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Jelly Bean on DROID Bionic Root Method Released, Instructions For Those Running Ubuntu


From the same man that unlocked some of Motorola’s heavily guarded bootloaders, a new root method for DROID Bionic owners running the new Jelly Bean firmware has been released. Unfortunately for most of you, it is for folks running Ubuntu because due to technical reasons, a Windows version is currently impossible. 

Root is acquired by running a modified version of Motorola’s own Motoshare software and some customized files. If you fit the bill as a Bionic owner on the new firmware and have yourself a running Linux workstation, go follow the via and get your root on.

Via: Droidrzr

Cheers Jim!

  • tbrown

    I’m running Windows 7 and I did the ota update on my bionic lost my root, would not reed SD card, wiped SD card, and on top of that I want root back!!!!!!!!! Can somebody help me with a easy way to root 4.1.2 on bionic

  • Gage

    I didn’t lose my root with the JB update, I used VooDoo OTA keeper.

  • Dave

    Mine failed on adb shell /data/local/tmp/pwn
    So I guess the exploit doesn’t work for me.

  • thunderwolf

    Before the jelly bean update I could use the 3g internet during a call, but now I can’t. Anyone know how I can get that capability back?

  • pstpup

    have one problem. do not have access to wi fi near my home. that stopped me from finishing. is there a way to do it over 4g?

  • I moved on from my Droid X to the Bionic and have not regretted my decision either. ICS has run extremely well on the Bionic for as long as it has been released. Its been a great phone for the time I’ve owned it, and I still don’t understand this extreme hatred towards a device. I don’t like any of Samsung’s phones, but you don’t see me bitching in every post about the S2/3/4 or Note devices. What people like is their business, not mine.

    Its nice to see a root method obtained at least, though personally, I’d use a different distro than Ubuntu, but that’s just me. Never was a fan of Ubuntu since its far off from the Debian base it was based on. But for now, I’ve managed to keep root through the OTA after a little ADB work I found when googling, hopefully I can keep it now.

  • Brett R

    Ubuntu has a really easy to use live USB setup. I run Ubuntu on a flash drive when hardware issues require it on a computer.

  • CaptM

    Well, to all of you “Luser’s” out there, you can hate this phone all you like, I got mine the first day that it came out and it has been the best phone that I’ve ever had. I have never had any of the reported problems that some others have talked about, and every update that has come out has just made the phone even better. I will admit, the only thing I ever had an issue with was the camera, but that was fixed quite a while ago.

    • I had the Bionic when it came out and had many problems. After the first updates, it was a great phone. It took some time though. One thing I will say is this; the hardware quality of that phone was second to none, and my Samsung Galaxy S3 WISHES it had the radio reception of my former Bionic.

  • schoat333

    Too bad you try to register for this site, and they never send you the verification email.

    • memnoch73

      Check your spam. It’s always been an issue with gmail for some reason.

  • All this hate towards the Bionic…. I got mine after the ICS update and I really like the phone. It’s not a bad phone after all the bugs and kinks were worked out.

  • Illinipoke

    This phone will not die. After WW3 mutated cockroaches will be carrying around bionics.

  • Ian Winchell

    If you’re skilled enough to root your devices, you’re skilled enough to find Ubuntu to do this. Also you can probably dodge a wrench.

    • Greg Morgan

      +1 just for the Dodgeball reference.

      • Austin Warren

        Can’t wait for number 2

    • If you’re skilled enough to root your device, you’re intelligent enough not to have bought a Bionic.

      • Ian Winchell

        I suppose you’re right, if you want to be a dick about it.

      • joshuaneelyisabitch

        And if you’re dumb enough to make a comment like that, you aren’t very intelligent at all.

      • Fan

        Hahaha. True

      • Diablo81588

        You are an idiot, the bionic is a great phone.

      • MAsterErik

        I love my BIONIC!

  • John

    Sweet. It’s better than nothing.

    • herp

      that’s what guerrilla mail is for

  • T4rd

    Well it’s too easy boot into Ubuntu from a thumb drive if you really want to do this.

    • Austin Warren

      Who knows, they need their warm milk and a nice nap.

  • Better than nothing.