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Do It! The Ultimate App to Keep Track of Your Daily To-Dos

Do it

With a fresh and clean layout, Do It! looks to be a fantastic way to manage your Google Tasks account. It features a very professional layout, with full swiping gesture controls, making for an easy to use system that should help you get through your busy schedule. 

It allows for multiple accounts to be managed at once, the setting up of specific account reminders, and the ability to quickly create tasks and set the due date without the need to modify each task. Also, for you DashClock fiends, it also is completely compatible allowing for all of your tasks to be displayed on your lockscreen.

I myself have never really needed a task manager app, but I know this one will surely interest a few of you out there.

Play Link: Free | Pro ($2.99)

  • I don’t know why anyone would pick anything other than Wunderlist [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wunderkinder.wunderlistandroid] or Smthgs [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gs.thn].

    Especially as both have an awesome chrome/web app to accompany them. Something Google Tasks severely lacks.

  • Thanks for all the downloads and feedback guys! This is the developer of Do It!

    In regards to Any.Do, I don’t have the ability to have voice commands to add tasks, I also didn’t implement any of the features like swipe to delete or shake to clear. In regards to the price, I know there’s a lot of free options out there and my price might seem steep for most users, but being a single developer doing this on my free time, I felt like charging a little bit would make all those long weekends and nights a little more bearable. This is my only app at the moment and getting even a few dollars here and there helps make me feel a bit better about continuing development on this app as well as future apps.

    Again, I truly appreciate Droid-Life for posting a write-up of Do It! and I truly appreciate your help with downloading and providing any feedback you may have!

    Myron Lee

    • Christopher Riner

      Great job, Myron !! Got the free version, but I’m headed over to the play store to pick up the paid. I’ll support any dev who continues to bring great ui’s and sweet controls to android apps. Hopefully, you can motivate many other devs to make sure the look and feel of their apps adheres to the gold standard that we, as users, can’t get enough of. Hell, who knows– maybe Google even will eventually realize that with so much great work out there on their platform, they can’t just sit idly by and let great apps like Google voice suffer from displeasing aesthetics and lack of obviously paramount features.

      Again, great job man, and keep up the good work. With a fiancé like mine, to-do lists are definitely something I try and avoid, and I’ll take anything that can motivate me to knock (stuff) out. At the very least, know that your lonely nights and long weekends writing code are appreciated by somebody out there, somewhere.

      • Thanks Christopher! Making an application that conforms to the Android style guidelines was my biggest goal. I make some concessions here and there, but I wanted to stay true to these guidelines as they provide a predictable layout and usage pattern for users. It was a bit difficult to get done, but the amount of feedback I hear about having a nice looking UI makes all that hard work worth it. Especially for me being a developer with no design skills.

        Also, congrats on being engaged! I found that if I didn’t have a todo list going and tracked, I would forget most of the important things I needed to do. Which was one of the main reasons for creating this app. :).

        I truly do appreciate your support and best of luck with the todos and planning for the wedding!

        Myron Lee

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  • sk3litor

    Google keep is still the one for me

  • JetBlue

    Still waiting for Tasks by Team Tasks to get DL recognition haven’t found anything so far that beats it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.teamtasks.tasks&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNoLnRlYW10YXNrcy50YXNrcyJd

  • Tasks by Team Tasks has been my To-DO app of choice for awhile now. Syncs with Google, uses Holo interface, simple and to the point:


  • Tim242

    To-do apps are as useful as fart apps.

    • flosserelli

      You have a pathetically small mind. Just because you personally have no use for such an app doesn’t mean no one else would use it.

      • Maybe he just really really likes fart apps, and this is a compliment?

  • scott

    I have been using Any.Do. Would like to see someone do a full comparison.

    • zekedevito91bo

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    • tyguy829

      same here. need to be convinced to switch

    • Nate

      I just downloaded it. I’ve used Any.Do for almost a year now. This app requires money for a lot of the features. Kinda silly. Any.Do gives you more for free–like theme changing. This interface is nice, but Any.Do is sleek and simple. Do It has “due dates” though, so that’s nice.