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Suit Up: Gameloft Releases Official Iron Man 3 Gameplay Trailer Before April 25 Launch

iron man 3

If you are like me, you have the date circled for Iron Man 3 to hit theaters. With the movie getting close, you know it is almost time for the inevitable video game tie-in. Gameloft has released the official trailer for the game showing off gameplay in anticipation of the launch next week on April 25. 

Just like in the upcoming movie, the game will have multiple Iron Man suits for you to play as. Gameloft mentions 18 different suits that you can upgrade and fly in. Please note that anytime you see “free-to-play” referenced in a game, that title will be making its money off microtransactions, so prepare for some of these suits and upgrades to only be unlocked if you pony up the cash for them.

Either way, the graphics and gameplay look pretty solid, so check out the trailer to keep you busy until the game launches next week.


Via: Android Tapp

  • Christopher Riner

    Yeah man of Steele looks like it will hands down be the best superman ever. Kevin Costner is a great actor. As soon as I saw the part in the trailer where young superman asks his dad (Costner) if he should have just let the kids die, and he says “maybe”. I was like f* yeah this ones gonna be sweeeeet

  • Christopher Riner

    If we have any conic book fans, this movie is tying in these storylines: extremis (obviously), iron legion, the man in the iron mask– almost too many to mention. Hulk buster armor, space armor, iron patriot….. I seriously live for these marvel movies nowadays. My fiance says that I have to quit reading comics when I turn thirty but shes got another thing coming.

    Honestly tho, I think this is going to be one of the best marvel movies yet. I always wish they would’ve done certain things differently or stayed truer to the original storylines, but this one looks good, and Robert Downey Jr is straight win sauce for marvel right now.

  • Harjifangki

    Don’t forget Pacific Rim and Elysium!

  • I remember playing the original Iron Man game on the PSP! Hopefully this can live up to it and bring just as many hours of endless fun!

  • BobButtons

    They should rename “free to play” to what it really is, pay to win.

  • Austin Warren

    The Wolverine * Hangover 3* The Great Gatsby* The Purge

    • Bionic

      Not sure how i feel about hangover 3

      • Austin Warren

        Its a completely new movie and new idea. Number 2 was still hilarious but the first had me crying big time.

        • Christopher Riner

          Youd be surprised how old some of the ideas are… And exactly how many story lines they actually glue together for these movies. This one is jam packed with some of the all-time craziest, best storylines

      • michael arazan

        World War Z, can’t have a great summer without 1 good zombie flick.

        I hope IronMan is sandbox style, would love flying around a Google Earth/ Maps like environment in a Mech Suit

  • Bionic

    Is there a droid life show tonight?

    • EricRees

      Not tonight. Scheduling conflicts again. Next week!

      • Bionic


  • Tillmorn

    Am I the only one who thinks that Mark 39 looks a lot like something out of Mass Effect?

    • Samvelavich

      My thought exactly…

    • Christopher Riner

      Hah, yeah I’m pretty sure that’s his space suit. It definitely looks different from the comic book versions, which were usually white or white and red. Definitely looks like something out of mass effect