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Verizon’s Device Payment Plan Can be Used as a Way to Keep Unlimited Data and Upgrade Phones

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This morning, we wrote up a recap of Verizon’s new Device Payment Plan since it went live today for smartphones and could be an option for those looking to upgrade phones earlier than the new 24-month upgrade cycle. Specifics on keeping unlimited data or how this new plan affects your current contract were a bit murky, though, so we reached out to Big Red’s PR team to get deeper clarification. We’ve heard back with what I would consider to be good news.¬†

According to Verizon, if you are an existing customer with an unlimited data plan, keeping your unlimited data can still be accomplished by purchasing phones at full retail price, and the new Device Payment Plan is considered an option. Here is the statement:

Currently if an existing customer has an unlimited data plan, they can keep their unlimited data plan as long as they pay full price for their smartphone and the Verizon Wireless Device Payment Plan is an option available to them.

So, there you have it.

This new Device Payment Plan is live as of today – here are all of the details.

  • droidrazredge

    I also expect AT&T, the little blue brother of Verizon, to follow suit and announce Device Payment Plans soon! They always like to follow each other in this similar fashion. It seems they both like to share everything plan!!!

  • droidrazredge

    Can Kellex or anyone confirm if the extra dummy phone on same line upgrade method still is an option as a work around to keep unlimited on your main line ? I heard as of two days ago when Verizon implemented this new Device Payment Plan that they disabled or got rid of that option to do so. That would really suck if that was true.

  • BlueEyes60

    Can you guys check your information instead of falsifying the info. The VZW website clearly states you need to be on Share Everything to use this option. This is not a way to keep unlimited data.