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Wednesday Poll: Which Carrier Are You Buying Your Samsung Galaxy S4 On?

verizon galaxy s4

Today marked a special time when many of the U.S. carriers announced pre-orders and availability dates for the upcoming Galaxy S4 from Samsung. We learned that the device will be sold on seven of America’s networks, including the big four – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Most of the carriers have different launch dates, a few are showing pretty competitive pricing for the device under contract, some deals come with accessories, as the ploys to lure in potential customers is at an all-time high.

If you are planning to pick up the Galaxy S4, which carrier are you going with?

Which carrier are you purchasing your Galaxy S4 on?

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  • A little assumptious are we?

  • Anon

    Missing option: Waiting to see if a carrier-independent model is sold off contract.

  • Doug Wing

    Funny that everyone bitches about Verizon and yet with seven choices available including all FOUR of the majors, 77% of the people are going with Verizon.

    Of course that will let them bitch for two more years about how much they hate Verizon before they buy another phone …… on Verizon

    BTW, I plan on the S4, and I do plan on VZW. Best coverage I’ve had with anyone.

  • HTC One on VZW ……. if some sort of miracle happens/: waiting on Motorola

  • Greg Morgan

    why do i feel like i just stepped into an iFanboy blog and said something about apple?

  • Rodeojones000

    Where’s the “not getting one” option?

    • Tim242

      I guess you missed the “If you are planning to pick up the Galaxy S4, which carrier are you going with?”. Do you go to Vegetarian restaurants and demand a meat option?

      • Rodeojones000

        No. But if I heard someone ask for that I wouldn’t go out of my way to correct him.

        • RaptorOO7

          I would and likely the waitress at the vegetarian restaurant would smack you.

  • Inquizitor

    If there’s no HTC One variant in the next 2-3 months, and Google I/O reveals nothing for Verizon, then I guess I’ll get the Dev Edition GS4. Very reluctantly…

  • hkklife

    Since it appears we have yet another Samsung device gimped with only 16Gb internal storage, I will say “none of them”. LG and Moto have a shot to steal some of Sammy’s thunder this summer if they can offer better specs for less $ (Optimus G Pro) or the rare combination of Moto quality, AOSP and Verizon (X-Phone).

    • Tim242

      Very few need more than that. For those that do, Samsung has provided you with an SD slot.

      • hkklife

        For the 9 trillionth time, please remind me again how to install apps to a microSD card in a post-Gingerbread device. 3D games are getting bigger and bigger and SoCs ans screens are improving constantly. A 16Gb Touchwiz device has ~10.6Gb free out of the box. You can fill all of that up with a handful of apps and 4-5 modern 3D games. Constantly downloading, uninstalling, and redownloading is a lame solution in this era of tiered & throttled data.

        Once again, Android OEMs are intentionally shooting themselves in the foot and coming up short against Apple. NAND costs *nothing* nowadays. Samsung could raise the bar and offer only 32Gb+ SKUs in the USA . This same kind of “if it’s good enough for the Wal-Mart crowd, it’s good enough for everyone else” mentality is why we also have phones with 2000mAh baytteries and $1000 Ultrabooks with dim 1366×768 TN panels.

      • RaptorOO7

        Wrong, you can’t put apps on the microSD card.

    • RaptorOO7

      Clearly you are unaware of the 32GB internal storage option that is coming along with it, so not a gimped device unless you are on Verizon.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Im more interested in Note 3 or the next nexus myself! Would love a nexus for $400 with 32gb option πŸ˜€

  • 0pizzashit

    What bout metro pcs ?

  • Where’s the option for “I’d buy one, but I really don’t want to be forced into the shared data plans in order to get it”?

    • Tim242

      This poll is only for those of us that are buying it. It clearly states as much. This poll isn’t for you.

      • Like I said, I’d buy one. I even really want one. My wife does too. I just won’t be buying it because of the new Communist policies adopted by the carriers.

  • rodney11ride

    I wont be. The next phone i buy off contract (to keep unlimited) i will employ the same sort of process the porn industry uses. I dont care if it is ugly ass hell, heavy or light, light or dark, square or shapely…. it will be the one with the biggest………. battery




    Well then this article doesn’t apply to you (or me)

  • disastrousrainbow

    Well AT&T’s coverage blows, Sprint doesn’t even have a 4G, US Cellular is both of those combined, and T-Mobile doesn’t even exist here, so Verizon it is!

    • Tim242

      It’s sad that we have to pick our carrier by the process of elimination haha

      • disastrousrainbow

        I think that’s to be expected when you’re looking for the best of the best. Haha.

    • Rodeojones000

      I’m in the same boat. Regardless of what my next phone ends up being it’ll be on Verizon. I have no other option.

      • RaptorOO7

        Sorry to hear that. Verizon offers great coverage where I am, but AT&T has also made big strides in their voice coverage, LTE rolled out in the major markets and their HSDPA+ still out performs Verizons LTE here so I’m gone.

    • RaptorOO7

      Cool, but the best network with the most crippled device and over priced data plans (for those NOT on unlimited) and no early upgrades at 20 months unless you fork up full price. No thanks.

  • I’d be getting the ONE but I have Verizon…

  • There should be a secondary poll for the verizon users…

    How many are purchasing the S4 at FULL RETAIL because they are still, thankfully, grandfathered into unlimited data?

    • Tim242

      I suppose I will. However, I’m wondering if it is worth paying them so much for that. I bought the Note 2 full retail back in November. But, I probably will anyway.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Verizon, duh? Who else better.

  • MyStroPro

    Where is the “No where – Not Buying” option?

    • Tim242

      It clearly states, “If you are planning to pick up the Galaxy S4, which carrier are you going with?”.

  • brkshr

    I knew VZW would be at the top, but I thought that AT&T would be #2. T-Mo at #2 is a pleasant surprise.

  • Tyler

    Assuming I were to get a GS4 it would be on Verizon. I’m still waiting to see what Motorola and Google and HTC have up their sleves for Verizon.

  • Boy, do I hate to see so many Verizon votes.

  • Kernschatten

    Pass. Waiting for the next Nexus.

  • Syraz/Azilla

    If this is released asap, and able to use verizon’s new device payment plan starting the 21st, I might get this..

  • chris125
    • Tim242

      I hate AC. I no longer visit their site, nor listen to their podcast

  • Tim242

    It plainly says, “If you are planning to pick up the Galaxy S4, which carrier are you going with?”. THAT MEANS IT IS ONLY FOR THOSE OF US BUYING IT.

    • WCDave

      Wow… Such an angry person.

      • Tim242

        I am not angry. I just don’t understand why people that aren’t going to buy it think that they have a place in a poll for people buying it. That’s like going to a Vegetarian only restaurant and demanding a meat choice

        • michael arazan


      • Dave E

        An angry gay guy… Dont mess with him!

    • EvanTheGamer

      you angry bro?

  • Keith Black

    THIS. POLE. IS. FOR. S4. BUYERS… PERIOD. As in, those who have decided to buy the S4. As in, those who are not buying something other than the S4.

    • MyStroPro

      You missed the point – not everyone on this site will be getting one. Way to exclude part of your readership in a weekly poll.

      • the exact wording is “what carrier are you buying it on” since today marked the first official day when carriers were advertising release dates..its probably the 1st or 2nd most anticipated device all year…just wait like 3 months for the “are you buying the HTC One, S4, MotoX, or LG Optimus” pole I guess..unless you’re a blackberry person


        This is a targeted poll. You don’t have to participate in every single poll. Geez, do you really think that highly of yourself? Mad that you were left out? They had a similar poll for the Nexus 4

      • why the thumbs down?

      • Keith Black
        • Keith Black


      • RaptorOO7

        Wow did you just wake up from nap time. Go get your animal crackers and milk with the other kiddies.

    • Anon

      Personally, I prefer stripper poles.

  • im getting the unlocked version, 8 cores to jizz all over

  • change1234

    Petition to end Verizon contracts gains attention


  • Change
    • Verizon is already planning to do a smartphone plan with a downpayment and monthly payments without a contract. The policy hits end of this month…I work for Verizon…technically you will be able to buy this phone on Verizon for $200 down and X amount per month under no contract, similar to T-Mobile’s plan

      • But will the monthly rate drop? I’m all for no contracts if it means that I’m paying the same or less for the phone + service as I am right now. That’s why I won’t be renewing my contract and going to “shared data” – my bill will increase $20 per month and include the potential for overrunning my data allowance.

        • Keith Black

          Verizon’s network continues to advance years beyond any other carrier, with annual investments into the network that are larger than other carriers combined. The only reason your fancy smart phone is $200 or less is BECAUSE of the 2 year contract. Why on earth would you assume that your “phone + service” would be less than what you are paying right now? That 2 year contract gives you an average of a $400 subsidy on equipment, therefore you will be paying more without a contract, not less.

          • RaptorOO7

            Building a network is the COST of doing business. Verizon charges the most out of any carrier and its not for the network investment its for their profits. They control huge swaths of spectrum, they crippled devices and continue to charge you to subsidize their network build out which is their problem not ours. I am a 15+ year Verizon customer who has had enough.

          • lexImusprime

            Except the ARPU was lowest for years with the lowest percentage of smartphones. Market analysis says the best way to get new customers is invest in the data backbone. Currently the subsidies and investments are the only thing preventing them making a larger profit despite having the lease profitable customers.

          • Keith Black

            1) Verizon does not charge the most out of any carrier, AT&T copies Verizon’s plans and the two are very competitive in pricing.
            2) Verizon is superior in quality to anyone else including AT&T, so I would make no excuses for them even if they were the most expensive. It would be warranted. That’s why a Ferrari doesn’t cost the same price as a Civic.
            3) They don’t charge you to build their network, that’s a ridiculous statement. They charge you to use it, which creates profits, which they use to continue to expand the network and pioneer new technologies, etc. They also pocket profits, and their employees receive INCOME for WORKING and shareholders receive RETURNS ON INVESTMENTS.

            This industry is NOT a non-profit public service. It is not welfare. You are paying for services rendered.

          • The subsidized cost of the phone brings it down to ~$250 in most cases instead of $500+. Verizon gets their money back by tying us to a contract for two years that has the cost of the subsidy spread across our monthly bill, which is why we pay the ETF if we cancel the contract before the end date. Verizon isn’t going to just give up that ~$300 to win customers. Logic would say that if we pay the ~$500+ for the phone without the option for a contract or a subsidy that the monthly fee for service should be lower.
            Granted, Verizon is in the business of making money and probably won’t pass on any savings to us.
            In summary, this is probably going to screw us even harder than we’re currently getting it.

      • Except VZW is charging a fee to stretch out the payments, and there’s no plan fee reduction for buying the phone outright. Similar? How?

        • RaptorOO7

          Well said.

      • RaptorOO7

        Big whoop. So payment plan for a phone and you are STILL paying for the subsidized phone price in your monthly service. You know the hidden costs associated with the ETF you would have to pay if you broke free early.

        So if you are off contract and decide to doe the 12 month payment plan for which $2 a month is billed for a finance charge you are still paying hundreds of dollars a year in subsidies. How is that worth it???????????

    • Keith Black

      My god, wireless customers in the U.S. are the biggest bunch of spoiled whiney brats. Just wait til Verizon ends subsidies and you’re paying full retail for your phones. You’ll BEG for contract pricing to come back.

      • Keith Black

        Verizon has ALWAYS had an option for you to NOT sign a contract. This is nothing new or revolutionary.

        • RaptorOO7

          They just expected you to pay their pricing which includes subsidized phone pricing built in. They have never and will never offer a real plan without subsidies. They are committed to their crazy profit margins.

          Verizon said if customers want it they would do it. Well sign the petition as I did and tell them we wan the option to end contract pricing and lower plan prices.

          Of course Verizon will say the petition is a mere minority and the vast majority doesn’t want it. In reality the vast majority knows that Verizon will never do it so why bother. Personally I don’t care, I signed.

          • Keith Black

            Crazy profit margins?!?!?! GOD FORBID that a company make good profits. How dare they!!! Make money?!? Who wants to do that?!?!

            I suggest requesting a reduction in pay from your employer, Mr. Raptor. You seem intelligent, therefore you must have a crazy income margin, and that’s just unacceptable.

      • RaptorOO7

        Smoke some more crack buddy. As a current and soon to be former Verizon customer for voice service I would be happy paying retail for my phones, IF, their pricing was inline with that. They claim subsidies are the cause of their prices, so end subsidies and cut the plan prices. They offer a payment plan for people could afford that cool phone and have it paid for in a year. Verizon saves on iPhone subsidies and everyone is happy, oh wait iPhone customers would just go buy it from Apple and Verizon doesn’t get squat.

        • Keith Black

          I don’t even know where to begin in responding to that, you have now clue how this stuff works. You have no idea how off base you are. You might as well go try to consult MIT on quantum mechanics or something.

  • Nicktrance

    How about none of them (unlocked)

  • dsass600

    HTC One here

  • Tim242

    The poll is for S4 buyers.

    • jaclyngeffroy

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  • chris125

    For as much as everyone hating and complaining about verizon seems they will still be getting a lot of users to buy the phone.

  • I’ll probably end up skipping it. My VZW upgrade is available in August, but given the latest news about the changes they’ve made, I may just wait until my contract expires in December and jump ship. At that point, I’m sure there will be something even newer and shinier.

  • Bionic

    Which carrier are you buying your X phone on?

    • Tim242

      It doesn’t exist. If it exists in the future, it will be the end of the year. Few care now. Nobody will care by then.

      • Bionic

        go watch Brokeback Mountain

        • Tim242

          Go give Sarge his daily BJ. We can all tell that you are his bi*ch . He comesin here and blasts you out. Then you say, ” Yes Sir, Sarge SIR!”

          • Bionic

            dude i was totally just kidding and then you had to take it to another level, calm down already.

          • seriously?

            Both of you are by far the most annoying commentators…EVER.

          • Tim242

            At least we contribute something. You are just a “guest.”. http://www.disqus.com/tim242

          • EC8CH

            yes… but not ever

            one word:

          • Dr_Buttballs

            Oh God I never figured out if he was just trolling or not. He was the Andy Kaufman of Droid Life.

    • BionicLikesSargesDooDoo

      Sarge Wireless.

      • Tim242

        : )

  • Steven Gonz

    Waiting to see what Motorola has to offer first.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Not making a decision till io/ or when moto phone is announced

    • RaptorOO7

      I am buying it on AT&T, but given how long it “may” take them to release the GS4 32GB “coming soon” anything can happen, but very likely I will just be on a GS4 32GB on AT&T.

      I don’t see Motorola rolling anything out after 18 months worth getting. The XPhone is not going to live up to the hype, maybe in a year or two more.

  • Patrick T

    I already have my S4, oh wait that’s an S3.

  • Not a Nexus, doesn’t run stock Android, extra update delays, couldn’t care less. Shame though, the S4 is a beast hardware-wise.

    • Tim242

      Hopefully future Nexus phones are better.

      • Well other than the Nexus One, Nexus devices have never been top-of-the-line.

        • Tim242

          The Galaxy Nexus that I owned for a year was not top of the line. It had a horrible camera and muted calls after a while. The Nexus 4 is not great either. The display has washed out colors. But even worse is the sensitivity. When you pinch to zoom, nothing happens until your fingers are 2 inches apart. Scrolling is wonky. Camera is just OK. Not top of the line.

          • That’s my point. You don’t buy Nexus for top-of-the-line. You buy Nexus because of (recently) the price, stock Android, fast updates, unlockable bootloaders, or any combination of those. haha The Nexus One was the only Nexus device that was indisputably top-of-the-line at launch.

            I don’t buy Nexus for brand loyalty. I buy Nexus because they’re the only high-end devices that run stock Android and get fast updates.

            EDIT: Since the Xoom is a Nexus in all but name, I canadd it alongside the Nexus One as being indisputably top-of-the-line at launch. Maybe the OG Droid too? Again, Nexus in all but name.

          • RaptorOO7

            Nexus should be synonymous with top of the line and immediate updates, no mediocre specs.

      • Rodeojones000

        Current Nexus phone is already better. Why wouldn’t future ones hold true?

        • Tim242

          They screwed up the display. The camera is just OK. It is too fragile.

          • RaptorOO7

            Its made by LG, it has limited internal storage, relying on the cloud is a joke and too costly with data plan pricing.

  • Austin Warren

    Waiting for I/O as well.

    • This. If the x phone happens on verizon and I can get the build quality of moto with AOSP on verizon it will be win/win/win. πŸ™‚

      • Bionic

        Well said

  • Isn’t C Spire the old Cellular South? Don’t they only have coverage over Mississippi and metro Memphis or something? Doesn’t it seem odd that they would launch on a carrier that small?

    • Justin Winker

      Hence the 1 vote for them.

      • Yep. US Cellular and Cricket I can understand. They may be small compared to the big 4, but at least they have licensed markets, even if sporadically, coast to coast. C Spire is just a small regional carrier.

        • Justin Winker

          Now I’m eating my words… C Spire has more votes than Cricket or US Cellular. Odd

  • John

    Not buying the S4z I am buying the Optimus G Pro πŸ™‚

    • Austin Warren

      So the LG Note 2. Good choice.

      • John

        No the Optimus G pro… nice try i see what you did there

        • Austin Warren

          Same thing.

          • John

            Screen size yes.

          • Austin Warren

            Everything yes.

          • Ian


          • Austin Warren


        • Tim242

          A Note 2 without the pen.

    • Tim242

      It’s better to buy the real device, not a KIRF.

      • Bionic


      • DroidDoesnt_2

        Precisely why I bought an iPhone…

        • Tim242

          You poor soul.

        • DroidDosent_2_ElectricBoogaloo

          An Apple a day keeps the sheep at bay.

          • RaptorOO7

            Keep buying Apple and maybe their overpriced devices will help their falling stock rebound. Down 40+% since last September and falling.

  • Not getting it, but if I were it’d be T-Mobile. Getting the htc One Wednesday instead which is the same day Magenta launches the GS4 as well.

  • portraits GH

    How about a not buying choice

  • Dylan Patel

    Damn, y’all have a disproportional huge amount of Verizon people.

    • well look at their site name. “DROID”.

      • disastrousrainbow

        Yeah, or it’s because people also shorten Android to droid most of the time.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Well… it’s because this was originally a Verizon “Droid” focused site.

    • Tim242

      The best for the best, on the best.

      • JoshGroff

        The best of the best of the best sir !

        • Boston Strong

          You mean drones on a conveyor belt, who don’t mind being locked in and locked down, paying top dollar for piss-poor CS, and so on and so forth? Okay, got it. Thanks.

          • JoshGroff

            I was merely referencing Men in Black.

          • So was I. πŸ™‚

          • shooter50

            You can say alot of things about Verizon, but their customer service is not one of them. Well, unless your one of the “something for nothing ” crowd. If thats the case, your misplaced rant is understandable.

        • Boy, Captain America over here! “Best of the best of the best, sir!” “With honors.” Yeah, he’s just really excited and he has no clue why we’re here.

        • lexImusprime

          Best of the worst.

          • JoshGroff

            You clearly missed the reference.

          • lexImusprime


    • Keith Black

      False. We have a large amount of smart people.

      • RaptorOO7

        If you are saying Verizon = Smart People then you are pretty dumb. Verizon azz rapes you on pricing, crippled phones and forced bootloader updates and annoying WiFi reminders. No thanks.

    • BillyBob

      I would guess that it’s more about how the HTC One won’t be coming to Verizon. So everyone on Verizon that would have bought that instead is getting the S4.

  • ßen Murphy

    This poll is heavily skewed.

    • chris125

      Well the site is called “droid-life”…..

    • Tim242

      How so? It shows which carrier will serve up the most S4’s for DL readers.

      • RaptorOO7

        It also shows the carriers that Samsung has announced the GS4 for.

  • XphoneTroll


  • JetBlue

    Verizon unless the X Phone blows the S4 out of the water

    • Guest

      it will for the most part

    • XphoneTroll

      X phone doesn’t exist

  • Abbie Rosario

    Where is the none option?

    • Tim242

      Why would you need a none option??? It clearly states, “If you are planning to pick up the Galaxy S4, which carrier are you going with?”.

  • Ian

    None +1