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Samsung Could Move Away From Plastic Hardware With Galaxy Note 3

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According to Samsung insiders, the Korean manufacturer is looking to finally break away from their plastic roots for the upcoming Galaxy Note 3. When seeing the praise the HTC One received for sporting an all-aluminum shell, Samsung got to thinking. Apparently, even the Galaxy S4 could have sported a metal body, but time was running short and Samsung opted for the more easily mass-manufactured plastic design that is to go on sale at the end of the month. 

While the insider did not give a specific material that the Galaxy Note 3 would be comprised of, it appears that they stressed it would be more metallic. So, take that however you choose. Interestingly enough, some people do prefer Samsung’s plastic over a metal body, which cuts down on weight and adds flexibility to devices.

Which do you prefer? Metal or plastic?

Via: SamMobile

  • I don’t see the point of using metal unless the display is unbreakable. I think the Galaxy Note 2 is great as is the S4! I can’t say that I was blown away entirely by the HTC One.

  • Mahendra Shah

    Removable battery counts for everything.Two SD card slots…so you could switch using one card or another.You can employ great designers to develope innovative plastics that work better than any metal….and what about incorporating CERAMICS in the bodyworks.

  • I honestly have dropped by GS3 in the worst ways possible and the sucker takes scratches and drops better than cases that I use to have. This thing does not feel cheap, nor does it act cheap. It’s a really well built phone and the plastic makes a lot of sense for durability.

  • salt

    i would prefer the metal if their is a removable batter and extra storage space via micro sd card, but i dont think that will happen. so the battery must be large about 4000+ mah. but if the battery is the same or slightly better than the note 2 then i would prefer a plastic just becasue of its removable back.

  • interstellarmimd

    I would think that plastic would be better at absorbing the shock of a 4-5 foot drop, what with all the pliability. Any material engineers in the building wanna confirm/ debunk this?

  • Ray

    About damn time, Samsung!

  • Luke Grissom

    Another good reason the Note 3 will be a great replacement for my S3.

  • Stewie

    It’s a nice thought. What was running through my mind was if Kim Jung Un was really intelligent, he’s capture Samsung facilities and hold the tech world ransom, who need nukes when you can hold up Sammy Production?

  • InvaderDJ

    I’m not convinced this will actually happen. Samsung just doesn’t have to care, they’re still selling like gangbusters. Maybe if the One sells a decent amount and the S4 gets significantly dinged in reviews and in public opinion, but other than that I think Samsung is happy to keep their current build quality and materials. And as much as I dislike it, I can understand that.

    It isn’t like the devices themselves are fragile, they just look ugly and feel bad in the hand. The S3 and S4 will run circles around the One when it comes to drop tests and tensile strength and all that. Their plastic can bend and take impacts better than aluminum ever could. I just wish that Samsung could reach a nice middle ground where maybe they use the same quality of plastic that the Lumia 920 or HTC 8X/One X used.

  • Altechi

    The issue I find with aluminum is that it can worsen your reception. In my country, the found out that the HTC One has worse reception than the HTC One XL, which is why they don’t recommend it for rural areas

  • Jon

    Just please keep a removable battery for the love of all that is sweet and holy!!!! Or go the route of Motorola and put a monster battery in there if you choose not to go with removable battery.

  • noc007

    As long as it doesn’t mess with Tx and Rx on any of the radios. I’d rather not be told to hold my phone differently. When I’ve held the SGS3 and SGN2, the plastic didn’t seem that bad. I’ve owned Motorola phones over the past few years so I haven’t handled the Samsungs long term.

    I did see a car mount recently that used a bunch small suction cups. Aluminum would not work.

  • if they can do it with still being able to keep the sd card and removable battery im all for it!

  • The Note 2 is the greatest phone of alltime, not just cause of the battery but because iphone users get furious by just the size

  • Jeff

    Hell I heard all the smack talk about Sammy making their devices cheap. I really enjoyed my galaxy nexus while I had it. I really Like my Note 2. So regardless of how they make their devices I personally don’t think it matters… Although it would be awesome if they give everyone an option!!!!

  • Rob

    I would like a metal phone but the reasons why they go plastic most of the time is logical. I think I only want a metal phone because it’s more masculine (don’t ask me why, I know it’s strange). Let alone it’s METAL, c’mon man!

    I like the GS3 and Note 2 design, but I think Samsung should have changed the S4 just a little bit. It really doesn’t do that much more than the S3. I mean sure, the hardware is great, but it’s just not enough for me to pay full price (to keep unlimited data on VZW).

  • I don’t care that all the parts inside are made in China as long as the outside isn’t plastic. That’s just cheap.

  • flosserelli

    I don’t really care if its plastic or metal. I will probably put a skin on it anyway. And if it gets the same (or better) battery life as my GN2, I won’t be concerned about wireless charging.

  • AndroidMan

    I don’t care what material it’s made of, but I am VERY concerned about how heavy it is. So whatever material is the most durable and light weight is my preference!

  • Jaron1226

    To be honest I don’t care. As long as the hardware is good, that’s all that matters to me.

  • I don’t care, long has it is well made and as great spec’s

  • Vikram Bhasin

    Samsung Business Model–
    When the competition gets tough……….copy the competition & add a thousand gimmicky software tweaks so you don’t get sued

  • glenn kennedy

    my Note 2 is in an Otter Box Commuter case….solid as a rock.

    • Tyler Cameron

      Why do you think your Note II needs such an ugly bulky, overpriced case? A simple Diztronic or Cruzerlite TPU case is more than enough. You either work construction, are far too clumsy, or you came from an iPhone and are under the assumption that all phones are that fragile.

      • interstellarmind

        I dropped my gnex (without a case) onto a marble floor from a height of about 2~3 feet. The wifi just stopped working ever since that drop and I’ve been super paranoid with cases on my note 2 as a result!

        • Tyler Cameron

          Customer service
          Ask for tier 2 technical support and play it cool like you’ve done a factory reset and all of that.
          Make damn well sure there’s no physical damage on it.
          They’ll overnight mail you out a free refurb.
          You’re welcome.
          But a the drop probably didn’t cause it. Very, very unlikely. You’re entitled to a free replacement so long as the screen isn’t shattered.

  • Beezey

    I would love to another design like the Captivate. As much as it ended up pissing me off, the design of the phone was awesome.

    • Tyler Cameron

      The Captivate was FUGLY

  • Jared Tau

    I prefer whatever the Droid X was made of

    • hkklife

      Droid X was metal-bodied and covered with soft-touch rubberized paint throughout. I agree, that’s the perfect way to make a phone. It doesn’t slip, it’s solid, and you can still have a removable battery and a memory card slot. Only drawback of soft-touch is that it can and will chip off after a while and a lot of usage. Considering its age, the DX was and still is a CLASSIC phone design. If anything it’s improved with age. It was thin, comfortable to hold, had all the right ports, slots, and removable battery and was durable. And it had a hardware camera shutter too!

      • shehippie

        I totally agree. I gave mine to my now 5yr old son when he was 3 and its still kicking.

      • gokusimpson

        Exactly. I’m still rocking mine. It’s an absolute tank. I wouldn’t mind a new moto phone with the same formfactor and a larger screen.

      • I still have my OG DX. I replaced the display over a year ago from severe Angry Bird abuse. I just can’t seem to part with it yet. I want some serious hardware.

      • evileclipse

        My only complaint was the hardware buttons. If that phone had capacitive buttons and an unlocked boot loader, it would have been a beast. Because of the locked down nature of it, I chose the incredible with a smaller screen. I think moto really lost the ball with that phone.

  • dezignstuff

    HTC can execute plastic without it looking/feeling cheap. Rezound felt great. One X and X+ were great plastic phones. The Evo 4G LTE was mostly a great body (aside from the glossy plastic cap). The DNA of course is also nice even though it’s plastic.

    On the other hand, the OneS was all aluminum and didn’t get a lot of gushing praise.

  • Valter Nascimento

    How about kevlar??

  • Dat Nguyen

    Plastic is better for phones. If you want wireless charging, use plastic as a primary and metal in key spots. the move to Metal would be a perception move, nothing more outside of wireless charging. But business and sales and adoption are largely based on perception.

  • MichaelFranz

    The S3 was great and all but it does feel cheap when compared to a Razr HD. I know all the manufacturers are going for the light weight design, but how much light weight can you get before it begins to feel like your holding a sheet of paper.

    I like having a little weight to my device, nothing like a brick, but something thing but still a little weight that would add to the device giving it a good feel. The Nexus 4 i think feels better then the GS3. Even the iPhone does feel great but i still think it is too small of a dscreen at this stage, at least for me. I’m very content with my Razr HD and its build quality. I would love to get a hold of a HTC One for a day and see how that fairs.

    i do see this as good news though. There have been probably 5-10 devices sammy has released all with the same plastic design and feel that this change would be good for them. I dont think they lose marketability i think they have that one lock

  • jamie stevens

    i have an n4 and like how it looks but have already shattered it. My favorite build is that of the nokia N9 / 920/900. wish they would have choose android instead of wp. and yes i put android on the n9 but didnt run nearly as well as the n4 so sold it

  • Twofourturbo

    Dont care.. Can’t see the difference once I place it within a Otterbox

    • Tyler Cameron

      Do you work in construction or something? Or are you just using an iPhone?

      • Twofourturbo

        You mad bro?

        • Tyler Cameron

          Otterboxes are the ugliest, most overkill cases on the face of the earth. Unless you work construction or are constantly throwing your phone against the wall, there’s no need to waist ~$50 to ugligy a beautiful phone.

  • big l

    +1 for
    removable micro SD card + removable battery!!!

    • AlphaNoble

      This a major part of the reason I chose my Note 2 over the DNA.

      • New_Guy

        As did I (but over the One).

      • Big_EZ

        Same here. I was pretty dead set against HTC after the tbolt that I never even read anything on the DNA before I went in for a new phone. Once I was in Verizon it looked so good I was gonna give them a shot until I saw there was no microSD slot, the non removable battery isn’t much of an issue if it’s decent sized (3000+ mah) which is also a problem with the DNA.

        • AlphaNoble

          Seems like there are a lot of us former tbolt owners that went with the Note 2

  • I’m considering the Note 3 for my next phone, and if it is metal, very few things will stop me from getting it.

    • RaptorOO7

      I wouldn’t mind if Samsung chose a different material so long as the other benefits they put into their phones continued to impress as they already do. As for getting a GN3, I would happily switch, IF, I could get 32GB or 64GB had a microSD slot, swappable battery and 1080p display. I am not looking to downgrade my screen to upgrade a body that I put into a plastic case.

  • chris125

    And honestly if them using plastic is the only real problem people have with their devices they are doing something right

  • Jordan Harrell

    Samsung using plastic isn’t the problem. It’s samsung using GLOSSY plastic. If they would use a matted plastic or something it’d be 10 times better.

    • Warwick

      Plasti Dip the back. Jk

      • Butters619


      • Big_EZ

        Unfortunately it’s the cheap chrome plating on the sides that’s the biggest problem, it chips so easily.

        • cb2000a

          The plating wears off and it would be best to not do it at all.

    • Austin Warren

      TVs are glossy plastic. Guess you shouldnt buy one of those

      • Yeah they are. And yes they look crappy. Glossy plastic looks cheap no matter what the application. Samsung should take a cue from modern car interiors where everything is going towards a matte finish…

        • Austin Warren

          Matte doesn’t help. My Xbox feels like its gonna break at any moment.

      • Ian

        Do you usually handle your TV a lot?

        • Austin Warren

          Yes, I do.

    • Plastic can be sexy. HTC and Moto have made plenty of good looking plastic phones. But Samsung plastic…gross. I’ve found plastic Easter eggs that have a higher quality feel.

    • This!! If it was the same type of rubberized plastic Asus and Google used to make the N7 it would be 10000x better!

    • Reginald Spence II

      Thank you! All these people hating on anyone having anything bad to say about Samsung’s plastic. The GS2 design was nice and I loved the textured back cover. I can’t stand their current line up of shiny, white, Fisher Price toys.

  • Awesome, an aluminum phone so I can put a plastic cover on it to protect the aluminum.

    • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

      Or you can get a metal case to put it over your plastic phone?

      • michael arazan

        Carbon fiber will have some give in the material and won’t dent like aluminum after a 3 foot fall, personally i’d love stainless steel or variations of chrome

  • chris125

    I don’t think they should have “rushed” to get it out. make the best device possible if you needed to wait another couple months big deal I mean the phone isn’t even out yet.

  • Brent Cooper

    I like the feel of metal better, but i feel like plastic is better for protection. i.e. the plastic flexes when the phone is droped

    • Honestly, I haven’t seen much of a difference (Metal iPhone aside). I mean that I drop my metal Droid Razr at least 10 times a day but yet it has only one small scratch and a little paint rubbing off where the metal contacts whatever surface the device is on and my N7 has been dropped down a flight of stairs only to have a small impression in the “metal” accent. Most of the device sold now have Gorilla Glass so when you drop it the display is able to flex without breaking to an extend but to each his own.

  • I like metal, but I like wireless charging more. I think one still precludes the other.

    So give me fancy plastic!

  • JimmyHACK

    I don’t care what it is made of as long as it is made well. I think the SGS3/Note 2 feel great and are designed well. Never understood the whole “oooo HTC One is metal.. So much better” camp, but to each their own. I’m sure Samsung will design it well even if made from recycled corrugated.

    • Mapekz

      My Galaxy Nexus could take a much better beating than my iPhone 5 can. The plastic means it is less likely to shatter and that scratches tend to stay on the surface.

      • zekedevito91bo

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      • My GNex has outlasted my “higher build quality” Droid 1.

    • azndan4

      GS3 feels cheap. The Gnex felt way more high quality for whatever reason. The Droid 1, Thunderbolt, and Droid DNA feel better than both of them.

      • Austin Warren


      • The GS3 while really lightweight, it feels very feble and weak (the creaky plastic doesn’t help!) while devices like the Thunderbolt and DNA use their metal frames to maintain rigidity and a solid feel. I still don’t really care what its made of but the way HTC has designed the One with the metal design, it looks really cool compared to the toy phone look of the S4 (don’t get me wrong, the S4 is still an amazing device, just not ascetically speaking). To me, a phone either needs a rubberized back like the N7 or it needs to be metal (or at least have a metal frame to make it feel solid).

        • kg215

          Aluminum is not stronger though, it just feels nicer and looks nicer. It can feel more rigid too but the GS3 can probably handle more abuse than the HTC One. The reason you think the GS3 feels so feeble/weak is that in your head you already decided the HTC One is stronger because you like the metal.

          • cb2000a

            I hope they keep the material the same. Better survivability in a fall and very light.

      • S2556

        I think it is from the removable back. the one X was made out of the same thing as the GS3 but the One X had a much different, more sturdy feel. the GS2 felt cheap.

    • aadiman

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  • fartbubbler

    anything but that ugly carbon backing on the latest Moto devices

    • New_Guy

      It’s actually Kevlar 🙂

      • Austin Warren

        Hate when people say its real kevlar.

        • FAL_Fan

          Is it really not? I really haven’t played with it but even if it is only one layer thick I do believe it is accurate to say that it is kevlar.

        • New_Guy

          …not sure what you think it is but that’s what it’s described as. No one said it was bullet proof, just Kevlar…

    • The original Droid Razr’s kevlar looked so much better!!!

  • While I don’t mind my GNEX, I loved the feel of my Droid X so I’d say I prefer metal

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Exactly. If it wasn’t for the G-Nex, I never would have bought a Samsung phone.

      • cizzlen

        Same here!

      • Just waiting for the next big thing… no pun intended lol