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Cut the Rope: Time Travel Now Live in Google Play

Cut the Rope

I can barely handle the cuteness of one Om Nom, but now I have to deal with two? Almost impossible. Today, ZeptoLab released the next chapter in the Cut the Rope saga, Time Travel. As Om Nom, you visit places such as the Renaissance times, a pirate ship, Ancient Egypt and other historically relevant times. 

It’s the same Cut the Rope we all know and love, which I can actually appreciate quite a bit. The game is free to play, but does have its fair share of advertisements, as well as the option to purchase special power ups. But as always, I stress the fact that one does not need to purchase these things to beat the game.

Now go and collect candy for the adorable beast that is Om Nom.

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  • AppsGoer

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  • I’m assuming that first screenshot intentionally looks like the flux capacitor, yes?

  • They could come with something new already, not only to monetize the same stuff until no end.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i liked pudding monsters quite a bit…

  • Granted

    Screw Zeptolab, and all the other companies like them (Rovio, Halfbrick). They released advertisements in the PAID versions of “Cut The Rope”, that is criminal and a standard bait-and-switch. We paid them for the privelage of not having ads in that version, but those greedy scimbags went ahead and added them anyways. They can fellate me until they choke. There are no morals or ethics to be found on the Android Market anymore, and Droid Life plugging these criminals is just as bad as what they have done. It is crooks like Zeptolab, Rovio and Halfbrick, that make app piracy such an attractive alernative.

    Oh and, if anyone wants a previous version of “Cut The Rope” before they infested it with ads, let me know and I will send it to you. If they want to rip people off, then I am going to try and fight back against it as much as I can. So, let me know.

  • Respen

    Don’t be a cheap ass Android user and buy the HD version!

    • Sirx

      That’s the first version I looked, purchased, and downloaded. If my one measly dollar can help encourage Zeptolab to keep bringing us delicious nougaty goodness like this, then it’s a dollar well-spent!

    • Hmm, I didn’t even see the HD version in Google Play. So yes, don’t be cheap and buy that! 😛

  • KleenDroid