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Wednesday Poll: Which Carrier Are You Buying Your Samsung Galaxy S4 On?

verizon galaxy s4

Today marked a special time when many of the U.S. carriers announced pre-orders and availability dates for the upcoming Galaxy S4 from Samsung. We learned that the device will be sold on seven of America’s networks, including the big four – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Most of the carriers have different launch dates, a few are showing pretty competitive pricing for the device under contract, some deals come with accessories, as the ploys to lure in potential customers is at an all-time high.

If you are planning to pick up the Galaxy S4, which carrier are you going with?

Which carrier are you purchasing your Galaxy S4 on?

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  • mcdonsco

    Anyone know when you would receive the S4 from Tmobile if you order it online tomorrow (April 24th?)…Would you get it before or after they sell them in stores?

  • Allen George

    How about an option for Samsung = Cheap Plastic.

  • mcdonsco

    I’m on Verizon unlimited everything now, but at $130/month i’m going to give T-Mobile a shot for almost half the cost ($70/month)…I’ll keep the Verizon line up for the first two weeks until im sure T-Mobile will work OK for me so I dont lose unlimited if I need to go back due to coverage.

    I have a maxx HD now and prefer moto’s build quality, but with every moto phone I’ve had the text input slows to a crawl after a few sentences and gets to a point where you can no longer type at all…hence, build quality aside, trying the s4.

  • B B K

    I can’t believe the number of uninformed clowns who still use Verizon. Enjoy suckers!

  • Redsun

    Being as how this site is based on “droids” which was essentially a verizon branding creation, it’s going to skew more toward big red. plus, those who use verizon do so out of need generally because they can’t get good coverage elsewhere. otherwise, we would go elsewhere, where it’s almost certainly cheaper.

  • RaptorOO7


  • Richard Yarrell

    People on Verizon can go PISS on themselves with that cosmetically graffiti looking device. Filled with disabling bloatware and stupid wifi notifications wouldn’t touch a S4 for free on that crappy network. If you need something legitimate on a carrier that doesn’t need to disable devices internally and you need contract free purchases then come over to Tmobile. We have UNLIMITED DATA, LTE and HSPA PLUS 42 a great network who cares about it’s customers.

    • RaptorOO7

      You hit the Verizon nail on the head. I am ditching their butts, don’t have unlimited anymore so nothing to lose.

    • squiddy20

      “Verizon can go PISS on themselves with that cosmetically graffiti looking device.” And yet, it’s been stated by Samsung that there will be no Verizon branding on the S4’s home button. What a moron.

      “Filled with disabling bloatware and stupid wifi notifications wouldn’t touch a S4 for free on that crappy network” That was the S3. No one knows how much/little stuff will be put on or taken out of the S4. Besides, your “pimp slapping” Note 2 has an equal amount of “bloatware” straight from Samsung.

      Finally T-Mobile has maybe 10 markets with LTE (and that’s a generous estimate), compared to Verizon’s almost complete nationwide coverage. Not to mention the fact that, according to T-Mobile’s own coverage maps, go 20 miles outside of most major cities and it suddenly drops off to 2G/EDGE or no signal.

    • shooter50

      Spoken like a true believer. How’s that coolaid taste?


    What about if you’re buying an iPhone? Or prefer McDonald’s over KFC? WHERE IS THE OPTION?

    • RaptorOO7

      Go to the Apple store then or watch their stock continue to slide into the crapper.