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Verizon Approves Samsung Stratosphere Update to Build Number i405.GC1, Still Not Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung Stratosphere Update

Well, when was the last time we mentioned the Samsung Stratosphere? It’s been a little bit, but with Verizon approving an update for the device this morning, we thought maybe the time had finally come for this poor soul to receive some Ice Cream Sandwich love from Big Red. The short answer is “nope.” 

This update to build number i405.GC1 is to improve call quality, correct IMAP implementation, remove old bloatware applications, and improve the My Verizon app among other things. If a Stratosphere is currently in your pocket or sitting next to you on your desk, expect the update to roll out sometime this week at the earliest.

Let’s be real – if it doesn’t have ICS by now, it’s not coming anytime soon.

Via: Verizon

  • Ivan Lopes

    Got the upgrade and applications that were supposed to be removed are still there. Foolishly chatted with Verizon, the “chat technician” seemed surprised apps were supposed to be removed. Sent her the Verizon link to what was to happen on the upgrade. Only suggestion was to do a master reset or have me contact Samsung. Who has time?

  • C’mon Motorola

    I was so excited for this update…but nothing noticeable really changed, unlike the previous updates.

  • NSR1952

    They lied about removing the bloatware. Mine just updated today and I still have all those apps, plus a bunch more I would love to trash, but it won’t let me.

    • Eme Walker

      I just got my update, the apps are gone on mine. Thank god. But I do agree with everyone else I’d love to be upgraded to ICS

  • Simon Belmont

    Still on Gingerbread? Wow, that’s sad.

    A 2010 OS. Though GB is a solid OS, but they should just skip on over to Jelly Bean at this point.

  • Why you buy a nexus, version ten million

  • They can’t complain too much. They did get VZtones!

    • michael arazan

      My Verizon Bloatware was improved, that’s all that warranted an update by verizon

  • Niall Fox

    in the least annoying way possible, (I think) there’s an error in the last sentence: if it doesn’t have Jellybean now*

    • nwd1911

      Strat is still rocking Gingertown. I’d love to see ICS on the device (wife’s phone), but won’t hold my breath.

      • Niall Fox

        oh wow, didn’t even realize that it was on gingerbread, misread the title, sorry about that…and yeah, you’re probably right, it’s now or never for an ICS update