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Dish Network Proposes $25.5 Billion Bid to Take Control of Sprint


The last time we heard news from Dish Network, they were in a bidding war with Sprint over majority share of Clearwire. It now seems as if Dish got tired of that idea and has since decided to try and buy Sprint instead. Sprint and SoftBank have been trying to close a deal that would put the Japanese carrier in control, but Dish has made a larger bid and hopes to raise the funds needed to complete the deal. 

Dish wants to purchase Sprint to become the first company to be able to offer broadband internet, TV and mobile plans under one roof. This is just a proposal though, it doesn’t mean the deal is anywhere close to being done. At this point the ball is in Sprint’s court for making a decision on which offer to take. Dish’s deal comes in at $25.5 billion where as SoftBank’s is only $20.1 and we know how money talks.

Who knows what this means for the rumored Google and Dish Network mobile network, but it’s not looking good.

Via: SprintThe Verge

  • dmagicp

    I wonder why Google doesn’t buy Sprint? Then they could get a jump on becoming carrier, and with a nice influx of cash, they could finally jumpstart Sprints LTE network and put Verizon out. I Would be the first to jump ship. Even better, Google could sell all their Motorola devices exclusively on their own carrier and build a large customer base very quickly. Especially if they brought back truly unlimited data. But I am sure that there are probably regulations that would prevent this.

  • SeanBello

    “G”ee, I wonder who they’d raise that money from…lol

  • chris125

    Will be interesting to see what happens if DIsh gets sprint instead of softbank. I feel softbank would be better for sprint and expanding the network/gaining customers,

  • j

    Google has nearly $50 billion in cash reserves. Clearwire has less than $1 Billion. Dish is in the area of $5-6 billion. We could talk about sprint’s cash reserves if they weren’t riddled with debt and actually in the negative.
    For comparison, Apple is sitting on nearly $140 billion gathering dust.

  • S9779

    I’m confused as to why anyone would want WiMAX at all. Is there some hidden benefits to it I’m not aware of. It’s slow compared to lte and hspa+ and has less then stellar punctuation.

    • Diablo81588

      It’s slow and the high frequency signal doesn’t penetrate buildings well. WiMax is garbage.

  • Why does this in any way mean the Google partnership is dead? It strengthens the rumors in my opinion. Towers in place, stores built, staff ready .. spectrum from Dish means they can build out the network faster .. I am seeing this as a giant plus. am I the only one?

    • Austin Warren

      I don’t think there is a way to fix sprints terrible network.

      • From what I’ve read the areas where LTE has been installed have seen a massive increase in speed and reliability, even on the 3G side. Sprint is really trying to improve their network top-to-bottom, not just plop LTE on top of everything and try to force everyone to move over.

    • michael arazan

      Dish does not have as much money as Google, Google could be helping finance this deal with Dish as a partner. Google seems to be taking the Fiber building very slow, maybe because they need cash for another big project, maybe this being the one. Dish on it’s own will not have much left if they do it on their own, and I would think they would like to upgrade the network after they buy it.

  • So if this deal goes through, does this mean my cell phone will drop call every time there’s a thunder storm ?

  • Austin Warren

    Jesus put that money towards Google and bring us a Google wireless!!!

  • Shane Redman

    Couldn’t they still partner with Google??? No? Just get rid of the Sprint name all together. A man can dream right?

    • Bionic

      google has more money than all these others, just saying

      • no they dont

        • Bionic

          LOL, the hell you say, of course Google has more money than dish, its fuckingg google dude. Google is one of the richest companies int he world.

        • BionicLikesSargesDooDoo

          He’s probably right ya know. He most likely heard it from Sarge.

  • Brent Cooper

    Google Wireless in the making! 😉

  • Frank Fiorta

    Says they have to raise the funds… maybe from Google… maybe that Dish/Google cell deal isn’t dead…

  • Bionic

    Dish Network’s TV service is HORRIBLE. Directv is awesome.

    • Austin Warren

      Anything with a dish and antenna sucks

      • Bionic

        wrong, directv has been proven many times over to have the clearest and best picture. yanno why? Virtually unlimited bandwidth because they are not limited by fiber or coax.

        I used to have comcast and half of the HD channels had snow on them for no good reason.

        • sirmeili

          Until it rains (which happens a lot here in Florida) and the one time where you wouldn’t be outside doing something, you can’t be inside watching TV. I mean, sure, we now have netflix and Hulu and the like, but at the same time, I pay $7 for my cable package. Why would I pay directTV so much more?

          • Bionic

            it takes a MAJOR storm with clouds that reach up to 30,000 feet in order to mess my signal up

          • sirmeili

            I wish I was so lucky. Granted we don’t get storms that last very long (at most a few hours, rarely all day storms), but in the summer you can lose TV quite regularly (daily storms). It was one of the things that got me to leave having satellite all together.

        • Jacob121791

          Dish has gotten MUCH better than it used to be and IMO their customer service is quite good. We get free upgrades pretty regularly for being “loyal” custumers.

          • Bionic

            maybe so, but I know 3 people who have it and I used to have it and we all hate it

        • This is 100% false.
          I love Directv but they do have limited bandwidth, that’s why they keep launching new satellites and in 2008 they changed their HD compression from MPEG2 to MPEG4.
          FiOS on the other hand, who is limited by fiber, does not compress their HD signal at all.

          • Bionic

            and not compressing their HD gets them what? Directv has the clearest picture available, compressed or not.

    • Diablo81588

      Horrible? I’ve had dish for over three years after switching from useless Comcast. They by far have the best dvr boxes, and are half the price of that overpriced directv. They offer nothing to justify their outrageous prices. Your picture quality argument is completely wrong and foolish. They both use mpeg 4 avc with comparable bitrates.

      • Bionic

        Then why does eveyone i know hate it and why did i hate it when i had it? Answer, HD channels are much fewer than Directv. Also, their guide looks like it was set up by monkeys.

        I’ll give you this much, the new hopper is nice and they are better than comcast, ill give you that.

        I got the new Genie for free.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Bionic update is here

    • Bionic

      suddenly i feel faster……smoother

      • RoadsterHD1


  • Facebook User

    wow. crazy.hadn’t heard the news until I see your tweet. I wonder which deal Sprint will take. Just because one has more money than the other doesn’t mean it is the best offer don’t you think?

  • Shane Milton

    “Dish wants to purchase Sprint to become the first company to be able to offer broadband internet, TV and mobile plans under one roof”

    Doesn’t AT&T already do this? I’m confused…

    • Bionic

      they mean satellite company

      • Possibly. Or the author meant what was said. Without clarification, it must be taken as written.

    • feztheforeigner

      Verizon too

  • This would be horrible for Sprint. We don’t need Charlie and his crazy ways.
    Hey Sprint…stick with SoftBank please!