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AT&T Galaxy S4 Pre-orders Shipping Early, Arriving as Soon as April 25

galaxy s4 ship early

If you pre-ordered your Samsung Galaxy S4 from AT&T, you may have a wonderful surprise waiting inside your inbox this afternoon. AT&T is notifying customers that they are able to ship devices earlier than originally expected, with some arriving as early as April 25. We were sort of expecting the arrival and launch date to be April 26, but hey, we’ll take anything from Samsung’s flagship line a day early.

Also, we should point out that AT&T’s site is showing the Galaxy S4 as shipping April 30, so that could potentially be the official launch date, which they have yet to supply us.

Update:  AT&T Tweeted that April 27 is actually the in-store launch date.

att launch

We’re continuing to keep track of official Galaxy S4 availability here.

Via:  AT&T

Cheers Mike and Eric!

  • Hai


  • RaptorOO7

    So can they NOW come forward with a launch date on the 32GB version, I mean they are a few days ahead of schedule on the 16GB so it shouldn’t be too difficult to offer up a date on the 32GB. Money in hand, waiting to transfer 2 lines.

  • Burak

    Yesterday, I went to the ATT store and a guy told me that S4 will be available on April 23 at the stores. I will go to ATT store tomorrow and check whether they have the phone or not. I am from San Antonio,Tx.

  • trixnkix637

    Curious, does anyone know if I can purchase an AT&T S4 and bring it over to VZW? I really don’t feel like waiting the extra month for theirs to launch.

    • KleenDroid

      No… Different network.

      We wish though.

  • XphoneTroll

    Hopefully Verizon gets it before Memorial Day!

  • Austin Warren

    I want to see an unboxing.

  • this must mean they didnt get the large amount of preorders they were expecting

  • Thomas

    Kellen, per their Twitter account launch day is April 27th.

  • AT&T just put out a new tweet saying it would be available in store 4/27. So earlier than expecting, and the people who are getting it one or two days earlier are even luckier.


    • Ahh, thanks for the heads up.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Meh. I really need to get my hads on the S4 before making a decision. The S3 was MEH before I got my hands on it and I liked it. As of now I’m still thinking HTC…

  • just got the email.. pretty excited about getting my hands on it this week! Got the 16gb white.

    • Makes sense to me to go 16GB and then just toss a big ol’ SD card in there.

      • Dan

        When are you guys gonna get your hands on one to do a review?

      • my thoughts exactly. got a high speed 32gb micro sd off amazon for 22 bucks…16 is plenty for apps on internal then just load the sd with my media, backups, etc.

  • Brian Meredith

    Meanwhile verizon’s still getting it a month later.

    • Thomas

      If we’re lucky…lol.

      • Austin Warren

        Just in time for financing.

    • That’s because they need to find a way to add a big ass 4g LTE logo on it somewhere.

      • michael arazan

        And make sure that all 25 bloatware apps don’t crash the phone.