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ASUS Qube on Sale Through Newegg, $140 For Google TV and 50GB of Web Storage

asus qube

Been waiting ever so patiently for the ASUS Qube to drop? Well, it has finally arrived on Newegg’s site, which for just $140, will get you the latest version of Google TV, a do-it-all remote, 50GB of ASUS web storage, and access to that nifty voice search feature for your living room. 

As a note, if you buy it today, you get a $10 gift card. Score. And I must say, I have always been quite intrigued with the Qube’s design. It looks pretty snazzy.

Via: Newegg


Cheers Cheesse!

  • Kevin Cefalu

    Just pre-ordered mine. I had no idea that it was going to be capable of integrating with existing set-top boxes for cable/satellite. That, in and of itself, made the sale, for me. I get the feeling that I’ll get annoyed with switching back and forth for my DVR’ed content, but I hate my DVR, as it is. We shall see, shalln’t we?

  • With the Nexus Q, I can stream music & video from Google Play to my TV/receiver with control coming from my Android tablet or phone. Can I still do that with this? Doesn’t have much value to me if I can’t choose songs/albums etc from a location other than within viewing range of the TV. Anyone know?

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Nope nope nope. Until Google starts giving GTV some attention, I will not purchase anything new related to GTV. I own a Sony box, and it is OK, but I cannot recommend it to anyone else. Google needs to either work with their GTV product or kill it off. It’s quite irritating that there are still bugs in the OS that were there with the Revue. Honeycomb sucks, get rid of it Google.

  • BTLS

    The google inspired directional pad on the remote is kinda rad

  • Google TV,thats lovely!!! See great articles on http://www.unn.edu.ng/

  • John Davids

    It runs Honeycomb 3.2. Only 10/100 ethernet. Nowhere does it say if it has the ability to stream content from a NAS or other computer. Not interested.

    • Austin Warren

      Google TV isn’t to jelly bean yet. It even says latest version, so that’s a clue. And it has WiFi. Who doesn’t have that.

      • r0lct

        The presence of a menu button that has since been eliminated is another indicator it’s not JB.

    • r0lct

      Without local storage there’s no need for Gb Ethernet. HD streams typically don’t top 10 Mb even on a local server.

  • skater88

    Can this do anything an Xbox 360 can’t?
    Just Android Apps?


    • Trey Mitchell

      well for starters actually browse the web……

      • Chris

        Xbox 360 now has the full Internet Explorer on it 😀

        • picaso86

          Cable-box integration with Google TV

      • imtoomuch

        Uh XBox 360 now has Internet Explorer. Where have you been?

        • Trey Mitchell

          playing PC games

          • imtoomuch

            Stick with the PC. The real world is scary for your kind.

    • r0lct

      You can use Netflix and Amazon w/o needing to buy a subscription. It’s search is integrated into your cable’s channel guide via PrimeTime. It will show you a glimpse of all the movies currently playing via thumbnails across the bottom. It doesn’t requiring you to switch inputs (which isn’t as trivial as it sounds) for a single cable/smart TV experience.

      Personally I use Plex and for that alone my Revue is used far more than my Xbox 360.

    • Matt P

      The biggest thing I use mine for is streaming my Play Music Library, streaming free shows from “other” internet sites, and integration with my cable. If you’re a cord cutter, the cable part doesn’t help you, but being able to stream say homeland from couch tuner or something is pretty solid. Also, GTV is GTV…It’s really not android anymore. It’s based on Android, but I anticipate it going a different direction. I wouldn’t even really call it honeycomb. I have the Sony NSZ-GS7, it was just upgraded to GTV3 which now has a dedicated amazon video app, and it’s preforming pretty well now. Wayyy better than my old revue…now that was junk. GTV still has a long way to go though for sure.

      • DoctorJB

        Seems like it may be a better idea to just grab an android tablet with HDMI out and use it as a GTV box (since it would have hulu plus and you could upgrade it to JB and leave the lag behind).

  • normmcgarry

    Is it sad that I am contemplating buying this to replace my Revue? I think I am obsessed with Google products.

    • r0lct

      same boat

    • I own 3 Revues and a Samsung BluRay Google TV box and I want one too.

    • I was thinking about getting this to replace my Revue also. I like the style, i’m a little tired of the full sized keyboard (yes I know I could get a smaller one) and I’d imagine that this will be supported longer if we ever see an update and it probably doesn’t lag like the Revue does now.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Google TV= garbage OS. NOTHING works on it. I hate that you cant do stuff like XBMC

    • Operator error ? I stream, you scream.

  • Anon

    I’m still wondering what kind of agreement ASUS had with the company that now owns Cobalt Networks. Any of you elder geeks remember the Cobalt Qube?


    • Guest

      used to work there. pre ipo. was the product manager on the cube II

    • mlittle

      Used to work there, pre-ipo. Was the product manager on the Cube 2

  • this is Web TV done right! Anyone remember that junk? haha! 😀

    • Wow you just made me remember. Actually now I realize why I forgot 😐

    • anthony jones

      wow that was the 1st internet in my home as a teen.LOL.

  • Listening to that girl made me cringe. She must had been so nervous.

    • Pedro

      Actually, uhm, I think she was fine.

  • Pedro

    I like how they preserved the lag introduced in the Logitech Revue.
    Maybe a bit of RAM or a whole GHz is the answer?

    • Jellybeans is the answer. These things still run honeycomb which ran like crap.

  • Shane Redman

    so it’s a nexusQ….as a block? and does it come with GoogleNow?

    • Kane Stapler

      No to all of that. Its Google TV in a cool shape.

  • not even sure what this thing is, honestly.

    • TV. Duh! 😀

    • If you buy one you’ll be even more confused what it is, or what it actually does. I cheered the day some sucker bought my Revue off Craigslist.

    • gabravo2005

      It’s a Borg cube, prepare to be assimilated….. I have the Sony Google TV Blu-Ray player…… Google TV has a long way to go….. Especially with the lack of Hulu…. It is dumb that it does not have it yet when I can watch it on my Roku 3….

    • Yeah it’s like if you have to ask you can’t afford it except in this case it’s if you have to ask you may be technologically inept.