on the fun (“fun” meaning free booze and prizes), and have once again asked that we do the same for another 10 members of the DL community. 

The party from last year had a line around the block, was packed wall-to-wall, featured free drinks, snacks, and entertainment. This year it’ll be much of the same, but the folks from Lookout are planning to hand out prizes to the first 200 people who show up. Can’t beat that, right? Tim and I will also be in attendance, so if you are down to stop by, be sure to say hi.

If you are planning to be in the area, sign-up!

The party is 21 and over.

Update:  Winners have been picked and emailed! See you there!


  • When: Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30 pm
  • Where: Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA
  • What: Lookout’s annual Google I/O kickoff party. Drinks will start flowing at 7:30 pm at Terra Gallery in San Francisco and we’ll have tasty food and awesome entertainment. Free giveaways for the first 200 who show up at the door (arrive early: we had a line around the block last year!). *Please not that this event is 21 and over.

Prizes:  10 tickets for 10 individuals (plus a guest) to Lookout’s I/O party.

Contest period:  The contest runs from the time of this post through May 3 at 10AM Pacific.

How to enter:  To enter, hit up the Rafflecopter widget below which lists out the instructions.

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  • Joshua Barta

    I’ve been on the Android train since the early days… being a veteran’s gotta count for something right?

  • It’s a tech event! and i’m a droid lover! so that’s it :))

  • DSM

    Awesome finnaly a way to go to Lookout’s GoogleI/O Party! pick me, want to enhance my skills

  • Cause it matters for me, and i’m excited about everything related to Android!

  • It’s so simple! cause i am a young developper, and i couldn’t get to the major event 🙂

  • Roger Leek

    Cause I’m like a West Coast Party and There Ain’t No Party Like A West Coast Party ‘Cause A West Coast Party Don’t Stop

  • Joel Lee

    LOOKOUT for me!

  • hamidp

    Whoa, party! AWesomeness

  • timfantry

    Road trip to CA!

  • Taggard Andrews

    I sing, dance and bring the party with me wherever I go!

  • Free booze? I’m in.

  • I’m the biggest geek that works for geek squad… So yeaahhh

  • Sounds Fun! Cant wat to see the new tech

  • Thomas Bravek

    because I cant make it to Google I/O

  • Ray Arvizu

    I will be the coolest guy there.

  • DrAndyRoid

    I NEED to go!

  • Austin Hsu

    I should go because I’m an Android lover, Lookout user, DL reader, and all-around awesome guy!

  • ophelan

    It’s not Google I/O without a good party!

  • renGek

    I am willing to be the designated driver of drunken fools….just not my own car….and I drive a very short distance. By very short I mean 1.5 blocks. 🙂

  • Fun times to be had! If I get this then I’m going to SF…

  • Eileen

    any party with an open bar equals fun times. and it’d be awesome bc i’m awesome =)

  • Jack Holt

    Look out makes me wowsers in the trousers.

  • DanielS

    I love lookout. Easy to use

  • Victor Tokunboh

    Free Food Free Booze, no better reason to come out

  • This. Sounds. Bad. Ass.

  • Jon


  • Who are we kidding, it is all about the free booze of course.

  • I would make it awesome cuz I would tweet how awesome it is!!!

  • Free Beer!

  • You should pick me because I moved to the bay area last month so that just in case I didn’t get in to IO I could still party with Lookout. I plan to rock out with my Google Glass out*! Every real party needs a dancing black dude, and a drunken sailor, so kill 2 birds with one digital stone and email me that invite.

    *Disclaimer: Appearance of my Google Glass is entirely dependent upon when they see fit to ship me my Explorer Edition I signed up for at IO last year.

  • Lorenzo c

    Attended last year and was really disappointed that I could not score a ticket for this year’s I/O but I live in Los Angeles and would be more than willing to make the drive up for Lookout’s I/O party, it would be so awesome if I could attend.

  • Cause I always bring the party. And take it with me 🙂

  • I want to GO!

  • Went last year..it was cool. Thx Droid life

  • Jonathan Orellana

    This sounds awesome!

  • I’d dance in public.

  • Guest

    Road trip!

  • Alan


  • b

    I want to go Facebook’s party will be lame compared to this.

  • Because augmented reality is awesome and the way of the future!

  • dman244

    Hope I don’t have to use lookout to find my phone after the party