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Samsung Being Investigated by Taiwanese FTC Under Suspicion of False Advertisement Against HTC Products

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According to recent reports out of BBC and PC Advisor, Samsung is currently being probed by fair trade officials in Taiwan, accusing the large Korean manufacturer of paying students to create false reviews of HTC phones and putting them on the web anonymously. In doing so, the reviews would speak highly of Samsung phones, ultimately turning potential buyers away from the struggling Taiwanese phone maker. 

An official Taiwanese Facebook page for Samsung has spoke out, saying that they have, “ceased all marketing activities that involve the posting of anonymous comments.” Samsung reps have claimed this is an “unfortunate incident” and that these claims go against the company’s fundamental principles.

If found to be violating these fair trade rules, Samsung could be looking to pay up to NT$25 million (US$835,000) in fines.

Naughty naughty, Samsung.

Via: BBC | PC Advisor

  • Kheir Francis

    Samsung wouldn’t have a reason to put out false advertisements like that. HTC would do alot better if they offered more than just phones; TV’s, Appliances, more of a selection of phone’s, things that people need and want also bringing in new people to come up with fresh Idea’s. I hope Samsung isn’t guilty of these allegations, that would be pretty low on their part.

  • This wouldn’t have anything to do with Samsung being a Korean OEM who’ve overtaken the Taiwanese HTC, would it?

  • partidroid

    HTC does not need any help with bad publicity, they do a great job of it on their own with Sense and crappy battery life.

  • Ibrick

    Samsung claiming this is an ‘unfortunate incident’ is pathetic.. It’s only unfortunate because you got caught..

  • Josh Shaw

    US$835,000 -.- That’s US Cellular’s GS3 sales in a month, they probably couldn’t care less. But that bad publicity D:

  • JetBlue

    Maybe Moto is paying people to try and hype the X Phone with people like Bionic?

  • I see everyone in the comments going the root of guilty, until proven innocent , I am a big fan of HTC, but it’s their own fault that they losing money and market share

  • RaptorOO7

    Its easy to say someone is guilty, but I am sure even in Taiwan they are innocent until proven guilty then taken out and shot. That aside Samsung has already made a statement yesterday on this and made it clear that the SET (Samsung Electronics Taiwan) had not properly followed the rules and that they were taking measures to insure it was corrected.

    Now whose to blame, don’t know, but Samsung will likely face a big fine.

    HTC is struggling and they will do anything to attack the competition and gain some footing as they sink further into irrelevance

  • I’m pretty sure none of you guys have stock from samsung or htc. Why do you guys go around fanboying which phones sucks and which phone doesn’t. It is a phone as long as it makes calls and sms it does it job. You guys act as if samsung ,HTC or any company nowadays gives you food and a place to sleep night.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    samsung is doomed! D: ….how on earth are they gonna be able to afford $835K!?!?

  • bananatroll

    Samsung continues to reap those nasty oats!!!

  • Jack

    Samsungis scared with there cheap phones and cheap parts and cheap plastic baby toys . go home Samsung you suck

  • Butters619

    Less than a million in fines? …..that’s really going to hurt…..

  • That’s pretty low, even for Samsung…

    • Tim242

      Is it any worse than HTC crashing Samsung’s event????

      • Tech Pro

        Do you even read the story. Samsung plays dirty by fabricating lies about other manufacturers, most of them toward HTC and hiding the fact that they were paid by Samsung.

        HTC crashed Samsung party identified themselves as HTC employees ans wearing HTC t-shirts. They are not pretending at all, it’s a formal challenge.

        In this case, HTC plays fair and Samsung plays dirty. That makes big differences.

        • Tim242

          Calling them lies is just your opinion. I’ve owned many HTC phones. They always have hardware issues. Working in a cell phone store, I can assure you that HTC phones are 99% of the phones brought in for repair. Whether HTC identified themselves or not, it was still a desperate and tacky stunt. Dirty even.

          • Dang Nguyen

            Cool, another shill paid by samsung, right? How much do you make per hour?

          • Tim242

            I’ve owned many HTC phones, and I work in a store where they are brought in daily for repair. The truth hurts, eh?

          • Dang Nguyen

            I don’t see the truth anywhere, shill.
            Your tone is almost the same as how those hired students posting: my gf has HTC One X and it always has problems, Me too… etc.

          • Tim242

            You’re a blind fanboy. Call any Sprint store and ask them which phones are brought in most for warranty repairs. Go ahead, learn my friend.

          • Dang Nguyen

            Lol. Called and they refuse to answer.
            Com’ on. Aren’t you paid by the number of comments? If it’s that case, you should thank me.

          • Tech Pro

            I guess you do not like to be called liar. How about dishonest? How many people would even read comments or blogs claiming HTC sucks and admit they are paid by Samsung?

            Microsoft did the same things many years ago attacking Linux of unreliable, buggy, security risk… This FUD tactics did hold Linux at bay. But at the same time Microsoft forgot continuing innovation. This ends up they totally missed mobile revolution. Samsung is a huge company with decent products. But it needs continuing innovation in stead of playing FUD on its competitions. Do not play dirty. Microsoft did put sponsored by Microsoft on those studies or market research after been pressured. Samsung should at least do the same.

  • S2556


    • Tim242

      Any more so than HTC crashing their S4 party?

      • S2556

        I think so. But that wasn’t exactly HTCs high point either

  • Rickerbilly

    Poor losers. HTC are the one’s acting like Apple in this case.

    • Dang Nguyen

      how much did you earn from posting those kinds of comments?

  • kevin

    Samnsung I had very high hopes for you. What happened? Dont be a bad apple now you are better than that.

    • bananatroll

      having high hopes for samsung is like rooting for the class scantron cheat

  • mmoreimi

    That’s kind of a d1ck move.
    Samsung is feeling more and more like Apple….getting big and getting to their heads.

    • Futbolrunner

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      • michael arazan

        In ‘Merica its called capitalism.

        Seriously, reviews on amazon, yelp, facebook, and many other services have been doing this for years, I heard their are ad firms that do this all the time

    • bakdroid

      Samapple has always wanted to be the Apple of Android and is playing all of Apple’s games with everyone. They want the market to themselves and they now have the same type of groupies that the flea bitten fruit have. They are no better and need to be destroyed.


      • jaclyngeffroy

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      • Christopher Riner

        You are so right man. I usually don’t post too often, but I didn’t have to work today so I posted a lot. Even posting stuff like, “this is an awesome phone, but I dont like the design, blah blah, to each his own” is getting down voted just BC I was talking about the s4. I said “I wish verizon would get the HTC One” –downvoted before I even posted the comment, lol.

        Samsung is starting to act just like apple, and samsung owners are turning into fanboys. Samsung is putting out the same phone but slightly better for the second year in a row and its going to sell in record numbers. And if you say you like anything other than a Samsung, your gonna get the sh¡t down voted out of you.

  • Ian

    I say we box up Austin and ship him down there, should be cleared up in no time.

    • Austin Warren

      How bout you F off, troll

      • Ian

        is that similar to the S-OFF bootloader tool?

  • Tim242

    The ONE sucks. Samsung makes a better product. I am not paid by Samsung. I approve this message.

    • Ryan

      See you troll everywhere and are a Samsung fanboy.

      • Tim242

        The truth is not trolling. Having an opinion is not trolling. What HTC did at the S4 event…that is trolling. You people that scream troll every time someone has a different opinion than you…you are the real trolls.

        • Austin Warren

          Hate when people do that. I already said my next device isn’t Samsung and yet they feel the need to call me a troll or fanboy. Guess their parents don’t love them.

          • Ian

            Can I get a few more details on how levels of parental affection relate to someone’s opinion of you? I’m not seeing it.

          • Austin Warren

            Meaning they have nothing better to do than troll other people because their family doesn’t love them and want to spend time with them. Like you.

          • Ian

            Hypothetically though, where do my parents come in to this?

          • Austin Warren

            Try not to recreate an Aurora near my city. Thanks.

          • Ian

            Lol, ok. Have a good one.

          • Ibrick

            Too soon bro..

          • Ian

            I didn’t say it..bro.

          • Well, that’s because you kinda are. You ever re-read your comments?

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Ugh, I can’t stand HTC. If they would produce a product that isn’t complete garbage that would be great. While were at it, get rid of sense, it’s terrible and only makes massive delays for updates.

      • Brent Cooper

        I agree. Sense is way to heavy and overbearing in my opinion. If HTC would do a stock(or almost stock) android device with a 3000mah+ battery I would be sold. Thats all im looking for that HTC currently isnt doing

        • Dang Nguyen

          And no one is doing so either. Nexus is the one with stock android, and doesn’t have 3000mah battery.

    • Dang Nguyen

      Tim is not a fanboy. Clearly paid by samsung as a part of their marketing budget.

  • Harsh Karn

    Samsung seems to be getting worse than Apple lately. Sad.

  • zepfloyd

    I think some of them have commented here from time to time…

    • Austin Warren

      Yeah because every comment has been anon.

      • zepfloyd

        You’re like a really unfunny version of the ol’ Mctypething. …wonder whatever happened to that guy.

        • EC8CH

          me too 😉

  • shababa

    LOL this is actually pretty funny