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Potential Launch Date Leaks for Verizon Galaxy S4, Others Too

S4 Dates

Over the weekend, an internal document from Staples hinted at which dates we can expect to see the Galaxy S4 become available on three out of the four major U.S. carriers. According to the sheet, AT&T will first receive Samsung’s next flagship starting April 26, followed by T-Mobile on May 1 and Verizon a whole month later on May 30. 

The dates for AT&T align quite well, given that AT&T confirmed pre-orders would begin tomorrow, the 16th. In the pictured document, it shows that employees should begin prepping in-store signage for reservations starting April 16.

Given its nature, I wouldn’t place any bets on these dates quite yet, but at least it’s a start.

Via: Engadget

  • Good Fella

    I would switch to att to get the phone early but I need service on my phone

  • Lori
  • RaptorOO7

    So now we know the ship date for AT&T is 4/30 and while pre-orders began today its ONLY for the 16GB version, no word on 32GB versions and you won’t get it until 5/2. Really AT&T get you sht together. I am trying to port two lines over to you but you are making it so difficult.

  • opz187

    Just went to Verizon. Representative from Samsung was there showing of the s4. Official launch date for Verizon is may 23rd.

  • so sprint isn’t get the Galaxy S4??

  • flosserelli

    Interestingly, all Canadian carriers have also announced pre-order dates. At this rate, people in 3rd world countries will be able to pre-order S4s before verizon customers. This is the verizon boardroom discussing 2013 rollouts:

  • Randy

    what a disappointment for Verizon to get any type of phone after every other cell phone provider gets it first. smh.

  • Randy

    what a disappointment for Verizon to get any type of phone after every other cell phone provider gets it first.

  • i wish Verizon would show the same love to the GS4 as they do for the iPhone.

  • UsedUp

    Good! Plenty of affordable used Note II’s available in 3, 2, 1… Keeping my unlimited, thank you.

  • alessandro

    Will break my verizon contract and switch to att

  • duh

    Wow…. people are really complaining about having to wait a few weeks longer? I have a bunch of friends who “chase the device” and leave the service they were happy with. Inevitably they run into issues and bitch about their new service. Probably happen again with some of the complainers here…. enjoy. Ill wait a few weeks, and continue to enjoy the service both now and after the release.

  • Vzw is always a behind

  • Very sad to say but this is where Apple has android OEM’s beat by landslide! they announce a product, preorders open that same day, two weeks later that product is available on all carriers……is this so hard to emulate?

    • Yes, it is. Apple literally built the smartphone market where it is today. It has been a premium product from the day it came to the market and has stayed there – no carrier has had the balls to say to Apple what they want. Apple has dictated everything for the iPhone which is why it is the most successful device on all carriers in terms of build quality and software updates.

      Android is an open platform which gives carrier a lot more freedom to do whatever they please before releasing an Android premium device (such as GS4 and GSN3). Verizon knows they are the top dog in the U.S. and they will use that power to do whatever they like to an open source platform device.

      This is how it has been and that’s how it will be until our dream wireless carrier, Google Wireless, comes into the market.

  • MichAel

    Still waiting for the HTC One

    • You won’t see HTC One on Verizon. Even if there was a slight possibility it was coming, it would modified – most likely with lots of logos on the back and front, as usual. And, it would be locked down like Fort Knox.

  • looking forward to the s4. time to trade in the gnex @ worst buy. trade in value is $25. bummer! the droid x holds $20 more value.

    • Ven

      Just trade it in to gamestop for cash you could get more lol http://tinyurl.com/cjp5sd9, most they give is $66 cash lol, alot better than the $26 max from best buy

      • thanks Ven, ill check it out.

  • Viper2783

    I will not be waiting for Verizon to unscrew themselves, Back to AT&T I go.

  • yummy

    Furizon. I just hear the word
    and the fur starts risin on the back
    of my neck.

  • Josh A.

    I hope AnandTech reviews the S4. They do the best battery life and camera tests than any other reviewer.

  • JeremyAn2

    It’s about ****ing time. Time to decide where to pre-order. I like Best Buy because of their in-store trade option. Since I’m buying this thing at retail to hold onto unlimited data, it’s nice that I don’t have to Craigslist my old phone or wait to mail it in. Granted the payout isn’t the greatest, but the hassle of selling privately gets annoying…

  • EvanTheGamer

    Good…gives me time to save up!

    • Warwick

      That’s what i had in mind lol

  • slogoodland

    I think sales may b slow,and u ask y I say this, HTC unibody construction all the new devices comin down the pipe,I own the sg3 and if I was upgrading I would look at Sony water,dust,and drop proof or HTC. , or huwaie or how ever u spell it they all have same specifications and may b better,stay thirsty my friends!

    • ToddAwesome

      my head just exploded.

    • flosserelli

      Lay off the crack pipe, bro

  • Joe

    I simply cannot understand how a company can show such arrogance and contempt toward the business that it is in. A FULL month later? What for? Certainly not to make their version any – god forbid – BETTER, right?

    Can’t wait for a headline one day that reads: “Verizon to raise rates on all customers, cites ‘why? because, f**k you! that’s why!’ as reason for increase.”

    • michael arazan

      This will help HTC One phone on att, t-mo, and sprint. I guess Samsung isn’t that worried about the HTC one and Anything that Google/ Motorola might unveil at I/O.

      How many people will buy the S4? The S3 sold 20 million, and you know it was mostly on 2 year subsidized contracts so the average consumer isn’t going to be buying a new phone.

  • htowngtr

    Verizon always does that so no surprise.

  • GregSki86

    Verizon a month after the other carriers….smfh, that’s f*ckin crazy

  • hkklife

    My predictions: AT&T end of April , T-Mob & Sprint late May to early June, Verizon mid-late June if not even a bit later. VZW probably has a pile of antiquated phones that they are going to do everything in their power to clear out now (RAZR, Stratosphere 2, GNex, RAZR M etc).

    Moto needs a SOLID X-Phone leak between now and then just to keep people’s thoughts from straying to the S4…

  • ddevito

    C’Mon guys, give Verizon a break. it takes time to design and implement the Verizon Samsung Home Button


  • Gives their team of designers enough time to enhance the device’s exterior. 🙂

    • Thomas

      Ahhh…a new logo joke, I like it 😉


      But I personally like that gigantic home button with the Verizon logo on it, reminds me what company I over pay for.

    • they have to figure out more places to put logos!

  • teevirus

    Give Verizon a break. Do y’all think that adding all that bloat to their phones is quick or easy? I for one can wait the extra 30 days for V CAST Music

    • Austin Warren

      And take 5 min to disable it.

    • abqnm

      It also takes time to print Verizon on every part of the device.

  • rob281

    What the hell Verizon?! Always late to the party, I expect a two month wait for the Note 3 later this year.

  • One of the many reasons I’m glad I left Verizon for AT&T. Don’t miss them at all; AT&T has proven themselves rather well for me.

    • bkosh84

      Did the same thing, but with Sprint instead.. Much better everything, lol.

  • Nick Norman

    I will NOT hold my breathe!
    VZW you disappoint me.

  • TheWenger

    Give me an X Phone rumor.

    • I need something to keep me from getting the S4

      • dp

        Lol, so true.

      • flosserelli

        Two words: “Note 3”

    • Bionic


    • htowngtr

      There were hints that it’s been pushed back to late fall 2013.

  • Austin Warren

    Gotta slap that camera watermark software and logo on the home button.

  • Verizon = Disgusting

  • Bionic

    X phone

    • TheWenger

      Beat me to it!

    • BionicLikesSargesDooDoo

      …isn’t real.

  • Adam92Wilkins

    and once again my ire against verizon grows once more.