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Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-orders Now Live For AT&T, $199.99 on New Two Year

GALAXY S4 Product Image (1)

It’s April 16, pre-order day for the Galaxy S4 from Samsung on AT&T. Starting now, you can head to their site and put your money down for Samsung’s newest flagship device, starting as low as $199.99 on a new two year agreement. Off contract the device will run you $639.99, followed by $449.99 on a one year agreement. According to AT&T, your device will ship on April 30, just two weeks from now. 

If you have just woken up from a deep winter hibernation, the Galaxy S4 features a 5″ 1080p display, a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 13MP camera, and comes so packed with proprietary software you might even need to actual read the owner’s manual.

Picking it up?


  • hoping the 32gb phone is soon available for pre-order for at&t.!

  • bigdny99

    lets go folks..Start dumping your Note 2 – Verizon on ebay!! Im keeping my unlimited for as long as I can…Gently used works just as good as new and shiny for me!!!

    • michael arazan

      If Motorola doesn’t announce something by I/O i would love to buy a used note 2 instead, to keep unlimited. Going to need to replace my Gnex by the end of summer.

  • Dominick_7

    To be honest, both the HTC One and the S4 aren’t that great when it comes to storage. Its great to be able to have removable storage, but for those of us who don’t wish to root it sucks because were only left with whatever the internal storage is for apps and games. Add a few games and 16gbs (really about 11gbs after formatting) quickly gets down to 1-2gbs.

    • RaptorOO7

      That is why I am waiting for the 32GB GS4 to arrive, I simply won’t buy the 16GB version and we will never see the 64GB version, you need to go International Unlocked and lose LTE at the same time.

      • just use micro sd

        • RaptorOO7

          You can’t put apps on the SD card without rooting and not everyone wants to or is comfortable with that (I am) but what we need is for the OEM’s and Carriers to stop being idiots on release the right products.

          Samsung is rumored to launch a new tablet based on the Nexus 10, but with 16GB of Internal storage and microSD capable of 128GB. IF, IF they put in 32GB and the 128GB MicroSD slot I would ditch my current iPad 4 128GB. But 16GB is just not enough real internal fast storage.

  • the chronic elite

    That’s horrible. $199 for the 16GB? Even with removable storage and battery, the HTC One (superior on many fronts) is $199 for 32GB. Um, no Samsung. Just, no.

    • Austin Warren

      Thanks for explaining why it’s so much more superior.

    • Patrick

      Sure it is. 16GB + 64GB Sdcard expansion. what can the HTC One do? just 32 and 64gb

      • the chronic elite

        Of course the HTC One is superior. Here, let me prove it:

        Better screen
        Better sound
        Better build quality
        Better UI
        Better camera
        Better call quality

        What doesn’t it have:

        No crappy “software enchancements” that make you look like a retarded jedi waving your hand over the screen to no avail
        No plastic craptastic shell
        No Fisher Price UI overlays
        No memory expansion, which is fine for 99% of anyone who’s anyone, because only losers need more than 64GB to load on their entire virtual lives because they have no actual ones to live

        Don’t bother replying to this post. I already won, and you know it, so I’m out. Peace, suckers.

        • Austin Warren

          Better camera LOL

          You lost with that.

          And how do you known it has better than all that when the S4 hasn’t even been released. Just talking out of your ass now.

          • Austin Warren

            They sure do.

          • Assis worn

            You have officially ruined this site for me… Get a f#$&ring life zit bag troll(I know..cause I saw you on mugshots.com) I’m out.

          • Austin Warren

            Good nobody needs you. And I’ve never been arrested. So not sure who you saw. I’m a law abiding citizen who happens to be a firefighter as well.

        • Patrick

          LOL..okay HTC fanboy (maybe HTC is paying you to say HTC One is Superior.

          • They must have had some money leftover after that commercial…

        • RaptorOO7

          How subjective BS there batman.

          Lets see both have 1080p screens – draw
          468ppi vs 441ppi – HTC – Yet having .3″ more screen when you can’t tell the difference between 468ppi vs 441ppi.
          Samsung has 4.2.2 vs 4.1.2 – Samsung
          Screen Size 5″ vs 4.7″ – Samsung
          2600mAh vs 2300mAh – Samsung (lets add removable battery too)
          16/32 + 64GB Ext. vs 32/64GB – Samsung
          4 Megapixel vs 13 Megapixel – Samsung AGAIN
          Video Capture 30fps – Samsung
          2.1 Megapixel vs 2.0 Megapixel FFC – HTC

          So you have been served SUCKER and don’t bother commenting back because HTC One is outdated and will be two revisions back AFTER Google I/O next month. Good luck getting 4.2.2 while we roll onto 5.0

          • Austin Warren

            The Octa in the S4 can also capture 1080p at 60fps

        • New_Guy

          I really hope that was your attempt at being funny because 90% of this is either wrong or subjective at best. Maybe build quality, but drop tests show that those speaker grills popfoff with no hope of reattaching them. Sound, yes but thats why I have blue tooth. The rest of your post you should do yourself a favor and delete.

        • RaptorOO7

          HTC can only afford to roll out 1 “Flagship” Device this year after posting 2 Million in profits last quarter. They can’t even get that phone out the door and likely won’t meet the limited demand there is.

          Sense 5.0 looks like 1st graders drew it up its so outdated. Those of us who actually you know use our devices enjoy the ability to swap memory cards when we can carry unlimited storage with us unlike the HTC One.

          Maybe you should get the HTC First, since its made for kiddies.

        • shooter50

          All this and the S4 will outsell your dead on arrival HTC one 10-1

        • BulletTooth_Tony

          LoL… the S4 camera has run laps around the One camera in every side by side comparison. And for that matter, so has the iPhone 5 and the S3. Better UI? Please…

    • RaptorOO7

      Really, 4.7″ vs 5″ display 32/64GB vs 16/32+ expansion up to 64GB =78GB – 96GB, swappable battery vs sealed battery. Did I forget 4.1.1 vs 4.2.2,yeah, HTC One is sooooooooo superior to what a year old device.

  • Austin Warren

    Guaranteed to be cheaper on T Mobile.

  • Come on Verizon…

  • JimmyHACK

    Here we go……..

    (will be getting on Verizon)

    • RaptorOO7

      If Verizon delivers on 5/30 but no promises and no word.

      • gokusimpson

        good thing Google IO is on 5/15. See if anything can top the S4

        • RaptorOO7

          That won’t too hard to do. XPhone is rumored to be delayed until late summer, if true another Droid Bionic move by Motorola.

        • the S4 wont be toped until the note 3 comes out

  • Futbolrunner

    So much news today! 🙂