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Google’s Q1 Earnings: $14 Billion in Revenue, Net Income of $3.35 Billion

New Google Logo

Today, Google has opened their books and let us take a peek on how well the first quarter of 2013 went for them. Google earned themselves $14 billion in revenue over the first 3 months of the year. An increase of 31% compared to Q1 of last year, but the past two quarters have been in the same neighborhood, so growth has slowed a bit. 

Google’s net income of $3.35 billion is a part of an increase over the last few quarters, enough so that CEO Larry Page called this quarter  “a very strong start to 2013.” Also part of this earnings is Motorola, who hasn’t really been very active in this first quarter, but pulled in $1.02 billion in revenue anyway. A little bit less than the quarter before, but that’s because we haven’t seen any phones from them since the start of the year.

Via: TechCrunch

  • emrei

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  • SabinaM

    nice one google!! 🙂 Renton Bankruptcy Lawyer

  • Didn’t they also just finalize the deal with ARRIS or w/e the company is called to buy the set-top boxes of moto for like 2 billion? Is that included in these earnings?

  • michael arazan

    Unlocked and free from Verizon’s control, just sell it at Motorola or play website.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Verizon would never allow that but nothing wrong with wishful thinking.

  • Google lover.

    Keep it up Google love what you’re doing. Can’t wait for your mobile network to drop.

  • Bionic

    3.5 weeks until you see the X phone and can stop calling me names.

  • Cowboydroid

    With a keyboard!

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Seriously? Keyboards add unnecessary bulk. And apps such as SwiftKey are so darn good now that you can easily type faster and more accurately with an onscreen keyboard. I used to be on the physical keyboard bandwagon too but over the last couple years I’ve changed my mind. If you need to type so much that you think you have to have a physical keyboard then use a laptop.

      • Cowboydroid

        I think you need to fast forward a few years. Keyboards don’t have to add that much bulk anymore.

        • Go Hawkeyes

          They’re still going to make the phone nearly twice as thick. And the sliding mechanisms are a serious point of failure in phones.

          • Cowboydroid

            Twice as thick would still be less than any slider that came before…phones are getting too thin anyway. I don’t want something only 5mm thin in my hands, very difficult to hold.

  • New_Guy

    Nice work Google. But, it could be more.

    X Phone, please, kind sir…

  • Pedro

    You do realize they have programs like AdMob.
    Maybe you’ve heard of the Play Store?
    And those pesky salaries always get in the way of really awesome profits.
    And if they could ONLY not pay taxes like the rest of us….

    • Austin Warren

      They don’t pay much on taxes. They avoid it as much as they can.

      • Chris King

        They have bought out little companies to make Android better

      • Cowboydroid

        They do pay taxes in Ireland, but that’s because Ireland’s tax laws don’t drive corporate capital out of the country.

      • Pedro

        Except for that $2.5B they set aside every quarter for income taxes.
        To me, that’s ‘much’.

      • Go Hawkeyes

        Sure they avoid taxes as much as they can. But so does every single other company and individual in every country.

    • New_Guy

      Google Glass project as well. I’m sure R & D was a mother…

  • Patrick T.

    Once the X-phone comes out, the numbers will be too high to calculate.

    • Austin Warren

      The X phone won’t add much.

      • DroidFTW

        Yeah, the X Phone won’t do anything to change Google’s numbers. They don’t make anything really off their products. They are an ad company and make over 90% of their revenue from advertising.

    • Manny

      I really hope it’s not called the “X Phone” when it comes out. It won’t prevent me from buying it but it just sounds a bit.. off.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        single letter + phone sounds weird because of the iph…. z10! (zPhone sounds awesome with like a french accent)

    • The numbers will increase X-ponentially.

      • New_Guy

        Ha! +1 for bravery.

  • Steve

    Google = awesomeness.

    I want tangerine Glass. Now.
    And I/O!!!