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Where and When Can I Buy the Samsung Galaxy S4? [Release Dates]

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

Looking for exact info on when and where you can pick up a new Galaxy S4 from Samsung? So far, a few major carriers in the U.S. have already begun pre-orders, but information from Verizon is still extremely scarce. Below we have gathered the most recent information on release dates and pre-order availability, so give it a look over and plan your next move.

  • Verizon:  Pre-orders open April 25, in-store available begins May 30.
  • AT&T:  Pre-orders opened April 16, in-store availability begins April 27.
  • T-Mobile:  Pre-orders open April 24, in-store availability begins May 1.
  • Sprint:  Pre-orders open April 18, in-store availability begins April 27.
  • US Cellular:  Pre-orders opened April 17, in-store availability begins April 30.
  • Cricket:  TBD
  • C Spire:  TBD

We’ll continue to update this post as official dates are announced.

  • Telly

    Umm What about MetroPCS? I hope They get it

  • regkilla

    It’s also coming out for Metro PCS. Idk why you guys keep ignoring it.

  • Tim242

    There is a petition for Verizon to nix contracts. It was even picked up by CNN. Go sign it!


  • kevin

    Can someone PLEASE clear this up for me. I pre ordered this phone for AT&T and it said the ship date is the 30th. If that is this case why would the phone be available for this carrier on the 26th or is it just going by the latest rumor?

  • The Dude

    Verizon is late for a very simple reason – it takes time to lock the bootloaders, Samsung has to do extra work to modify it for VZW. Then of course we have the famous ‘testing’ period before its available.

  • duke69111

    The Verizon CEO the other day said they are open to changes if the customer asks for it. Maybe we just need to request it. SG4

  • Joe

    I thought T-Mobile announced this morning that they moved their release date forward a few days?

  • RaptorOO7

    But will the Nexus 5 actually be something you want. It will be underwhelming with too little storage 8GB is a joke, build issues and delays (if they use LG again). What Google needs to do is start designing their own gear and source it to say Foxconn to build.

    • Google NEEDS to start using some of Motorola’s resources! I know Google said they didn’t want to show favoritism but at the end of the day if Google decided to use Motorola to produce the next Nexus, they would have COMPLETE control over design, production, and supply! Plus Moto already has the infrastructure and relationships with partners (Foxconn or whatever facility they use) to mass produce devices and their components.

  • RaptorOO7

    They just dropped the price of the GS3 to $99 so they need to dump stock to those who don’t know any better.

    • michael arazan

      If they really wanted to get rid of them, they’d drop the Full retail price $100-$150 off

  • Luis Sanchez

    You know what I find so funny. That people bash on Verizon for everything but when they do polls on what carriers people have, Verizon tops every carrier and I’m just speaking on this site.

    • ddevito

      that has nothing to do with why some of us have verizon. I use them because they offer the best coverage – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the selfish greedy pigs we all know they are. PIGS.

      • RaptorOO7

        Coverage has been their saving grace, but as everyone else closes in that too will go away. I am leaving bit by bit and want the GS4 on AT&T. I am paying ETF’s on two lines to get out of Verizon. I would rather now and recoup the loss over the next 6 months as I save $50 a month.

  • I think they’re waiting for all of those new every two credits to expire (I believe they said they will expire sometime this month or early next month)!

    • evltwn

      They expired on the 15th.

      • Thank You! I couldn’t remember the exact date!!! lol

  • Leave it to Verizon to screw it up.

  • kevin

    Hmm isnt this wrong for the AT&T release? I mean at least when I preordered it the email said that it would be shipped April 30th so I dont think we will be seeing it on the 26th. Or is this going by the latest rumor?

  • LionStone

    I’m loving’ all the HTC ONE ads all over the S4 articles, pretty funny 🙂

  • Reading that post yesterday about Motorola possibly making a 4-4.5 inch device makes me wonder if we might see a Moto Nexus 4.3 or Nexus 4.5.

    • Just when I thought I was out on Moto., they Pull Me Back In.

    • Steve Benson

      Nope, not happening. Lg is making the next Nexus again.

      • T4rd

        Source? I somehow doubt that is definitive at this time.

      • Josh

        I heard Apple was doing it…

  • Jesus people RELAX!!!! The S4 on Verizon’s network is heads and tails above everyone else!! Their 4G LTE is outstanding and the best of ANY carrier! Their speeds are superior also. Verizon and their announcement will come tomorrow or the following Thursday since they announce their phones on Thursday’s.

    • Unfortunately all of the above are true…..and Verizon knows it! That’s why they charge an arm and a leg (and sometimes a foot) for their service!

    • RaptorOO7

      They may have the most LTE built out, but their speeds are anything but stellar. I get 5-9Mbps depending on where I am. From what I know HSDPA+ gets much better than that on AT&T, and their LTE is still better than that in my market.

      Bottom line is I want a phone I can take with me to another carrier if I choose, not have a $650 brick.

      • Verizon’s speeds for me average around 20mb/s but I can get bursts as high as 30-35mb/s it just all depends on the market and the time of day. The thing is AT&T is just beginning their rollout so the number of customers on the network has not hit its peak yet (especially since the iPhone just got LTE in October)! Its just like Verizon a few years ago when LTE could soar over 40 and into the 60mb/s!!! HSPA+ is a slightly better technology depending on how you look at it because it requires a lot less power and depending on the carrier’s implementation it *CAN* go faster HOWEVER once carriers start the rollout of VoLTE and eventually stop supporting their 1x service people with strictly HSPA+ will be without voice unless some major development / R&D occurs over the next few years.

    • Tim242

      Verizon does not announce phones on Thursdays. They used to always release them on Thursdays, but not announce them. They would announce on Tuesday, release on Thursday. As far as LTE speeds, it widely varies. Here in Little Rock, it is still great. However, in Dallas I couldn’t get more than 3-4 Mbps. Even then it was unusable sometimes. There is no reason for their releases to always llag behind every one else. I want to drop them so bad….

  • EvanTheGamer

    Come on Verizon, get with the damn program!

  • fartbubbler

    can’t decide on whether I should leave my Note 2 for the SGS4…

    • Tim242

      I’m going to do the same thing.

      • RaptorOO7

        I had the GN2, great phone, but really wanted the better screen and 32GB of internal storage plus the microSD slot.

  • JP

    Verizon = “Go f**k yourself. THAT’s when.”

    • They have to make all the branded Home buttons and lock the bootloader. Come on guys, we all know this.

      • michael arazan

        Noit to mention the Rigorous testing to make sure all the bloatware will work.

        • SwimFast

          haha! yes, most of all THIS!!

    • binqker


  • Shane Redman

    Manufacturing those logo’d buttons takes time guys…..it takes time.

    • Tim242

      You mean the non-existant logo buttons?

      • Sparxx2k7

        non-existent from Sammy …. existent from the carrier

        • Tim242

          The Verizon S4 is on Samsung’s site. No logo on the button.

          • Shane Redman

            Oh don’t you fret…..it’ll be there, either on the button or the back

          • Tim242

            It is not on the button. It is not on the front of the phone at all. However, Samsung has their name plastered on the front. Verizon’s logo is on the back. I’m OK with that.

          • Shane Redman

            Hmmm…I see. Yeah the back is replaceable, so that’s nice. Not sure if I really want the S4 though. I already knew I wasn’t going to want the One. Want to see what gets ousted at I/O and/or Moto. Or wait even longer to check out who has the next Nexus device. VZW Gnex has done it’s job…

          • Josh

            I heard they were going to etch it into the screen…

  • Nick Norman

    VZW announcement will come at 11:59:58pm. But today!

  • Geoff Johnson

    Verizon is the only one who shouldn’t have to wait longer than everyone else to release this phone since they’re the only major carrier not getting the HTC One. All the other carriers are getting the One this week or next, so it makes sense for them to push it back a few weeks, but Verizon isn’t getting it, yet they are the last to the party. I could understand the Note 2 getting pushed back on Verizon because of the DNA that came out a few weeks earlier, but I have no idea why they are late this time.

    • Verizon has always been late to the party and right now their device line-up is showing it badly! On Verizon’s website their newest device is literally the DNA….which its a nice phone but for people looking for removable battery and mSD support its just not a viable option!

      • Steve Benson

        No kidding. Best coverage with the worst phones. That should have been their motto all this time. Would it kill them to actually be ahead of the game for once? That’s why I’m leaving and will never be back.

        • Oh trust me, the only reason I am still with them is because I am grandfathered into their unlimited data BUT the second they announce that everyone with unlimited data will be moved to a tiered plan I am gone! However, until then I will continue to milk their network for all its worth (20+gb a month)!!!!!

          • RaptorOO7

            I would expect them to kill off unlimited data sometime this year, any contracts that had it will be completely done and since you won’t be on contract they don’t have to keep you.

      • Tim242

        The Note 2 is newer than the DNA.

        • Thats odd, Verizon’s webpage lists the DNA as the newest device however I looked up the exact release dates and the Note 2 is in fact newer (by about a week). I wonder if its because of that model change that happened to the DNA a few weeks back?

          • Tim242

            Actually, the DNA released in October, Verizon’s Note 2 was Nov. 29. It probably is the new SKU that is showing newer.

            Edit: I’m seeing Nov. 21 for the DNA. I could have sworn it was October. Hmmm.

          • LionStone

            Correct, the DNA released the day before Thanksgiving, on the 21st.

  • What are the carrier differences in the S4? At&t claims an fm radio. Will the vzw have one?