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President of Samsung Gulf Mentions Water-Proof Galaxy S4 is in the Works

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During a Q&A session that took place today, the President of Samsung Gulf, Young Soo Kim was asked whether the manufacturer intended on creating a water-proof smartphone. Interestingly enough, he said yes and that a “ruggedized” Galaxy S4 that is water proof and dust proof is in the works and should be announced in the next few weeks. 

Whether this is some slip up or misunderstanding, no one can tell, since there has been no indication that another Galaxy S4 could exist. With that, why wait for people to place their pre-orders for this one when a water-proof one might be what they actually want. Hard to say what the deal is.

What about you? If you got your Galaxy S4 today, then found out there was a water-proof variant would you be upset?

Via: TechView

  • chaostrain

    Upset? I’d be down right pissed. Water proof and dust proof are my main requirements for a phone or the cover for it.

  • umbrellacorp

    For the connoisseur who wants to Facebook while snorkeling.

    I keed, I keed. I would really want one of those. I hate how rough I am on phones and how gently you have to treat them.

  • Glen E Ston

    why not just release it initially as waterproof?

  • Brian Parkerson

    My concern is would this be at the cost of losing the removable battery and SD Card expansion? If so, no thank you. If true, however, thank you Samsung for making this an option for those who need waterproofing.

  • Brian P

    My concern is would this sacrifice the removable battery/SD card. If that’s the case then no thank you. And, if true, thank you Samsung for making this an option.

  • Wow!!! That is really nice.Gorilla glass 3 is really tough. See http://www.unn.edu.ng/ for more articles.

  • Shaggy723

    So tired of these gimmicks… Please Google, hurry up and release android 5.0!

    • Austin Warren

      Yes water proof is a gimmick. Just like the way you breathe is a gimmick.

    • Marky Mark

      Say gimmick after you are pushed into a pool and your rooted phone is destroyed. I will have my S4 set up with Liquipel as soon as I get it.

  • AngarMike

    How about a screen that doesn’t shatter when you drop it on the corner? I don’t understand why the displays are still glass. And YES, I’m bitter because I shattered my GNex today at work.

  • GCurry

    Don’t need waterproof S4. What I need is a low-cost Nexus phone that interoperates with a low-cost, unlimited voice/text/data, prepaid. Oh, a Nexus 4, one T-Mobile, prepaid.

  • L.P.

    OK here goes my tech question of the day… is there a way to save a video (like let’s say a you tube video) on your cell & then watch it later WITHOUT having WiFi or internet access when u go back to view the stored (or saved) video????

    • Brent Cooper

      There is an app in the amazon app store. Its called something like free youtube downloader. It may work for videos. I just use it to download songs so im only downloading the mp3.

      P.S. im downloading songs that have been fan made/fan remixed and are not on the play store or itunes. Just saying im not a pirate

      • L.P.

        Thank u!!

    • Here you go sir: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006AZZPCM?ie=UTF8&ref=mas_dl

      Make sure to download the Amazon App Store first.

      • L.P.

        Thank u…

  • Alex Kirkpatrick

    If this became a reality it would be the first phone that I have ever considered getting off contract.

  • NorCalGuy

    Is it really that hard…the moto RAZR line is essentially waterproof, not to mention the large number of waterproof phones in japan, then again most of their cell phones are better to begin with.

  • No, I wouldn’t be upset. That’s called being an early adopter. That’s always the risk you take when you live on the bleeding edge of technology.

  • Rafa Sandoval

    wish my nexus was waterproof, it just took a swim earlier today :'(

  • Chris

    Yea, I would be disappointed.

    • Jack

      you would be LOL you should already be this is Samsung only money money

      • Austin Warren

        And every other company isn’t all about the money?

      • Brian P

        Isn’t the sole purpose of any company to make money? If not it wouldn’t be a business for very long…it would be a Charity!

  • FelisLachesis

    Given the history of waterproof phones, I hope this comes out before The Galaxy S6.

  • My fear of moving to one of the larger screened devices is how fragile they must be. I imagine dropping the S4 in my pants pocket and leaning against something and crushing the screen.

    • Futbolrunner

      I put my wallet on my right back pocket and cell phone on the left. I’ve had a GS3 and currently a Note 2. It’s never had a blotch or cracked screen. However, I always take my Note 2 out when I sit down bc its too big.

      • eli

        i dont know about you, but at 6’2, 210. I don’t think that will end well

        • Futbolrunner

          I’m 5’11, 185 for people around that body type wondering.

          • Now I’m really confused because I’m 6’2″ but, 188 so…..I dunno what to do.

          • eli

            your gonna have to sit on yours hands…it’s the only way.

    • Dafonse

      It has gorilla glass 3 I think, and is pretty tought, so I doubt it would break that easy.

      • Dylan Patel

        Gorilla Glass 3 is slightly harder to scratch just as easy to shatter.

        • S2556


    • Austin Warren

      Hahahahaha that never happens. Nothing to worry about.

    • Marky Mark

      Gorilla Glass 3 is near indestructible. Won’t scratch with normal wear and tear. Watch this video!!


      • Geoff Johnson

        Even with Gorilla Glass 3 the LCD itself is still very fragile. I dropped my Note 2 and the glass was fine, but the LCD underneath was shattered.

  • Meh no matter what you get theres always something newer and better around the corner. So with that said I want I want my BIG RED S 4 NOW

  • RaptorOO7

    You can do this right now with Liquipel http://www.liquipel.com/ it costs $59 and they offer unlocked GS3 and likely a GS4 as well.

  • yummy

    Yes I might raise a ruckus

  • Wasn’t the Razr maxx water proof? I hope Samsung can do it without making it any thicker

  • Dylan Patel

    And it would cost more and be thicker.

    • OBK1352

      why would it be thicker? some companies claim to be able to put a chemical on your device to make it waterproof http://www.liquipel.com/

      • Dylan Patel

        Water Resistant != Water Proof.

      • RaptorOO7

        Why don’t you check out Liquipel’s videos and see what they are doing with nano technology. They seem to have found a way to make it water proof, yes water proof. I watched a show called Tech360 and they were talking with the inventor and explained how it worked and demonstrated it as well. You can’t go scuba diving with your phone but if you drop it in the toilet (as he put it, its your choice to pull it out) but it will still be working just fine.

    • Austin Warren

      No and no. Cell phones don’t go about $700 unless for storage and no it wouldn’t be thicker.

  • FAL_Fan

    I would feel like I’d been Samsunged…

    • XphoneTroll

      Then you sir have been Samsunged

  • Spider210

    Maybe that’s the delay for Verizon? Lol

    • master94

      I think that has more to do with VZW having time to install bloatware and paste its logo all over it