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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to be Delayed for Two Months? Say it Ain’t So

Galaxy S4 Mini

According to new reports out of SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy S4’s little brother, the Galaxy S4 Mini is said to be delayed by almost two months. There is no say as to why exactly this delay is to take place, but we are sure there might be a few people saddened by this. Anyone? 

When it does launch, it is said to come in two variants; a single-SIM version and a dual-SIM version. The single-SIM S4 Mini will sport the quad-core Exynos processor, while the dual-SIM will house a dual-core chip, most likely for better network compatibility.

Now, don’t go crying all at once on me.

Via: SamMobile | BGR

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  • I dunno why but even after all this time i still can’t get over that ugly home button. In all honesty the only way I would stray from a pure nexus device is if the hardware was truly mind-blowing.Then I would just root and rom it.

  • Lame

    That’s too bad. It’d be nice to see a nice decently-specced phone like this arrive in parallel with a big phone. As-is the S4 mini will end up being in the shadow of the S4 and will probably get very minimal marketing resulting in poor sales for it, furthering the “consumers only want big” idea.

    • ForConsideration

      I don’t need/want a phablet. I have the original Galaxy S and it is the perfect size (for me). I’ve been nursing it along for months waiting for the mini. Not sure it’s going to make it until July. Might need a plan B. I’ve also read that Verizon might not carry the mini… that would be REALLY frustrating!

  • MichaelFranz

    because vzw is taking 2 months to release to S4…who knows

  • it sounds like a small problem.

  • jamie stevens

    99 problems and the s4 isn’t the ONE!

    • Emoney

      that’s a stretch

  • cjohn4043

    Darn…I guess we only have 99 Samsung Galaxy phones now to choose from…

    • But they ain’t a One.

      • snowblind64

        I’ve got 99 Samsung’s but a Mini ain’t One. 😛

      • freddyabderrazzaq45js

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    • Austin Warren

      Here, you forgot the “/s”.

  • JetBlue

    Say it aint so!

  • Bad news

    Said Verizon

  • Austin Warren