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Verizon 4G LTE Coming to Five New Markets Today, Expands in Many Others

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Verizon is determined not to allow anyone to catch them in the race to cover the entire US with 4G LTE. Today, they are lighting the towers on five new markets, so more customers can enjoy the awesome speeds that LTE provides. Beyond the new areas, they are expanding in others throughout much of the northeast. They are trying to shadow their 3G network this year, and it’s looking like they are well on their way. 

New Markets:

  • El Centro, California
  • Fort Dodge, Iowa
  • Middlesboro/Harlan and Paducah, Kentucky
  • East Liverpool, Ohio


  • Cambridge and Senecavilla, Ohio
  • Huntington County, Pennsylvania
  • Bedford County, Pennsylvania
  • North Ohio (east of Toledo; Cygnet; Luckey; etc.)
  • Dutchess County, New York
  • Orange County, New York
  • Delaware County, New York
  • Chautauqua County, New York
  • Cayuga County, New York
  • Utica-Rome, New York
  • Rochester, New York
  • Syracuse, New York
  • Buffalo-Niagara, New York
  • Capital Region of New York
  • Binghamton, New York


Via: Verizon

  • Carter Johnson

    I had 4g for about one hour one day ago it went awy and it has not came back up what’s with that rockingham nc

  • dquicknc

    Also went live in Hamlet, NC on 4/19! FINALLY!!

  • ImmaDroid

    Of course Ive had four 4G phones already, and LTE is in every tower by me in SC except the one right by my house. Any tower north or south of me has it for miles, but not me. I swear Verizon is messing with me…

  • donebrasko

    Cheraw sc 4g last night

  • About time Western NY was shown some love for an expansion.

  • Alex Goodwin

    Cygent, make some noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alex Goodwin

      Cygnet, rather. DOH!

  • It’s been deployed in the UK. Pretty fast, but patchy and mostly available in London. Mind you it’s oversold to hell and no chance of getting in during peak time, like lunch or 5-7pm.

  • Of course, it’ll be interesting to see what happens once Sprint catches up to them. If they manage to keep their prices lower but with unlimited data, I may test the waters again

  • 4g in some places…. GPRS speeds in others…thats NY for you.

  • Fort Dodge has been live for almost a month… Go home Verizon, you’re drunk.

    • Jordan Marrie

      They like to light them up usually a few weeks before announcing to test the towers.

      • They had test towers live before new years. The tools at the VZW corporate store liked to show that off whenever possible.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Good old Dodge. I never want to live there again. But I do miss Taco Tico.

  • Charles Rogers

    So Verizon sent me an email about having 4g in my area now. By my area they mean towers 10+ miles away on both sides of my town. GOGOGO 1 bar 4g! Still faster than 3g.

  • Raj


    Largest coverage I’ve ever seen

    Also the largest and most expensive rates I have ever seen!

    • I have grandfathered data and also i cancelled by text message plan and just use google voice and my bills is under $80. I hope it stays that way forever.

      • you can text with google voice?

        • SomeDooD123

          Yes, just no MMS.

    • PhoenixPath

      I wonder if one has anything to do with the other…..

  • disastrousrainbow

    I can’t wait for them to finish their rollout and go into full blown expansion and revision mode. Of course, it’ll be interesting to see what happens once Sprint catches up to them. If they manage to keep their prices lower but with unlimited data, I may test the waters again…but only if that kind of expansion dramatically improves their service in the Midwest.

  • This is great news for my area Cayuga County ( Auburn)

    • Amy Hodge

      born and raised there!!

  • Feed Jake

    Still nothing for Kentucky…

    • Uh, Middlesboro and Paducah are in Kentucky. Lexington and Northern Kentucky have had 4G for months, and so do the other big cities and around each interstate.

      Hell, even my little redneck town has 4G and we aren’t near an interstate.

      Are you looking at the right map?

    • cloisterhound

      Keep in mind, VZW roams on Bluegrass CDMA/LTE in a triangle from Madisonville to Corbin to Elizabethtown. They’ve got LTE working on the I-65 corridor, I stay on 4G (VZW droid 4) driving from Louisville all the way to Cave City, I bet it works all the way to the TN line.

  • Spider210

    eventually we all will have 4g….jusy wish they would have listed it as Q1 this area, Q2 this area, Q3 this area and rest by EOY…. that would have been a good idea

  • I’m not in one of those markets I am 60 miles east of Danville, VA which got 4g Lte last year and it was turned on here on March 27th.

    • KRS_Won

      You must be on the east side of, Clarksville. There has been 4G on 58 between Martinsville and Clarksville since last year.
      Verizon launched 4G on I-85 from Richmond southward, and on 58 from Clarksville to Emporia 2 weeks ago. I’m glad too, because service has sucked for the last 6 months. I never dropped a call driving in that area, now at least 3 different areas that are sketchy, and a few miles had no bars at all.
      Another area not listed is South Carolina, a huge area between Aiken and Columbia

      • Yea South Boston to the Mecklenburg County line has had it since last year

  • YARDIE87

    Let’s go Binghamton! And the rest of southern tier! Been rockin mad high speeds…but some neighborhoods are kinda wack compared to others

  • EnriqueNOrtiz

    Hey its El Centro!

  • RaptorOO7

    Wow my market is part of the expansion, yet the speeds still #Suck Balls #Verizon LTE #Slow

    • JoshGroff

      Slower than this bad boy?

      • JoshGroff

        Then there’s this from my N4 that makes me seriously consider making it my main line.

        • neo1738

          dude those speeds are pretty bad for 4g on Verizon. Should be closer to 10+ down and 5+ up even in busier areas.

          • JoshGroff

            I have no idea where the tower is tbh, I could just be on the edge of wherever it’s coming from.

          • neo1738

            Your screenshot shows 2 bars 4g LTE, that should be enough for those speeds.

          • JoshGroff

            At 3 bars I just got 14 down, but the connection is fairly unstable. Could’ve just been a weak 2 bar connection as I was walking around the office.

          • neo1738


        • Anonymous Coward

          That’s nothing. I get this on a regular basis from T-Mobile $30/mo 5GB prepaid.

          • JoshGroff

            My area was part of their early roll out (and on the 1700Mhz band as my DNA doesn’t pick up HSPA+,) and I’m a few miles away from the tower.

          • Diablo81588

            You must be right next to a tower. Latency that low is unheard of on HSPA+.

        • Diablo81588

          Look at that god awful ping.. Dial up has better latency than that.

          • JoshGroff

            Ping’s usually in the70’s on it, totally have no idea what happened there, lol.

      • Diablo81588

        That is pathetic. There’s something wrong with your area. Your upload should be 5mbps minimum on LTE.

        • JoshGroff

          I think that test in general was just messed up, and after seeing the ping on my n4 testing with the same server, I think they might’ve been doing maintenance at the time.

  • James

    Ive been hitting 50mbps lately on long island

  • Dillon Brown

    Just when I am not going back to New York this summer…

  • AndrewScardino

    It also expanded from Lubbock to Plainview, TX and has been active in Levelland TX for about 2 weeks

  • Austin Warren

    Need more in the West Virginia area. Hate not having service in the middle of the woods if I break down lol

    • erik

      its the national radio free zone that’s probably keeping you from good service

  • score for Buffalo, NY!

    • mustbepbs

      Your avatar…

      Two dudes, one cup?


      • oreo cookie

        A bit homophobic are we? What does that have to do with the discussion? Sad in this day and age…so much for diversity based on your avatar. 🙂
        Back on track: YEAH for Buffalo! YEAH for NY…
        Yeah for Marriage Equality!

  • Tom Luley

    In the Utica – Rome area and I am still without 4g…Could be the terrible radios of my GNex though.

    • dsass600


  • DanSan

    thats a lot of expansion in NY.. how about keep the expansion going on long island, its not that big…

    • dsass600

      Nassau County checking in!

      • DanSan

        suffolk county here, live right off exit 62. finally got 4G at my house back in september but its insane how long it took. im always in nassau so its not a huge deal breaker. I get full 4G at my house and my gfs house in levittown but work in hauppauge has spotty coverage

        • dsass600

          I have LTE by my house (Great Gatsby house at the end of Kings Point in Great Neck), but it could be much, much better. At least they are covering Bing, cause I might be applying there.

        • Rafa Sandoval

          dont have any 4G coverage by exit 59 :/

    • James

      Western suffolk here….ive had 4g for a lonnnnnnngggggg time now….ive been hitting 50-52mbps lately for down speeds

    • Grimlyte

      Ugg.. i’m stuck smack in the middle of all those “expansions”. If i don’t have 4G at my house by the time my contract is up, i think it will be the nail in the coffin. I’ve delt with enough from verizon, I’m seriously considering dropping after about 15 years of service. Knowing i’ll lose a good shot at 4g is keeping me aboard, but…

      • dsass600

        Do it dude. I had Verizon, and even though I have LTE in my area, I dropped them for Straight Talk. Just couldn’t stand the concept of being on CDMA anymore.

    • MichaelFranz

      Ducthess and Orange county right here…we’ve had decent coverage but hopefully this takes care of the spotty areas

    • I think they have. Their coverage map has certainly become more red within the past few days.

  • nate

    4g has been in fort dodge for over two weeks now, not that it matters. Also in the town I live in that’s over 20 miles away. Definitely going to shadow 3g by the end of the year.

    • Tim242

      Their new target in by mid-year.

  • Trevor

    Hooray Midwest!