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Reminder: Verizon Upgrade Dates Move to 24 Months as of Today to “Align With Contract Terms”

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Today is April 22, so that means many of you may find adjusted upgrade dates included in your Verizon Wireless accounts. In fact, you may have found them to be up to four months later than you had previously penciled in on your calendars, thanks to a new policy change

As you may recall, we first reported last week that Verizon was changing upgrade dates to be better “aligned with contract terms,” meaning the new upgrade cycle on contracts as of April 21 would be 24 months, rather than 20 months. And this new policy change affects current customers who are currently under contract, since upgrade eligibility information is not a part of a contract, according to Verizon. What does that mean?

Well, if your upgrade date was previously set for some time before 9/1/2013, then you get to keep your date. However, if your upgrade date is on 9/1/2013 or later, you will be moved to a 24-month cycle. So if you were counting the days to 9/1/2013, so that you could pick up your new smartphone, you’ll now have to wait until January 2014.

Keep in mind that this wasn’t the only new policy change. Verizon killed off any last unused NE2 (new every two) credits on April 15. They also will no longer allow you to transfer upgrades on non-phones to lines that have phones, meaning you can’t transfer your tablet line’s upgrade over to your phone in order to upgrade your phone early.

Just a reminder!

  • GG1701

    And the hits just KEEEP ONNNNNN coming

  • Jared

    What angers me is they are modifying the date on my existing lines. I feel that is unethical in my book. If they want to change the policy fine do it on renewals and new lines. This pass me off knowing my upgrade was this October.

  • everettedl

    Man, Verizon’s cracking the whip!

  • Sandcrab3

    My upgrade has been extended by 4 months. It now states, when I check upgrade eligibility, that it has been changed to agree with the contract length.
    When I bought the phone in Feb 2012, they told me that I would be eligible for upgrade in Oct 2013. It stated that every time that I checked until today. I believe that is fraudulent I would like to see someone start a class action lawsuit and have the settlement of placing it back to the 20 month timeframe for the people that were under contract before this week. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • kiss

    seriously you people complaining about phones and providers are pathetic. its a phone not your life.

    • any idea what this site is??? You notice noone here is complaining about their house mortgage right?

    • any idea what this site is??? You notice noone here is complaining about their house mortgage right?

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  • Capt. Crunch

    Screw You Verizon! As soon as my contract is up i’m leaving your ass. You’re like an abusive boyfriend, attractive at first with that Lte network and those subsidized phones but after a while you start pushing back my upgrade, and fail to update my phone in a timely fashion. I’m done with carrier dating all together, I’m just gonna be friends with benefits and get with a pre-paid carrier. No obligations there.

  • paul_cus

    I left Verizon yesterday. Enough is enough. This wasn’t a big reason why, but everything starts to add up.

  • Sankyou

    This clinches it for me. Switching to TMobile as of January 4th. I missed the cutoff date on their new policy by 4 days and they were unwilling to budge. It’s for the best anyway. I had TMobile in the past and their coverage is very good here in Denver. It will be nice to have unlimited data again as well. Bye-bye Verizon. You have a nice network but I really have no clue what anyone is referring to when they say you have good (or ever remotely decent) customer service.

  • michael o’brien

    I just checked both of my accounts, and they moved one of my lines. the one that I upgraded back in Dec. So this is true.

  • Clint

    It didn’t bother me until I just checked and saw one of my lines update date change from 3/2014 to 7/2014… Sonsofbitches

  • Verizon reminds me of this place I know. Prison. I’d transfer if I didn’t have unlimited data.



  • shawn michaels

    can this be used for grounds of terminating the contract?

    • CodeToJoy

      Verizon claims no.

    • Tim242

      No. Upgrades are not part of your contract

  • Hunter Stephenson

    I wish I could leave Verizon, but they’re the only carrier I get service with where I live…

  • DonDemon

    I made it! Eligible on May 16th. Would be pretty upset if I had to wait another 4 months go get a Galaxy S4.

  • AxemRed

    That’s going to bite them in the backside. I have a buddy who would have left AT&T YEARS ago if they did that. He talks about leaving every time, but he gets greedy in those last couple of months when he is still on contract but can get a new phone for cheap. Then he’s hooked for another two years. I’m assuming he’s not the only one guilty of this. Verizon will lose customers.

  • iiBinxx

    My upgrade got pushed to July 2014 o__o | -_- | >_<

  • andrew galvin

    yawn.. i left VZW 7 months ago and have never looked back.

  • mustbepbs

    How about I align my fist with your anus, Verizon?

    • JetRanger

      Only fair that you would offer to return their favor.

  • Raven65

    I became eligible for an upgrade in March – and it still shows as available (contract isn’t up until June). I’m waiting to see what news comes out of Google I/O to decide what I want to do.

  • Donnie

    Yep, pushed back 4 months. On chat right now to find out what my early termination fee will be.

    • CodeToJoy

      $350 – ($10 * # of months completed). Just looked it up myself.

      • Donnie

        Yeah. Total for my 3 lines is $730…or about the cost of one off-contract device!

        • Marsg

          For that price might as well get a phone unsubed

          • Donnie

            My bill would be $80 less at T-Mo. The ETF pays for itself in less than a year. The only downside is I’m going to have to wait for Google I/O to see what new Nexus device I’ll be taking to T-Mo!

  • I like how every time Verizon decides to screw it’s customers they always try to sell it as a big thing their customers should be thankful for. They’re stabbing you, while telling you how great this new knife wound is going to be.

  • mechapathy

    As long as they don’t change my contract end date, I’m good.

    • CodeToJoy

      If they did that without your permission your contract would be void, and you could leave immediately.

  • CodeToJoy

    What’s really going to be funny to me is when Verizon reports lower phone sales in the period from September – December, since *nobody* will be newly eligible for an upgrade during that period.

    Edit: spelling

    • DroidFTW

      why wouldn’t all the people who bought their phones 2 years ago between September and December be eligible for an upgrade?

      • CodeToJoy

        Because they are eligible for their upgrade 4 months prior to that – their upgrade dates didn’t change today.

        • DroidFTW?

          You think people buy phones as soon as their upgrade date comes?

          • CodeToJoy

            In the past, I have upgraded the very day I became eligible. It wouldn’t be a surprise to me in the least bit if verizon shows a dip in phone sales due to people like me (who WAS eligible in this coming October, but now must wait until February – if I stay with Verizon at all).

  • Wild_Dorothy

    The sooner million people drop Verizon… all on the same day (like today)… the sooner Verizon will get the message: Stop Ripping Us Off.

    • DroidFTW

      I hate when people rip me off by giving me a $450 loan on a phone…

      • JoshGroff

        At the cost of an ETF that is smaller than the discount, I know, it’s horrible.

      • JetRanger

        And continue to charge you the same monthly payment after you’ve paid back that $450 loan … Take your head out of your ass and open your eyes.

  • So what happened to that get rid of contracts deal?

  • Colin Lewis

    I was set to upgrade on September 9th…. this BLOWS.

    • mmoreimi

      same exact date for me. Just missed the 1st of september cutoff

  • Dillon Brown

    Thank you Verizon, we the customers have been asking for this! /s

  • Thats so stupid! Last time I check about a month or two ago my upgrade was in 12/13/13….now it is not until 04/13/14…REALLY….

    • Wild_Dorothy

      Verizon CLEARLY stated December… then… oops… they change it on you… and you can’t do a single thing about it. Tough.

      • I have been considering buying a phone at normal retail price to keep my unlimited data, does that actually work? What happens if you buy a phone at normal retail and then your contract date comes up, will Verizon realize that you have not renewed your contract, or when you buy the full retail phone your contract automatically renews?

        • CodeToJoy

          It absolutely works – you can buy a phone at retail price at any time without changing your contract at all. You’ll continue to have service when your contract ends – you just won’t be liable for an early termination fee to break a contract if you decide to leave at any point in the future.

        • If you buy a phone full retail your contract will not renew. When the contract ends, you will be paying the same monthly price for a “month to month” plan. At that time you can choose to leave Verizon (with no fees attached) or continue to use their service.

        • Raven

          Sure it works, for now. I bought a slightly used phone the last time I upgraded to keep my unlimited data and it worked fine. I no longer have a contract and could leave any time. The thing is that since I am no longer under contract Verizon could at will change any of their prices or eliminate unlimited data just like that and I wouldn’t have any recourse. So far, they have not announced any plans to do so, but the rumor mills are always saying that it is coming eventually. But, for now, I am happily enjoying my unlimited data with no contract.

    • Marsg

      Mines 5 days after yours >.>, now instead of getting the note 3 I might be getting a Galaxy s5

  • Verizon’s not even nice enough to give us a reach around…

    • Austin Warren

      Its okay. Tim to the rescue.

  • Austin

    If you guys really want to do something about it, then leave Verizon.

    • CodeToJoy

      And I will be… the early upgrade option was one of the few things keeping me locked to Verizon. If I can leave with no fee when my upgrade comes around, well…. see ya Verizon.

    • SuperDave

      I am. I’m switching to AT&T and getting the One this Friday. I’ll pay my ETF and Verizon can shove it RIGHT up its collective ass. I’m sick of their crap.

    • Raven65

      I certainly would if any of their competitors’ network coverage in my area was anywhere near as good. Unfortunately, Verizon OWNS everyone else around here (and they obviously know it)… but they are DESTROYING any goodwill they ever had with their customer base – and people will be leaving in droves as soon as they loose that network advantage.

    • SuperDave

      Also, my wife is going to be leaving once her contract is up, along
      with her dad, mom, and brother (all on a family plan). Even she’s tired
      of them and she’s pretty easy going. On top of that, she will be getting
      a discount from AT&T because she works for the state, so with
      Verizon’s new policies and bigger selection of phones, why not? Oh, and their 4G LTE is even coming here very soon. Verizon has no reason that we would want to stay and keep pushing us away.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      If anyone else could build as expansive a network I surely would. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint are all fine if you live in a large city and never ever leave it. But some (a lot actually) either don’t live in large cities and/or prefer to do a lot of travelling.

  • JustinD2473

    As many people that ALWAYS complain about Verizon on these posts makes me wonder how they still have so many customers….Oh yeah, they have the better coverage/service than all the other carriers combined….Maybe that’s how they keep customers. Not sure why people feel like they are owed something by this corporation that is there to make profit.

    • Ian

      There used to be a way for a business to make a profit without making its customers feel like they were constantly getting bent over. We are complaining because that sentiment appears all but gone.

      • SuperDave

        Exactly, and there’s a point where their coverage isn’t worth it – where you start to feel emasculated for following them around like a sick puppy and taking it, like the hot girl that keeps a guy on a leash (or vice-versa) because they are good in bed. At some point, you get some self-esteem and realize your view of yourself is more important. I’m at that point with Verizon now. I don’t care that they have the best coverage anymore. I’ll take another carrier with less coverage over this any day.

        • juscozimme

          I feel you on this. I have had all carriers ATT, SPRINT, TMobile, and Verizon. ATT screwed my bill up countless of times — Bye!
          SPRINT’s coverage sucked, couldn’t get service in my house —Bye!
          5 accounts with Verizion because of my discount. I slowly cut those lines when they stated acting foolish. Down to two now 1 unlimited data and 1 regular phone.

          I tested the Tmobile Prepaid 5Gigs for $30 for 5- 6 months, when my LTE wouldn’t work, due to no connection in sections of my job. Downloading slow on my GNex, the Tmobile rooted HTC Slide prevailed, an HTC Slide hmm…. Paid for my Note2 on TMobile and compared the speed with my Verzon S3. i download the same thing at the same time 250mb ROM my S3 consistently lost.

          The last straw was when they decide to let go of the upgrades, charging 35 dollars for upgrading a phone. I had enough Bye Verizon. I save more money by switching the two phones to Tmobile, but keep my unlimited on Verizon for traveling purposes now I can buy any GSM phone out right, and the selection is not limited to what Verizon decide to put on their network.

      • PhoenixPath

        We’re complaining.

        The majority of their customers…aren’t.

        His point is valid. For every one of us pointy-headed nerds that leaves VZW, a dozen “everyman joes or janes” sign up. Obviously, if they are still drawing in customers, our expectations are higher than most.

        (Some might take that to mean we’re enlightened, and thus expect better…others might tend to believe that our expectations are far misaligned from reality, and that we could all use a heavy dose of “get your heads out of the clouds”.)

        We’re getting another foot of snow here, so yes: I’m having a bad day. It’s April the 22nd, FFS…

        • Keith Black

          That is the most sensible thing I’ve ever seen anyone say on this blog. This deserves it’s own post.

  • Christopher Riner

    Such bullsh¡t…

  • JB

    You may be abe to call and get your account flagged to keep your upgrade. I did that and I’m keeping my mid Sept. upgrade

    • Nicholassss

      So tempting, but UNLIMITED data. Bought my note 2 full retail to keep it, probably do the same next time i upgrade…at least until verizon takes unlimited away.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Last July marked the first time in the 18 years I’ve had a cell phone that I stopped caring about when my upgrade date was. I’ll be paying full price for devices for as long as I can hold on to my unlimited data on all 4 of my lines. And considering each line uses 5-10GB of data a month, I’m saving a whole heck of a lot of money by paying full price for a new phone for each line once every year or two.

    • Keith Black

      Thank God the first post on this thread is someone who has some sense. Now cue pitchforks and customers threatening to downgrade the quality of their service by switching to another carrier who will inevitably adopt the same policy… Or maybe an “Un-Carrier” would be the best move, where I can pay $99 + $20 a month for 24 months added to my bill for full cost device financing, and if I cancel service I’m still obligated to pay off the device. Wait whaaaaat…. that sounds like a contract… hmmm…

      • mechapathy

        Or you can cancel service, return the phone, and receive market value for it. That doesn’t sound like a contract that I’ve heard of.

        • Keith Black

          Your statement is quite skewed… No matter what, you are obligated to pay off the full amount of the device ($99 down + $20/mo X’s 24 months = $580 paid no matter what). Now if T-Mobile will buy the phone back at market value and allow you to apply that amount towards what you owe, you can do that at Verizon too, and apply the amount you receive to your early termination fee. The problem with T-Mobile’s new scheme is that you end up paying hundreds more for the device than what you pay for a device through Verizon. If I need to type out the math for you, I will be happy too. And don’t go throwing monthly price plans at me, both carrier’s monthly plans are appropriately and comparatively priced according to the quality of their networks.

          • Or, you can buy the device full price, at T-Mobile, start your service without a contract, still add equipment protection (because you bought the phone from them), and be paying $70 for unlimited talk/text/4G, with a small allotment of hotspotting. Ther is no $99 plan at T-Mobile anymore, their hightest plan is $70. After taxes, it ranges between $79-83 dollars. Still way les than anyone else, and yes, no contract. If you decide to finance a phone, you enter a SEPARATE agreement for the price of the device, that does not include your monthly plan.

          • This is the same exact model used across Europe and most of Asia, and all of the other carriers have already indicated that they’re keeping an eye on it.

          • Keith Black

            The $99 I was referring to is the down payment for the device, not the monthly price plan. And T-Mobile is not unlimited, their network is severely limited in quality, coverage, reliability and data speeds nationwide, especially compared to Verizon. Their plans are appropriately priced according to quality.

          • THis is just plain wrong!!!!!. where i lived i had great tmobile service 10 megs down and 3-4 up constantly for over a year with unlimited data when they started that plan. Unlimited was unlimited period dont make up crap to say it wasnt it was!!!! at that time i had 1 bar 3g service of Verizon this has not changed at that location. When i moved to where i am verizon had 3g service only but it was 5 bars. they have since upgradd to 4g and loving it. I have since canceled my tmobile account because here they only have edge. so here is an example of verizon offering the poorer service and verizon offering the better service. see how this works its called truth. not making up false facts to back a ridiculous protection of these crooks that are on a money grab. Tmobile had 99% up time where i was unlimited with the speeds i mentioned. dont come back with lte speeds its a phone those speeds were plenty enough , more than enough. and again it was UNLIMITED! We arent talking nationwide we are talking the service offered to each user. here verizon is better there it was garbage and would of been canceled if it wasnt for the grandfathered unlimited. it worked out for me with the move. 350 bucks for galaxy nexus gsm no contract unlimited. was a damn good deal to me. All are charging too much period. but at least tmobile has done something for the users went back to unlimited. Verizon has done nothing positvie for the customer in the last 2 years. shared plans witht the restrictions and costs was not positive. there is no upgrade time mentioned in the contractg so we can screw you at any time. yeah thats great customer service. when people bought their phone and signed on contract they were under the impression in 20 months they could upgrade. yes it wasnt in writing and legally verizon has the right. But is this how you treat an exisiting customer NO!!!!!!!!! You put it in writing and when their 20 months is up thats the last early upgrade they get you dont change your standard that people expect as its been that way for years. and my update is before 9/1 so it doesnt affect me and i wouldnt use a subsidized anyways But your logic here is false claims , mis information and a plain out untruth. If you are in a good tmobile service area the speeds are great and consistant.

          • mechapathy

            Sure. Go ahead with this math. Don’t forget the part where I’m still paying for the device each month even if I pay full retail for it.

          • Keith Black

            No, you are not paying for the device each month even if you pay full retail. You are paying for services rendered. I see that statement all the time on this blog and it’s absurd and completely incorrect. If this is the case, then T-Mobile is making you pay full retail without lowering their plans too, but I don’t see anyone raising pitchforks at them! Their monthly price plans did not change, and rightfully so. Just as Verizon’s monthly price should not change just because you pay full retail. Now let’s break down the actual DEVICE COST with each carrier:

            ~High end smart phone on T-Mobile:
            – $100 up front
            – $20 added to your bill each month ON TOP OF your price plan for 24 months = $480. (This is a finance agreement, thus you are contractually obligated to pay the full $480 regardless of how long you retain service… wait whaaat, a contract? Hmm. I thought we were “Un-carrier”-ing) $100 + $480 = $580 that you pay for the equipment regardless of how long you keep service.
            1 month = $580
            12 months = $580
            16 months = $580
            24 months = $580

            High end smart phone on Verizon:
            – $200 up front
            – No additional charge on your price plan, but rather an Early Termination Fee if you cancel service; which starts out at $350 and reduces by $10 each month. $200 + $350 = $550 or LESS that you end up paying for the device depending on how long you keep service.
            1 month: $200 + $350 = $550
            6 months: $200 + $290 = $490
            12 months: $200 + $230 = $430
            18 months: $200 + $170 = $370
            24 months: $200 + $0 = $200 (No termination fee, contract fulfilled).

            T-Mobile is charging you MORE for a phone while keeping their price plans the same. Verizon is charging you LESS for a phone while keeping their price plans the same.

          • Jaredsutter

            Keith, whether you want to believe it or not, the cost of the subsidy IS built into the cost of the plan. Getting a $600 phone for $200 does not come free. But Verizon is charging someone who paid full price for their phone the same monthly rate as someone who receives a subsidy, making it economically foolish not to accept the subsidy. They are effectively giving no reasonable option to customers other then having a 2 year contract.
            T-Mobile is SEPARATING the cost of the phone from the cost of the service. You can get any phone you want at market price and pay just for the service, and use it as long as you want; or you can go to the store, and work out a payment plan with T-Mobile. If you choose to stop service from T-Mobile, you pay the balance for your phone, then you can do whatever you want with it. Once your phone is paid off, you NO LONGER PAY FOR IT! That is what people want from Verizon – once my phone is paid for, the monthly price that I pay should GO DOWN!!!

      • Stephen

        Sounds like you are referring to T-Mobile, but where did you get the $99 price? Their plans are $70 for unlimited. Sure you pay for the device separately, but you do that with other carriers now with their more expensive pricing. At other carries though your price will never go down. At least with T-Mobile your bill will drop after 2 years.

        • CodeToJoy

          Edit: Ignore this, my Disqus messed up.

        • Keith Black

          The $99 is the down payment on the device, not the price plan.

          • michael o’brien

            I cant not understand why people do not understand the true cost of the T-Mobile package deal. Their plan is no different than a pay as you go phone, and their coverage is not any better either.

        • Keith Black

          And your bill with T-Mobile will not drop after 2 years, it will still be $70. Where did you get this idea from?

      • ImmaDroid

        Gee i guess someone here works for Verizon… Hmm wonder who?

        • Keith Black

          Hmmmm… maybe this guy could clear up some misconceptions since people like to raise pitchforks without having a clue what they’re talking about.

          • ImmaDroid

            It comes a time where saying Verizons service is the best, and you get what you pay for doesn’t work anymore. When we are paying out the asses for crap, and they keep trying to change it so everything costs us more.

            If they left everything the way it was a year ago, they would still be making boat loads of money, and having less people complaining. This is my opinion on this whole situation, you can argue it or not. But all these new changes they’re making are in their benefit, not the customers. I was one of the guys sticking up for Verizon because their great service, and customer service. But its like enough is enough already

    • Preach it, brother.

    • fallsgable


      If I upgrade to a “subsidized” phone at a lower cost, I will lose my unlimited data and have to pay an additional $20 per month for a “data Plan”…that works out to $480 for a new (limited monthly data) package on a 2 year contract.
      PLUS the $199 (assuming subsidized cost) for the new phone iteslf….that’s a total of $679 I would be giving VZW….FOR LESS DATA over 2 years…AND be locked into another contract!
      I might as well BUY the phone for $700 (more or less), and keep my unlimited data!

      • Keith Black

        “I might as well BUY the phone for $700 (more or less), and keep my unlimited data!” … YES, you might as well. Because when you were given unlimited data years ago you did not have anywhere near the capabilities that you have today. So for the same price that you paid 3 years ago you can have the same capabilities as 3 years ago, or for enhanced capabilities you should naturally pay more.

        • JetRanger

          Dude,,, It’s technology. We are continually getting much more capability for the same or more often less money. Verizon is just the opposite.

          • Keith Black

            Emerging technologies take several years to reduce in price. Verizon is 2 years ahead of every other carrier when it comes to LTE roll out. I agree, and eventually what you said will happen, but we’re barely scratching the surface of LTE’s potential. Give it a couple more years and we’ll all be happier with pricing/capabilities.

  • normmcgarry

    Verizon was awesome up until they got rid of 1-year contracts. Bring those back.

  • EC8CH

    Thank you Verizon!

    • PhoenixPath

      Stealing that pic.

  • cjohn4043

    Are they trying to make their customers leave?

    • Velmeran

      Pretty sure their upper management is confident that won’t be occur; however I believe their Sales department may be thinking/seeing otherwise.

      Our contract is up 6/23 — but of our lines are eligible for upgrade now (one for a few month, the other since early Jan) and about every 2 or 3 weeks either my wife or I get a text/call/e-mail from Verizon informing us that we can get ANY phone for “free” (just pay the $30 upgrade fee).

      Talking with a manager at the store closest to my office, seems to be a trend lately with some long standing Verizon customers not renewing contracts and going elsewhere — most seem due to their new “share everything” plans, but Corporate seems to love but everyone else hates.

    • EC8CH

      No, I think they’re trying to do this:

    • Sirx


      “Customers leave”. Oh yeah, cause that’s TOTALLY gonna happen and make Verizon stop this string of blatantly customer-unfriendly decisions.

      Verizon can’t hear any of our moaning over the fat stacks of cash we keep throwing at them every month 😉

      • Cody Stamps

        Not only that but verizon is catering to the simple minded people. The people that aren’t power users or really understand economics. That’s their best customer base. Us people that follow Android news and such are of a higher caliber than the simpletons when it comes to realizing we are getting worked over.

        • mechapathy

          Sir, do you have any idea how supercool you are?

          • Brian Parkerson

            He’s my roll model, my life idol!!

        • Keith Black

          It’s actually the other way around. Android blog readers have the most over-developed and outrageous sense of entitlement and it blows my mind. Most of us are power users with our devices, especially when it comes to data. But most of us fail to realize that when companies like Verizon started carrying smart phones years and years ago, the data plans were unlimited because it was physically impossible for someone to use, lets say, 3gb of data or more in a single month. You didn’t have Netflix apps, Hulu, Pandora, etc. And when iPhone and Android came along, application file sizes were 1-20MB maybe, whereas now you have some applications that are over 1GB in file size. There’s a little thing called “bandwidth” and it is not unlimited. Modern technology now has the ability to exceed bandwidth capacity, whereas a few years ago that was not likely. It’s the same reason that a lot of land line ISP’s are putting caps on their data. Two years ago when a lot more of Verizon’s customers had unlimited data, only 5% of our users were tying up more than 40% of the network’s available bandwidth. This trend could not continue, otherwise it would compromise the ability for the 95% to have a consistent experience. That being said, any wireless company that still offers unlimited data either has such a poor quality data network that you can’t do anything with it (like in my city, where Tmo and Sprint get less than 1/2mb down) or they have complete disregard for quality control and user experience.

          To the power users: get over it, and learn how to comprehend the “why” behind some of these newer policies.

          • Robin Giltner

            I certainly see your point, but I also look at something like this from an “investment by the customer” point of view. Back when you could get unlimited from any of the carriers for $30, I chose Verizon (and arguably back then, their 3g network was probably 3rd or 4th on the list of bandwidth and speed as the GSM networks were ratcheting up to HSPA+ etc.) Now that they have built out their fantastic 4g network, they want to change the pricing/contracts.

          • michael o’brien

            Welcome to 2 years ago! Did you know in Aussie ISP services charge their customers $200 for 80gb a month service. The times have changed, get with the program or get off the bus.

    • Wild_Dorothy

      Verizon has won countless awards. They now think they have the power to do anything to their customers… and everyone will put up with it.


      This is the 3rd (and final) time Verizon has screwed me.

      Bye, Verizon

      • michael o’brien

        Enjoy the other carriers. I personally have had all carriers, and Sprint sucks, AT&T sucks, T-Mo sucks, Cricket sucks…

        • DynamikD

          Sucks is relative to the user. I’ve been with T-Mobile for over 12 years and haven’t had any issues with them.

          • No good

            Had too many dropped calls with T-Mobile

  • r0lct

    Overpriced “share your wallet” plan to upgrade hardware sooner coming in 3.2.1….

  • Cody Stamps

    Do you think this would be reason to break contract without penalty? I have been looking for an out. Also, I love how the CEO said they would drop contracts if the customers demand it.

    • Verizon claims that upgrade eligibility is not a part of contracts.

      • Keith Black

        This is absolutely correct. I’m pretty sure that a multi-billion dollar company has a good enough legal team to determine such things. Also, I love how 99% of these petitioners have no freaking clue what they’re really asking for when they are demanding that Verizon should “end contracts”.

        • Wild_Dorothy

          So what does “end contracts” mean to you?

        • EC8CH

          I am the 1%

          No service contracts.
          Phones purchased separately at free market determined pricing.
          Service contract pricing reduced to reflect elimination of device subsidizes.
          Wireless carriers become dumb data pipes.

          • Monday

            I regret that I only have but one +1 to give you, @EC8CH:disqus

          • Raven

            Unfortunately the “Service contract pricing reduced” part will never happen. Even if they do offer a no contract option, the current prices will just become the new normal.

          • Keith Black

            Please see my comment above.

          • Keith Black

            At least you have a realistic expectation of device pricing, I’ll give you that much credit. You truly are the 1%. Only part where you’re off is the monthly pricing. Verizon, for example, does not have some extra subsidy charge built in to their plans. I hear this all the time on this blog and it’s ridiculous. Verizon’s plans are what they are because of the quality of their network compared to other networks. It’s the same reason that there is a difference in price between a Honda Civic and Ferrari. The subsidy is recouped by a longer duration of service (24 months) and factors in the cost of running a massive wireless network with just under 100 million connections. Verizon does not begin making a profit from a customer until 14-18 months, depending on the price plan they select. This is fact. To drive my point home, T-Mobile is not lowering their monthly price plans even though they are charging their customers full cost for devices. Why do I not hear an uproar about this?

          • EC8CH

            T-Mo did lower their service pricing on their contract free plans. I thought it was only by $10, but it appears it was actually by $20 per month, which is in line with what a typical phone subsidy would be.

            I would expect VZW to do the same based on their current pricing if they eliminate phone subsidizes, otherwise expect to hear an uproar.

    • Wild_Dorothy

      You can EASILY get out of a Verizon contract. Just keep track of how many times Verizon has ripped you off in the past year.

  • They spelled “to screw their customers” wrong.