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RoundR Brings a Subtly Amazing Touch to Your Phone’s UI


Who would have known that rounded corners would make such a huge difference to the look of an application and a phone’s interface. RoundR has an easy job, simply rounding off the corners on your device’s applications, but it brings a very polished and nice touch to any device. 

There are different values you can choose for the amount of the corners you would like rounded, as well as the option to choose which corners in particular you want enhanced. Maybe you just want the top left and right corners rounded? It’s up to you. Either way, it’s a pretty sweet app and is completely free.

On a lighter note, it’s nice to know Apple hasn’t completely patented round corners.

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Cheers Scott!

  • laurie terry

    Don’t like it myself…I like the image taking up my whole screen…just makes things look smaller to me…jmo

  • Alan Paone

    Eew why? I dont’ get it.

  • a simple yet effective app – very nice!

  • Idk why, but i really like this.

  • A nice and simple app. Does what it says.

  • MohammadAdib

    I’m the developer! Thanks for reviewing RoundR!

  • Raven

    I thought I might like it, but it also rounds the corners of my background image in Nova Launcher. I don’t really want my Launcher background rounded.

    • bassmaster118

      I don’t have that issue and I also use Nova.

  • Nice…round is good

    • Michael

      The irony being that iOS doesn’t use rounded corners on the screen…

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    Some hate it, some love it. I personally love it. But either way, this is the perfect example of the flexibility that Android gives us to make our phones unique. 🙂

    • I was about to say the same thing, but then i saw your comment. Exactly, just one more thing ios can’t do.

      • michael arazan

        Apple says they invented it, but didn’t like it, and told their customers they didn’t need it, so everything is ok = P

        • Haha. Some like it some hate it. Whos to tell people how to live their lives!

  • Tim Schall

    Love it or hate it, it’s what makes Android awesome.

  • I actually think the flatter look is better. Rounding corners is just a subtle form of skeumorphism and is irrelevant in coding.

  • dandar

    WebOS says hello.

  • jeffxallen

    I like it, but they need to find a way around the persistent notification.

    • Sean Zubrickas

      in the pulldown just longpress > app info > disable notifications > profit

      • jeffxallen

        oh yea, thanks. It is weird that the option is given in the settings, but it just doesn’t work.

        • TRIQ6

          are you not on android 4.1 or higher?

          • jeffxallen

            4.2.2. I am saying in the actual app’s settings it has a checkbox to turn of the notifications. However, when you uncheck it a message pops up saying that it needs it to function properly, but it still lets you uncheck it. The notification still stays there regardless though. If you turn it off how Sean suggested through your phone settings>apps, then it will get rid of it.

  • hideous.

    • Eric Richardson

      Very hideous.

  • Lethalprophet

    Anyone else find it amusing that the RoundR setting window is square? hahahahahahahahaha

  • JolleyMan

    Why does the RoundR settings dialog have square corners?

  • I feel like we used to have rounded corners back in pre-2.3 days. Maybe even earlier?

  • derek connolly

    This is what MIUI has done for a while.

  • yuck

  • Brian Sargent

    Aren’t rounded corners patented by Apple?

  • Tim242

    When I had the Palm Pre so long ago, the rounded corners drove me crazy. I installed a hack to square them out.

  • Brian Sargent

    Aren’t round corners patented by Apple?

  • barrmy


  • I remember CM on my OG Droid/Sholes having rounded corners. And I remember looking at other peoples’ Android devices to see if they had unlocked their devices by looking for those rounded corners 🙂

  • fartbubbler

    On a lighter note, it’s nice to know Apple hasn’t completely patented round corners. Yet.

    • Rounded corners are more of a WebOS thing

      • Michael

        I’m not trying to start anything here…but the first use of artificially rounded corners on a screen would have been the Macintosh.

    • Austin Warren

      Shhhh. Next thing you know, they patent all the people that buy their devices.

    • Marsg

      Their developers are busy working on in-app widgets

  • Kevin McDole

    Gnome Shell is that you?