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Video: Teaser Trailer Released for Upcoming Game, Daddy Was a Thief

daddy was a thief

In these hard economic times, what are you to do when you get fired and you are afraid of the wife scolding you for not bringing home the bacon? In the upcoming game for Android, Daddy Was a Thief, one man takes the situation into his own hands and turns to a life of crime to support his family, pretty much like Breaking Bad.

The gameplay itself is a vertical police chase as you guide Daddy down through buildings to escape, while gathering more goodies to profit on. There are shortcuts to find, power ups to use and it is all controlled by simple swipes around your screen. The map changes each time you play to keep you guessing and there are achievements to unlock to keep bringing you back. Think Doodle Jump, but upside down and you have the police breathing down your neck at the same time.

The game isn’t live yet, but it launches in May so we will keep you posted as it gets closer.


  • JamesU513

    looks fun but I have a few questions on the concept of a thief breaking through stories of a building to escape…

  • Granted

    I would tell my wife to “Shut her pie hole, and go get your own damn bacon honey bear sweetie”.

  • tomn1ce

    He looks like Peter Griffin….. from Family Guy o_o

  • There are definitely some new gameplay ideas in this – which are becoming harder to come by these days. I can’t wait to see some reviews.

    • Derek Lockovich

      Agreed. I’ll probably buy it outright because it does actually look interesting and fresh.

      I’m glad it’s not another Temple Run clone. I’m so sick of people copying other games and entering that genre. Ugh.

  • Jaron1226

    Seems promising. Can’t wait to try it out.