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New AOKP Milestone Releases Start Rolling Out, New “AOKPush” App Keeps Track of Newest Builds (Updated)

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The new “milestone” release from the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) is starting to roll out today. So far, we’re seeing builds available for most Nexus phones including toro (Verizon Galaxy Nexus), toroplus (Sprint Galaxy Nexus), mako (Nexus 4), and maguro (GSM Galaxy Nexus). We’re told that a post detailing the full changelog is in the works, but for now, you can expect changes to the nav/statusbar for tablets, “rewritten” RomControl, custom toggles, and a ton of bug fixes.

To grab the latest builds for your devices, hit up the source link below. 

We’ll update this post as soon as we have more details.

Update:  The announcement for this new milestone is live and includes a new release schedule for “builds.” In fact, the AOKP team is mostly referring to them as nightlies that will come out every four days going forward. There won’t be announcements for them, and they are mostly untested, so should you be willing to flash them, be sure to report back any issues. Also, milestone releases will likely happen on a monthly basis, assuming we get to a new month and the newest build is deserving of the “milestone” title.

And on a couple of related notes, AOKP has officially crossed the 1 million install milestone, which is quite the accomplishment. Last, they released an app called AOKPush [Play Link], so that you can keep track of all the latest builds.

Via:  AOKP [2]

  • Corey Foltman

    Noob question…can i put a One XL rom on a One X?

    • Larizard

      no, never flash a ROM built for another device.

      • Corey Foltman

        It’s dumb that they named the X and XL both Evita. instead of a small variation like toro and toroplus.

        • Corey Foltman

          I know that that is a different situation because those are vzw/sprint. but you get my point.

  • Guest

    does anyone know where can i find a review of this ROM, cuz i would like to see what it has to offer

    • spickle

      AOKP.co is their site which has everything you’re looking for.

  • chucklehead322

    I’m just praying they decide to release a version for the newly unlocked Razr HD and MAXX HD!


  • Rbq
  • Flyinion

    LOL figures, I just switched off AOKP build 6 to CM’s new M3 “release” since I’ve never used CM before (even during OG Droid days) and even went through a full unroot/re-lock to wipe everything and clean out any hiding junk first. Think I’m gonna hang out on M3 for a couple days and see if any evil bugs show up first. At least with their new update schedule they should be fixed quick. Invariably in the past a milestone would drop and it would turn out to have some random quirk in it that got missed.

  • Justin Everett

    I’m tempted to update, but quite honestly flashing a new ROM is very annoying with the GNex because you have to backup all the data that Titanium Backup doesn’t or else you lose it all.
    I really wish some ROM maker would figure out how to do updates like stock android does, or at least make the flashing to a new version the same.

    • JoshGroff

      You could always do a nandroid backup and try dirty flashing the ROM.

      • Justin Everett

        that’s flashing without wiping the phone first right?

        • Yes. The last time I actually wiped my phone was when AOKP went from ICS to JB, because well, you had to. No problems for me with dirty flashing from then on…

          • spickle

            yea when i flash a new ROM i wipe but if i’m just updating to a new version of the same ROM i just dirty flash and i’m good. i do it with CarbonROM and AOKP.

      • Justin Everett

        Nope, not working, i tried and it worked, except i can’t do anything because i get a popup saying “unfortunately the process.android.process.acore has stopped” that just repeats no matter how many times you dismiss is and it won’t let me do anything else.

        • Justin Everett

          Aaaand TWRP is refusing to show the nandroid backup i made before i did it all….so i am screwed. gadsdamnit.

    • Zain

      I’m running a CM nightly on my Note 2 and I don’t have to backup or anything when I flash the next nightly. I’d assume that the Gnex has the same capability on CM. It’s an extremely smooth process.

    • I don’t know what TB doesn’t back up, but it back up EVERYTHING for me. Text messages, app data, and Nova backs up my Homescreen. I have TB scheduled to back up twice a week to my GDrive over WIFI of course. Flashing has never been easier.

      • Justin Everett

        It doesn’t backup any media or downloads, so things like books, movies, mp3’s, etc. that you have downloaded are lost.

        • If you wipe the phone completely and restore to stock, then yes, but anything stored on your “SD” card shouldn’t be erased. Where do you think TB is storing all of the back ups?

          • Justin Everett

            That it how it was on my old Droid X, but the first time i tried that on my Galaxy Nexus (which has an emulated SD card, not a real one) i lost all my data, TB backups too, and had to start from scratch.
            Maybe i was the exception there, but i’m paranoid about it now so i make a BU on my computer of everything whenever i do the full-wipe reset.

  • Pat Hamilton

    Loved it while I had it, but the last few milestones were just murdering the battery on my Gnex. Switched to shiny after it was on CRF. I miss a lot of the options from aokp, but I need my phone to last more than 5 hours.

    • Kurtis Tamez

      You nailed it. Paranoid has gotten dialed in on my phone for excellent battery in comparison to AOKP that I had been running for over a year…

  • PhoenixPath

    Been stuck on CM 10.1 on all of my devices for a while now. Every time I flash one back to AOKP (once or twice a month), I end up going straight back to CM. I used to build AOKP myself on my home system weekly because I loved the ROM so much.

    While I cannot state specifically what turned me off, I do love the speed and stability of CM, and was a little irked that the demo of AOKP’s new “circle” lock screen (ala LG ICS) was never brought into existence…not that this was enough in itself.

    Honestly, I think my tastes just changed…Still love badass unicorns though.

  • Jorge Leal

    Just use Kangerator https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cashew.kangerator&hl=en
    looks like it got an update recently to fix the crashing on startup

  • DanSan

    $1.31 for an app that simply sends a notification of a new build? nah ill just keep using http://www.aokp.co

    • Think of the $1.31 as a donation to the team for their awesome work and expenses used to give you an awesome ROM, and the app is an added bonus and a “Thank you for donating.”

      • umbrellacorp

        That’s exactly what I did. I can afford it.

        • Then you are an awesome person!

          Besides the zombie outbreak.

          • umbrellacorp

            You will thank me for it when you have eternal life granted to you from UmbrellaCorp.

          • Eternal life as an iPhone fan maybe!

    • dylan84

      Or use GooManager, it does the same thing and is free.

  • spickle

    ew $1.31? i’d rather check their site for free. i’ve donated before but don’t want to pay for an app to let me know a knew nightly is out.

    • Think of the $1.31 as a donation to the team for their awesome work and expenses used to give you an awesome ROM, and the app is an added bonus and a “Thank you for donating.”

      Edit: I must have missed the part where you said you have donated before. Good on you!

  • joseph pastor

    Since I’ve flashed Carbon I haven’t looked back. Was stuck on PA when pie came out, but carbon took and just made everything better. quite stable.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Love Carbon but I love the color controls from PA

    • Apostrafee

      I jumped to Carbon from CM10 and the battery life is a drastic drop in battery life…extremely drastic. On my Vzw Galaxy S3

      • joseph pastor

        I use a custom kernel. faux.

  • Do you have a link to the correct gapps?

  • leenephi

    Hmm. Perhaps it’s time to check out AOKP again..