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Sign-up Page for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 is Live

verizon signup

After somewhat of an acknowledgement yesterday on Twitter, Verizon is fully confirming their plans to carry the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a new sign-up page. It only says “coming soon,” but you can add your name to their list to be informed of new information as it becomes available. The device is coming in May to “America’s largest 4G LTE network,” according to their official Twitter account.

Most of the rest of the big carriers in the U.S. are getting the Galaxy S4 before the end of April. To find out the latest on your specific carrier, check out this post.


Cheers Jeff!

  • Raven65

    How much do you think greedy VZW will be selling this thing for? $250? $300?

  • Again, Samsung doing it right with the S4. Would love to see HTC One on all carriers in the US as well.

  • koukou roukou
  • I’ll ride my Galaxy Nexus until Google stops releasing updates for it.

  • Tillmorn

    I’m definitely holding out for I/O to make any kind of real decision. My fear with the X phone, or whatever they end up calling it, is Google’s desire for a small amount of on board storage and no MicroSD slot. If they enforce that with Moto, I’ll be going the way of Samsung. Even if I’m not a fan of how thin and light their devices are. Sorry to all of those who like ’em, but I came from a HTC Eris to a Moto Bionic. A full ounce reduction in weight does not sound fun.

    • Trevor

      I don’t like the thinness either. I could go either way with its weight, but I too like a phone to feel a little substantial.

  • fallsgable

    It’s Making my Pentile tingle, Just thinking about it!

  • Abhinav

    preordered S4 ! will be my first smartphone … hope it doesn’t disappoint 🙂

  • EvanTheGamer

    HELL yeah! Signed up and totally ready to rock the SGS4 in May!

    I just hope Best Buy will be offering the S4 around the same time Verizon will be offering the S4 so I can use my $50 coupon that I got from Best Buy a few months ago. HELL yeah, can’t wait!

    • KleenDroid

      I will certainly be considering the S4. Romming is very important to me however so I hope a leak happens that will fully unlock this thing. I’m up in the air… It looks like it will be a nice phone.

      With the Atom ROM I have been very happy with my Gnex. Or maybe Moto will surprise us and come out with something. Decisions decisions

      • EvanTheGamer

        Absolutely man. The S4 HAS to have full ROMMing support, plus the ability to be unlocked at launch(hopefully), etc. I’m sure it will be.

        The S4 seems to be incredibly powerful, according to all the very nice specs. And that 13MP camera…OH BOY, cannot wait for that! Especially since my G-Nex has a mere 5MP. Granted the phone does take pretty nice pictures in the day time(with plenty of light), but no so much at night. Hopefully the S4 will correct this.

        I am pretty excited. I passed up on the S3 since I was happy(still am) with my G-Nex. But I think it’s finally time to upgrade, and why not upgrade to the S4? Definitely an extremely substantial upgrade from my G-Nex.

    • hulk

      I can tell you right now, We’re going to be a little short on supply. We (employees) were told we could pre order, then yesterday they told us that we can’t pre order as of right now (on sprint & at&t) because we’re going to have a limited supply and only 2 per customer.. for now.

      BBYM consultant

  • moew

    If this page works like the prior VZW release pages, you will be notified 1 week after the release of the S4.

  • kevin

    Dont know if this was a dumb move but I really wanted the Galaxy s4 and my contract is up so I decided to leave Verizon and go for At&t. Im just done with them having such a limited selection of phones and being so damn late when it comes to releases.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      I highly doubt you will regret it. At least in my area, att service is on par with verizon and like you said better phone selection.

  • dmagicp

    I’m trying to hold out for the note 3, but this phone is looking more and more tempting.

    • Aaron

      The way Samsung is going, the Note 3 is going to be a 6.5″ tablet. If you want a phone, I’d go for the GS4. But if you have enormous pockets or wear a trench coat year round, I guess you could manage the next Note for daily use.

  • Bionic

    X phone sign up page coming in about a month

    • EvanTheGamer

      X Phone sign-up page about being a myth and rumor coming in about…never.

      • Aaron

        Next you’re gonna tell me Harrison Ford isn’t gonna be in Episode VII. On second thought, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know that either.

    • Aaron

      Come on, man. When are we going to get something more substantial than internet rumor about this device? I’m one of the faithful and I am starting to lose hope.

      • Bionic

        Google IO

    • That’s too late. They need to tease people or else everyone will just get the S4. Between the S3, iPhone 5, Note II, DNA/One, and now the S4, everyone will be in a 2 year contract before Google releases this phone.

  • SamsungFTW

    T-Mobile – April 2013
    Sprint – April 2013
    AT&T – April 2013
    US Cellular – April 2013
    Verizon – April 2027

    Par for the course.

  • disastrousrainbow

    How exciting. As much as I would love to have the HTC One, at the end of the day Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup starting with the SII have been the best, most well-rounded Android devices on the market. Pocket-friendly design? Check. Great battery life relative to what the handset is packing? Check. Fantastic cameras? Check Removable storage and batter? Check, check. Relatively timely updates? Surprisingly, check.

    It seems like with every other phone, there’s many things they do right, but they leave out some really fundamental stuff out, namely removable battery and storage. Anyone who says neither of those is fundamental is just kidding themselves. Sure, you can live without them, but that doesn’t mean you should be having to make that choice.

    • so true so true

    • Aaron

      The best, most well rounded Android devices on the market…except for terrible radios. Dropped calls where other phones still have service? Check.

      What could be more fundamental to a phone than service so that you can use it as a phone? I’d live without expandable storage and removable battery for that.

      • disastrousrainbow

        I’ll agree that the S3 doesn’t retain as good of a signal as my DNA, but it’s never once dropped my calls any more than my DNA and Dawn agrees with me.

        • Aaron

          I’m sure that if you live in an urban area Galaxy phones are great. But I live in a rural area. I know of at least three places where my RAZR M still gets service that my buddy’s GS3 drops calls every time. And maybe Samsung will finally do better with the GS4. But someone else will have to prove it to me before I will spend my money on one.

          • chris125

            That’s funny because in my basement my s3 actually kept a better signal than my razr maxx did, but I agree if samsung made better radios their phones would sell even better than they already are.

          • disastrousrainbow

            If by urban, you mean South Dakota then yes, you are 100% right, urban.

          • Aaron

            Where ever you and Dawn live in South Dakota, I’m glad you both have such great luck with Samsung phones there. You are the first person I have ever seen brag on a Samsung’s reception. Here in eastern NC, Samsung phones are weak.

          • disastrousrainbow

            Well Dawn lives in the world of Mean Girls, so I’m sure her service is fantastic, but yeah, I don’t know, unless if you had ten S3’s that all gave you the same signal problem, I can confidently attest that the S3’s reception, while not AS GOOD as others, doesn’t necessarily perform ANY WORSE than those same phones.

            Again, I owned one, and I’ve traveled from Box Elder all the way to Omaha, Nebraska, and everywhere in between. Sure, my HTC DNA holds a signal of 3-4 bars in areas where my S3 did 2-3, but that doesn’t mean I never had signal. And seeing as Verizon is the only carrier with saturated coverage around these parts, I see a lot of people with S3’s so I’m not alone in the whole, well-rounded thing.

          • Aaron

            I get what you’re saying. Verizon coverage is what it is. Even if not urban, you must be in a better coverage area than I. My only rebuttal is this, there is a metal building less than five miles from the nearest tower where my friend works. If he walks inside this building while talking to me, the call is dropped, and this happens every time. I have made and retained calls from within the same building. Maybe his is a lemon, but other friends have had similarly poor experiences with service on Samsung phones. I can’t speak for the whole well-rounded thing, but in local experiments, the GS3’s performance was less than impressive. But don’t misunderstand me. I am not one to hate on the plastic build, and all other specs on Galaxy devices are generally top tier. The radios are just a dealbreaker for me.

  • TheWenger

    I’ll wait until after I/O to see if I want this. I like the 5″ screen size (my sister has a DNA), and I also like AMOLED. But if there has to be AKOP/CM support for me to use a GS4. And I’d have to get used to the back button on the opposite side.

    • gokusimpson

      I guess that’s the only good thing about Verizon being so slow. It’s just that much closer to I/O

  • Tyler

    I can’t wait to see all the options there will be on Verizon, right now there isn’t anything I want, hoping that will change with HTC One or X Phone or whatever Google has with their Nexuses to go with S4.

  • That would be some if Verizon got the Octa-core version.

    • Prince Campbell III

      I was thinking the samething. If they do I hope they don’t price it high as hell.

  • Tim242

    I wish I could understand why they won’t just announce a date like everybody else. Besides, we all know that the emails aren’t sent until after release SMH

  • Austin Warren

    Safe to say there will be no logo.

    • Tyler

      Do you honestly believe there won’t be a logo? It’s just not plastered across the front or the home button.

      • Austin Warren

        That’s obviously what I was talking about. Of course there’s going to be logos on the back. People only care about the front.

        • Ian

          Here I am! Oh and when you say “no logo” without any mention of included or excluded locations, how the hell are we supposed to know you mean there will be logo’s on the back? Obviously!

          Also, SOME people only care about the front. VZW logo on the back cover of my gnex still pisses me off.

  • Meh waiting for the motorola X phone

    • wordmoss

      And I’m waiting for the HTC 6. It’s going to have an octo-core 3.4GHz processor and 6GB of RAM. Also it will have 128GB of SSD on-board storage with support of up to 64GB of removable storage, and come in 22 colours.

      I know this phone will come because I made it up and it’s now on the internet so it has to be real.

      • i see what you did there…..

      • Austin Warren

        You forgot how it will be called “HTC Bionic”

        • Bionic

          Not cool man, not cool

      • binqker


    • Tim242

      IF there will be one, you have a LONG wait ahead of you.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sign up pages never mean jack sh$t especially from Verizon.

    • michael arazan

      The same goes for their News Stream on their site.

  • Nathan Scott

    If you come to this website more than once a day, odds are DL will give you information days ahead of Verizon.

    • could not have said it better myself

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        • ChrisDG74

          Your best friend’s mother is a whore.

          • derek connolly

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      • Austin Warren


    • I was thinking the same thing, send something in the mail, psst! I wait on the dl team! 🙂